Low Key Muskie Man Moxon Off to Hobie Worlds

Insiders think Team America angler Kyle Moxon has a good chance to wind up on the podium. Moxon is having none of the high expectations.
Insiders think Team America angler Kyle Moxon has a good chance to wind up on the podium. Moxon is having none of the high expectations. "If I catch one trophy fish I'll be happy," he said. Then again, he admitted he isn't into talking himself up. Photo courtesy Kyle Moxon.

Team America is headed to the Netherlands (Europe!) for the Fourth Annual Hobie Fishing World Championship. They will take on the best the globe can offer on the waters of Vinkeveen Plassen not far from cosmopolitan Amsterdam October 5-11, chasing pike, zander (walleye) and perch. Kayak Fish caught up with the members of Team America in the days leading up to the big event.

Kyle Moxon, Border City Classic Champ
As told to Paul Lebowitz

Kyle Moxon comes across as understated. His fishing is anything but. He qualified for his spot on Team America by winning Canada's largest kayak fishing tournament, the Border City Classic.

The Hobie Fishing World Championship will be contested in the Netherlands, over pike, zander and perch, fish similar to those Moxon chases back home. Some people familiar with Team America's representatives feel he has the best chance to deliver results, maybe even a championship. BBC organizer Richard Ofner is one of those.

"Kyle is a very good multi-species angler that should do well in Amsterdam. I will go so far as to say that Kyle will be more familiar with the target species in Amsterdam than the majority of the North American participants," he said.

Moxon deflects such lofty expectations. "I am very excited to fish the World Championship. I am completely out of my element going into this event. If I catch one trophy fish I'll be really happy. I am not going to try and win the tournament but going to just chase after one big bite each day," the man who isn't very good at talking himself up said.

This is the fourth edition of the Hobie Fishing World Championship. The Hobie Worlds have been contested twice in Australia and once in the United States. No visiting angler has ever won. Last year Australians occupied the top six spots. "The guys from the home water have full advantage," Moxon accurately said.

Moxon is looking forward to meeting his fellow kayak anglers from around the world, and to experiencing the local culture. He'd like to revisit Canada's World War II history in the country, and get to know some of the ladies.

His attitude might be the right one given the event's history. Hobie's Keeton Eoff has frequently pointed to the friendships – including friendly rivalries – that the Hobie Worlds fosters. It's an incredible time for the competitors. But don't take Moxon's outwardly low key approach to mean his competitive fires don't burn brightly.

"If someone came to my home waters from a different country I don't think they could beat me on my own water," he said. Time will tell how much he feels at home on the cool waters of the Netherlands.

This is Moxon's Hobie Fishing Worlds debut. Hobie's worldy anglers will compete in identically rigged Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12's outfitted with Lowrance electronics, Ram Mounting Systems and Power-Pole micro-anchors. Live weigh-ins will take place on each of the three days of competition with anglers weighing three fish per day. Follow the action on the web at Hobiefishingworlds.com.