Leave No Trace

7 wilderness paddle-camping essentials

Leave No Trace

Looking to lighten your load and lessen your impact?

Classic kayaks and canoes Sierra Designs’

Mobile Mummy 800

First, think about doubling down on your sleep system – meaning a bag, pad, and shelter that can each serve dual purposes. [READ MORE]

Classic kayaks and canoes Crazy Creek

Air Chair Plus

Meanwhile, the Air Chair Plus Crazy Creek’s tight, 4 inch-diameter bundle of a comfy and sturdy carbon-spined camp chair—hides a second chamber [READ MORE]

Classic kayaks and canoes Kelty

Ultra-light Upslope

To top you off, there’s not much better in the way of minimalist shelter than a dependable tarp-tent combo. [READ MORE]

Classic kayaks and canoes Littlebug

Senior Stove

Next question: Can you have a fire? If you’re going boreal with ample wood to burn [READ MORE]

Classic kayaks and canoes Primus

OmniLite Ti

In you’re in no-fire country, think about versatility [READ MORE]

Classic kayaks and canoes Yak Tube

PVC Poop Tube

When it’s time to pack it out, don’t forget about your own waste. [READ MORE]

Classic kayaks and canoes Cobra

CPP 300 Solar Charger

As the mantra goes, leave only footprints and take only photos. Keep your digital memory-maker humming [READ MORE]


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