From the Field: NorCal crew grabs a rare run on Dogtown Creek

[Eds note: This story has been updated from the post published on May 4]

Last Friday, C&K contributing photographer Darin McQuoid captured this image of Will Pruett on Dogtown Creek. More easily drawn to high-water runs on the South Yuba, McQuoid, Pruett and Justin Patt committed to an exploratory mission on the low-water creek tributary of the Upper Middle Cosumnes River outside of Placerville, Calif., after seeing a picture of a waterfall online.

“Starting in true, classic California style with a 2 p.m. start, and a smooth, pothole boof to waterfall, the team was ecstatic,” McQuoid said. “Unfortunately, after only a quarter-mile of good whitewater, the creek turned character.” After hours of log-dodging and rock-bashing, the group reached the takeout vowing only to return to the falls on Dogtown Creek as a hike-and-huck.

It was McQuoid’s second Northern California hike-and-huck mission on a rarely run stretch in as many weeks, also scoring a first descent on Deadwood Creek followed by a second descent on Slate Creek (stayed tuned to Canoe & Kayak to read the story, and see McQuoid’s shot).

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  • Clay Allison

    Sorry bud, Dogtown Creek was ran in 2009 by myself and Mike Juarez. Photos are hanging in the Placerville Brewery and Whitewater Photos in Coloma.

  • Joe

    I guess it’s not about first D’s anymore but first B’s. B’s= bloging. Hey everyone, look at me! I bloged about it first. What ever happened about paddling for pride and sharing your story with friends? This new era of info is good but some will blog anything for a little attention from their sponsors.

  • Darin


    Sorry we fell through the loop on that one. We talked with people the previous day and nothing was mentioned about it being run, and we obviously made the wrong assumption. Sorry for that. Sounds like we all need to hang out in the Placerville Brewery a little more often!

  • http://www.facebook.com Walter Chronkite

    Look at all the haters! HATE HATE HATE. Seems like there are quite a few people crying about whether or not this is a first D. Who cares, at least they got out there and ran something that is rarely run. Maybe if we surround the sport with some more arrogance and elitism then we really will continue on knowing that Eric Jackson got the First Descent of Cherry Creek with Ben Stookesberry, Chris Korbulic and Myself of course. Any who doubt the above facts can check my facebook page out for more legitimate facts.

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