How to Install a Skid Plate in your Canoe

This is the first of a series of instructional videos by Nova Craft.

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  • Tom

    Is the procedure the same for composite boats?

  • Greg Loftus

    Procedures would be very much the same but you may be using a diffferent type of epoxy mixture. Just cintact the maker of your boat and ask. Cheers greg

  • Roch Prevost

    We used Cold Cure Epoxy, West System is another brand, I’m sure that all epoxy could be use in a very similar ways.
    Epoxy would work as well on composite canoe with a similar result of a yellow skid plate, we try to colors match the composite canoe with a polyester base resin to make them look unnoticeable, and yes same process but follow the mixing instruction from the supplier, also only do one end at a time, if your not use to do it, chance are that the chemical will get completely hard before your done.

  • R Locke

    How can I determine the risk that skid plates will adversely affect the ability of the canoe to properly track?

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