From Keith Benoist: “This is the Chief of Police of Natchez, Miss., Mike Mullins, paddling in front of the oldest Saloon on the Mississippi River, the Under-The-Hill Saloon. The water on the Natchez Gauge when this photo was taken at 4 p.m., Sunday, at   55.8 feet. The sand piles in the background are for Hesco Rapid Levees, which later today, Monday, will be strung and filled in front of the saloon to prevent the flooding of Silver Street. The concrete pad behind Mike is the top of the ramp, which is the finish for our annual, October Phatwater Kayak Challenge. The Saloon, which dates to 1834 or 1835, and has served as a Brothel, Grocery Store, Bar, and/or gambling hall in the past, is the official Phatwater Headquarters.”