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Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak’s 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Impex Kayaks. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.


Available in fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon/Kevlar or K-Lite.

L: 17’10″; W: 22.5″; 59 lbs.

This larger version of our Currituck gives large to XL paddlers performance and comfort for touring. Oversized cockpit and increased midship makes entry and self-rescues easier for larger paddlers. Bountiful amounts of storage in all three compartments make the Assateague a perfect camping kayak.


Available in fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon/Kevlar or K-Lite.

L: 17′; W: 21.5″; 57 lbs.

This modern Greenland-style kayak gives paddlers excellent stability without sacrificing performance. Great hull speed for long crossings combined with maneuverability in big waters makes the Currituck a perfect boat for experienced paddlers and/or beginners. Plenty of hatch space and comfort make it a capable camping kayak.


Available in fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon/Kevlar or K-Lite.

3-L: 17′; W: 20.5″; 55 lbs. 3HV-L: 17′; W: 20.5″; 55 lbs. 4-L: 18′; W: 20.75″; 58 lbs. 5-L: 18′; W: 20.75″; 60 lbs.

Slight variations in deck height and width among four Force sizes produce the perfect fit. With no detail overlooked, the Force is comfortable in the heaviest conditions or crossing a glassy lake. Maneuverability, speed, ample storage, easily accessible day hatch, and extensive deck rigging make the perfect expedition kayak.


Available in fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon/Kevlar or K-Lite.

L: 16′; W: 22.5″; 50 lbs.

In 2010, the Hatteras becomes our most playful design, featuring added rocker, lower rear deck, and a softer chine for confidence in bigger conditions, surf or exploring rock gardens with ease. A larger cockpit will aid reentries and accommodate larger paddlers. Comes standard with our stable, shallow-V hull and expedition deck rigging.


Available in fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon/Kevlar or K-Lite.

L: 14′; W: 21.5″; 46 lbs.

Our 14-foot touring kayak is the perfect downsized sea kayak for the smaller paddler. The large rear hatch and round front hatch give it great overnight appeal in a lighter-weight kayak. Keep up with the longer boats while maintaining the maneuverability to paddle narrow rivers.

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