The Inside Line: Crossing Baffin Island

An interview with stars of the crossing

The following story originally appeared in the March 2014 issue of Canoe & Kayak, available on newsstands now.

Baffin Island

Photo: Erik Boomer

Last year kayakers Erik Boomer, Katherine Breen and Eric and Sarah McNair-Landry built traditional Inuit style kayaks and paddled them across Baffin Island, Canada’s largest island. The team’s goal for the expedition was to reintroduce the ancient skin-on-frame kayak into Canadian Arctic culture. The team named their expedition “Qajaqtuqtut,” Inuit for “they kayak.”

The team arrived in Cape Dorset on Saturday, Sept. 21, 600 miles and 65 days after they started. Teammates Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry have been on the go since. We at C&K got the opportunity to talk with the two adventurers while they were in Southern California. Here is some of the story they shared.

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