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How NOT to catch a shark

You know when Good Morning America viewers are entreated to some kayaking with their morning coffee it’s gotta be something good … or shark related. Yesterday morning, it was the latter, in a segment featuring two self-described hardcore kayak anglers wrangling with an 8-foot thresher shark off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif. Money quote: “There’s no sound like a reel screaming to get you excited,” one angler, David Saldamando says, before the video shows him in the water wraslin’ with the shark.

We’ve got a line out to Jim Sammons, of the video series Kayak Fishing Tales, and we’ll get you his take on this when we hear back. Meantime, please chime in with your thoughts on the scenario. —TM

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  • Ian

    With morons like this making videos of themselves acting completely reckless, it’s no wonder people have such a bad view of fisherman, thinking they’re nothing more than fish-killers who don’t care about fish populations and habitat destruction. As long as someone is there with a camera and they can get a bunch of views on YouTube, they’ll act like a moron and treat fish like props in a movie instead of being sportsmanlike about it. Good going guys, you’ve just convinced a bunch of people that kayak fisherman are senseless, shark abusing idiots.

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