The How of Why

Behind the Scenes Filming With Corey Rich and Dane Jackson in Mexico

HOW of WHY from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

After being asked by Nikon to make the movie Why using their new D4 DSLR camera (which is now at the top of the C&K wish-list, along with the remote control helicopter they used to film Dane Jackson hucking waterfalls in Veracruz, Mexico), adventure filmmaker Corey Rich also decided to capture what went on behind the scenes of the project. The result: HOW of WHY (above). If you’ve ever looked into the pages of C&K and wondered “how the heck did they get that shot?” Well, here’s how.

Of course, after you’ve seen the sweet behind the scenes footage, you’re going to want to see the actual film. Check it out HERE.

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  • Art Sandoval

    Taking Time To Understand ” WHY”………….I Love Film So Much! Thank You! P.S. The Nikon D4 is something to work for? Looks cool!

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