Organizers of the West Coast's top paddle-surfing contests are issuing a simple challenge to all paddle-powered athletes: Who's the Best in the West? The objective of the second annual Pacific Paddle Surfing Series is to choose the best paddle-surfer in the sports of waveski, surf kayak (either HP or IC), and SUP from all the events on the West Coast in the 2013/2014 surfing season. We will choose the best paddle surfer based on the highest scores of three out of the five contests set for the pacific coast surfing season. Contests with more surfers in attendance will get more points as it is simply more competitive. You will need to be in at least three events. The overall winner will be crowned in the last contest of the series at the Santa Cruz PaddleFest on March 28-30, 2014. Dave Boehne of Infinity Surf Boards of San Diego was the winner of 1012-13 season. Good luck to this year’s athlete in this grand display of paddle powered surfing.

Paddle Assisted: The 2014 Davenport Paddle Surf Classic


Photos and text by Bryon Dorr Another Davenport Paddle Surf Classic is in the books. The event, hosted each fall in Davenport Landing, Calif., has been growing for over 12 years, and 2014 saw the largest competitor turnout yet with 55 paddle surfers. Many competitors surfed in multiple categories, making for a packed schedule consisting […]

Santa Cruz PaddleFest 2014: The Local Female Phenom


In this segment of Santa Cruz PaddleFest 2014, reporter Bryon Dorr talks with local female phenom Kate Duncan about paddling at the iconic surf spot.

Going big at Santa Cruz PaddleFest


Santa Cruz PaddleFest 2014 will go down in the history books as yet another year of Steamers Lane providing: classic big waves and quality beatings.

Final Round in Pacific Paddle Surf Series


With three events down, the Pacific Paddle Surf Series has two remaining rounds to determine who is the “Best in the West” among the three paddling events.

From the Vault: New Wave Paddling


In light of the recent Santa Cruz Paddlefest, the Pacific Paddling Surf Series and the upcoming World Championships in July, C&K staff wanted to bring back a story from the March 1987 issue.

Women of the Surf


No less impressive were the women surfers, who came from along the western United States and Canada to compete. They surfed for two claims: to be the west coast kayak surf champion of the Pacific Paddle Surf Series and to represent the U.S. West in the Australian world championships in July of this year.

2013 Santa Cruz Paddlefest


Last month, some of the world’s best kayak surfers competed in the 27th annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest. Their stunts and tricks on the legendary break awed spectators and made for some awesome photography. The C&K staff picked their favorite photos to showcase in a flipbook.

Surf’s Up, Kayakers!


The sun shone bright, the waves loomed large, and paddlers in bright colored fiberglass kayaks tumbled and cut across the big ocean surf in Santa Cruz, California. March 22-24 marked the 27th annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest, the most renowned paddle surfing event in the world. This year included two site locations so everyone from the […]

Pacific Paddle Surfing Series Standings


Jim Grossman currently leads in the standings of the Pacific Paddle Surfing Series, which takes the highest 3 scores out of 5. As the last in the Series, Santa Cruz is going to play a huge part in determining the overall winner.

Bring a Paddle


Photos and event wrap of the Davenport Paddle Surf Classic, from Davenport Landing, Calif., Event No. 4 of this year’s first annual, five-stop Pacific Paddle Surf Classic.

Small Wave Goodness


The first annual Pacific Paddle Surf Series kept rolling this weekend with a healthy showing at Washington state’s popular Hobuck Hoedown. Competitor/correspondent Bryon Dorr covers the multi-discipline surf-off in his dispatch from the second of five West Coast contests.

Big-Wave Kickoff


The first annual Pacific Paddle Surf Series kicked off this past weekend with Oregon’s Pacific City Surf Off. Competitor/correspondent Bryon Dorr brings the 10-foot waves of the multi-discipline event to life in this dispatch from the first of five West Coast contests.

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