The Hendri Coetzee Memoir
Rivers Win Big in Banff

Rivers in Limelight at Banff Mountain Film Fest

Three winning films by and about paddlers

Timeline – Remembering Hendri

Timeline- Remembering Hendri Coetzee - C&K Whitewater 2011

Johannes Hendrik Coetzee - Kadoma - 1975-2010

Video: Ben Stookesberry talks ‘Kadoma’

Video: Ben Stookesberry talks 'Kadoma'

'I would do anything in my power to change what happened... but I would never ch

Laughing In The Rain by Chris Korbulic
No Half Measures by Celliers Kruger
He Brought Perseverance by Ben Stookesberry
Teaser: ‘Kadoma,’ a film chronicling Hendri’s final adventure

Teaser: 'Kadoma,' a film chronicling Hendri's final adventure

'Yes the bad things happen, but so do the good things, the amazing things, and t

Hendri’s Way by Gustav Nel
Meeting Hendri by Joe Henry
The Best Day Ever by Seth Warren
He Didn’t Like Baggage by Pete Meredith
Remembering Hendri

Remembering Hendri Coetzee - C&K Whitewater 2011

Our tribute to one of paddling's greatest explorers, in the words of those who k