Birthright By Sean Mullens

One man's journey transcends paddling.

This touching short film by Sean Mullens should make us all proud to be paddlers.

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  • Charles Laird

    I am not that handicapped but when I saw him bulldozing the kayak with his wheelchair I really connected. My kayak is my link to the outdoors. I spent so long looking out the window until I got one. You have do what you have to do to grab a piece of normal even though it takes a long time to get over looking “weird” doing it. If you can run then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl. To hell with what people think, you have to get over it or stay locked down inside. To any one who is locked down, locked out, you have to frigging get over it or stay where you are. Cry your way through, but there is no way around the wall, you have to get over it to get over it.


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