The First Fisherman   Hunted

Shark Bite. Photo credit:
Red. Here we go again. One difference; this toothsome incident took place south of the Red Triangle, off the Gaviota shore near Santa Barbara.

Sea kayaker Duane Strosaker was comfortably ensconced in his bright crimson fiberglass and wood sit-inside touring kayak. It must have stood out in the foggy seas at offshore oil rig Hondo, the point of his planned 24-mile tour.

About noon, he pointed his nose for home. With five miles to go, a shark suddenly struck the left nose of his boat, and took a taste.

“It bit my kayak where my left foot was located inside the hull, and its mouth wrapped halfway around the hull. My left foot was actually inside the jaws of the shark but protected by the kayak,” Strosaker wrote in a post on

“The whole time the shark was latched onto my kayak with my foot inside, I was screaming like a little girl,” Strosaker added.

About 10 or 15 seconds later, the shark finally tired of its slick-hulled snack. It sank out, leaving Strosaker to bail his holey boat. He landed as planned at Gaviota State Beach, where his bruised kayak no doubt caused a commotion.