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Demshitz paddler ropes out teammate above 50-plus-foot Washington waterfall

During their summer of stouts adventure, the Demshitz crew faced some epic moments in and out of their boats on Washington’s burly whitewater.

Here is a video of one such moment provided by Dave Fusilli,yellow boat, where he throws a rope to crew member Bren Orton, green boat, and pulls him across the lip of Hamma Hamma on the Olympic Peninsula, Wash. This double drop starts with a 20-footer leading into another 50-60-foot waterfall. The water landing from the 20-footer pushes into the left wall, where Orton found himself upon landing. “That wall is like an undercut catcher’s mitt, a no-go,” says Fusilli. “Well, Bren boofed straight out and got pushed into the gnar wall, got pinned and swam. Next he’s holding onto the bad left wall.”

As seen in the video, things for Orton go downhill pretty fast, but the Demshitz crew is nothing if not prepared with safety gear, skills and the knowledge to handle bad whitewater situations. Fusilli throws him a rope and pulls him across the water and finally into safety. “He was about three feet from swimming a 50-60-foot waterfall. I still can’t believe it worked,” Fusilli says.

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  • Bob

    Nice to have young men like that with smarts and courage.

  • Kenneth Spradlin

    Turn off the music! Great video!

  • nono81

    thank heavens, thank heavens, thank heavens…..glad you both okay :-)


    Guess from the perspective of the kayakers it was exciting—-boring to watch tho.

  • hunter2

    smarts & courage?- are you kidding me??? These guy are insane! The other guy kept going and went over that warfare in his kayak at the ed of the video.

    • Kayakwhitted

      Talking about kayakers don’t have smarts and courage. You can’t spell waterfall.

  • jr

    Hell yeah dave. perfect
    People who don’t paddle don’t realize why bonds between fellow boaters are so strong.
    I held a rope for Dinver when he save this guy in go left my 1st green trip. I still think about that shitz.
    I have been saved more then once. Haha
    The save is what seperates the people who can get down the river from the ones who own the shit. Saving a life
    You sir are a superhero in a demshitz costume

    • Big d

      Why was he so close to the waterfall? Lost or staged?

      • Rick Frankel

        looks staged
        We use to do shit like that with our Super 8 in the 70′s. We would dig holes on the side of cliffs and pretend to have avalanche and lines would break all kinds of silly stuff. Up at Devil’s Lake State Park, WI. Never anthing this good! Also did some snow cave calapse scenes. Wish I still had the footage

      • Kayakwhitted

        Staged, I think not. When you are forced to come out of your boat it isn’t that serious. There no staging and 50-60 foot drop

  • Homie D. Clown

    ‘Smart and courageous’ putting your and your buddy’s life on the line — for what? A vid and few mins of internet fame? I don’t think so. Homie don’t play that.

    • Firefighter Bill

      Obviously you know nothing about the interests there are for the more extreme outdoor activities in the natural world surrounding you. It takes great determination and preparation to become and expert whitewater paddler and take calculated risks like this. These are professionals, do not try this at “home” disclaimer and if you ever do… you want to do it with these guys. They will get your back if and when “it” hits the fan. You probably understand that analogy if your involved in a like minded group or organization. Just keep doing what you do best, eating HoHo’s Homie and trolling like a pro.

      • gofuckyourselfalice

        If theyre professional why did they almost die?

  • David Lyons

    great video .. awful song

  • EK

    That was a GREAT throw of the rope – on the money! Nice toss.

  • Smith

    Demshitz? More like Dumbshitz.

  • nigel

    teletubbies in bondage. no, we are not impressed.

  • fred

    all staged..great acting

  • Jim McCarthy

    Good video with bad music…totally unnecessary.

  • G.

    There are people that do and there are people that won’t. For me I prefer do. Do not criticize those that do unless they drag those that won’t into trouble.

  • Firefighter Bill

    Being ignorant is not a quality I would so openly suggest you promote. You certainly should be ashamed of yourself condemning other people for what makes them happy. I am sure there is a top ten list of things people could criticize you about and this post is definitely one of them. You must be in the same organization, club as Homie Clown. This time I advise that you cut down on the ‘Ding Dongs’ because obviously, you are what you eat.

  • SucksToBeAJerk

    Wishing someone would die just because you thought they made a stupid video is like, really brutal. Should I wish you would die because then the internet would have less aggressive and ignorant comments? Fortunately, you succeeded in making yourself look far dumber than anything these kayakers did, karma’s a bitch. It’s sad that the world has such negative people like you…

  • Kayakwhitted

    It’s a passion something that we love to do. Your passion? Sitting on the computer and judging other people for what they do because you know you will do nothing with your life. You have one life live it to the fullest. Don’t sit in a desk and play on a computer all day.

  • gofuckyourselfalice

    Why are you obsessed with hostess products being the cause of people thinking kayakers are idiots?

    I think your the one who is eating all the choco treats, you cant stop yourself from mentioning them every post lol.

    Now I just imagine all kayakers as fat twinky eating bipolar retards who cant stop talking about homie clown?

    Wtf is that lol?

    Take your meds/chocolate

  • gofuckyourselfalice

    Your an asshole….wishing anyone to get fucked over.

    Dat logic

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