5 Things I Learned Kayaking With My Daughter

5 Things I Learned Kayaking With My Daughter

Bobby Miller shares lessons learned from paddling trips with his 3-year-old

Your Guide to Midwest Whitewater

Your Guide to Midwest Whitewater

For midwest whitewater--and man-made courses in particular--Peoria, Illinois is pretty much the center of the universe.

Paddling with Kids

Paddling with Kids

A family's first kayak adventure highlights the basic skills involved in paddling with your children, including what to pack, what to wear and how to paddle tandem.

Anatomy Of A Fishing Kayak

Anatomy of a Fishing Kayak

There are few experiences more enjoyable that paddling out on a sunny day, casting a line from your kayak, and catching some fresh fish for dinner. But before you hop on a fishing kayak, use our annot[...]

Essential Kayak Fishing Know-How  

What You Need To Know Before Kayak Fishing

Kayaks and fishing. A natural match, right? Still, a boat, a paddle and a rod can be a lot to juggle—and that’s before some pinstriped torpedo otherwise known as a fish starts tearing line off t[...]

Anatomy Of A Whitewater Kayak

Anatomy of a Boat: Whitewater Kayak

Whitewater kayaking is exhilarating, but it helps to know what you’re talking about before you jump in one. Let our annotated guide show you everything you need to know about your whitewater kay[...]

Whitewater Kayak Gear Guide

Gear Guide: Whitewater Kayaks

If there was ever a paddling discipline in which to pick your gear battles, it’s whitewater. You can get a little bogged down with everything you need to pack. Don’t get lost in the paddle pogies [...]

Whitewater Ready 

Whitewater Kayaking Basics

Learning whitewater kayaking is a long process. You can’t simply master a few skills and tackle a Class V monster. But according to Jerry McAward, a veteran instructor at Northeast PA Kayak School,[...]

20 Things Every Paddler Needs To Know

20 Essential Paddling Skills | Canoe & Kayak Magazine

So you call yourself a paddler? Before joining this hallowed subculture, there are a few key lifestyle skills that you should look to work into your arsenal to distinguish you from other waterm[...]

Gear Guide: Canoes

Canoe Gear Guide: What You Need To Buy

The list of ingredients you need for a successful canoeing trip is remarkably simple. Water. A paddle. A Canoe. A life vest. There isn’t much more in the way of necessities for canoeing. And whi[...]

Canoeing 101

Canoeing 101: Five Steps For Those Beginning Canoeing

Canoeing is how this whole paddling business got started, and as they navigated their bark craft through the boreal forest, early paddlers faced the same challenge you did at summer camp: sharing the [...]

Good Beginnings

Good Beginnings: Why We Love Kayaking and Canoeing

By Jeff Moag I’ve been canoeing and kayaking so long that I sometimes forget how it felt to be a beginner. This trip was different though. Twenty-two of us, including seven kids under the age of 6, [...]

5 Secrets to a Perfect Paddling Day Trip

5 Secrets to a Perfect Paddling Day Trip

By Conor Mihell As we’ve said, day trips are what turns casual paddlers into lifelong addicts. The ability to make a quick getaway to escape your daily routine and become fully engulfed in a pad[...]

Get Away: The Art of the Day Trip

Canoe & Kayak Day Trip Guide

Day trips are paddling gateways. They mark the transition from casual after work paddles to the soul altering journeys of discovery that make sea kayaking, canoeing, and whitewater lifelong pursuits. [...]