Video: Shark Meets Kayaker – Nothing Happens

Proof that, yes, maybe we all can just get along

Published: March 30, 2011

Can’t we all just get along? Yes, we can. Exhibit A: This (apparently) recent sighting off a pier in Panama City, Florida:

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  • FJoe

    Looks like a Basking Shark. Plankton eater, kayaker was never in any danger.

  • http://! Christine

    You mean that he didn’t come up and eat him like Jaws? Oh, totally fake!

  • bongo kayak

    Yes, FJoe is right, that is a basking shark, so no danger of being attacked. The only risk was getting hit accidentally by it and falling in the water–big deal.

  • Tony

    looks like a basking shark or a whale shark, plankton eater

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