Boat Book – Avon-Clavey River Boats

Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak’s 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Avon-Clavey River Boats. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.

Avon Pathmaker Fishing Guide’s Package

$8845 Hypalon Construction with Polyurethane Chafer & Floor

L: 13′ W: 6’4″

6 D-Rings 8 Lift Handles No Thwarts

This is an angler’s dream that won’t turtle just because you’re leaning over the side and won’t scare every fish on the river any time you find that hidden rock. This package includes: 13′ Avon Pathmaker self-bailing raft, 1 5/8″ OD aluminum break-down 3-bay frame, front & rear casting platforms w/ lean bars, front & rear swivel fishing seats, deluxe rower’s seat, 70Q cooler, anchor system, 2 aluminum half boxes, 3 composite fishing oars, oar locks, straps.

Avon Expedition Whitewater Raft Package

$8945 Hypalon Construction with Polyurethane Chafer & Floor

L: 15′ W: 7’3″

Our most popular package for multi-day whitewater rafting. This is a compilation of gear as strong and well designed as the boat it sits on. This Avon package is “Ready for the River”. Consists of the following: Avon 15′ Expedition, 1 7/8″ OD aluminum break-down 4-bay frame, aluminum dry box w/pads, drop bag, folding camp table, 120Q cooler, cooler cover, 3 graphite composite oars, oarlocks, drop deck, 2 aluminum half boxes, straps, boat bag. Also available with a 14′ or 16′ riverboat.

Avon Scout 12′ Self-Bailing Raft

$54541 Hypalon Construction with Polyurethane Chafer & Floor

L: 12’3″ W: 5’11″; 105 lbs.

6 D-Rings 6 Lift Handles 2 Thwarts

The best made, most popular, small whitewater raft ever made. If you’re talking about taking a raft down the tight and the technical, you’re talking about the Avon Scout. Lightweight, responsive and practically indestructible, the Avon Scout has been the standard on rivers like the Upper Youghiogheny since its inception.

Avon Adventurer 14′ Self-Bailing Raft

$5665 Hypalon Construction with Polyurethane Chafer & Floor

L: 14’2″ W: 7’1″; 142 lbs.

10 D-Rings 6 Lift Handles 2 Thwarts

The perfect 7 person paddle raft or a great gear hauler for smaller rivers, the 14ft Avon Adventurer comes standard with two thwarts and multiple attachment points for an optional third. The Polyurethane Bottom Chafer allows the Adventurer to slide over rocks that would stop other rafts in the same conditions.

Avon Expedition 15′ Self-Bailing Raft

$5875 Hypalon Construction with Polyurethane Chafer & Floor

L: 15′; W: 7’3″; Tube Diam. 21.25″; 145 lbs.

10 D-Rings, 6 Lift Handles, No Thwarts

The Salmon, the Rogue, the Grand Canyon. Those are just three of the rivers Expedition owners claim their Avon was built specifically for. And while we’re not claiming to build this boat specifically for any of these rivers, we will proudly proclaim the Expedition is perfect for all of them…and more.

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