Red Sees   Touch Pool?

Photo credit: Adam Coca

In the most harrowing of these tales, in August, 2010, the tables turned on experienced kayak angler Adam Coca. The hunter became the hunted.

Coca was alone on his yellow Ocean Kayak in 50 feet of water off Central California’s Bean Hollow. Much like what Dan Prather experienced in 2007, a shark violently struck the nose of his boat, chewing and shaking it.

Coca found himself helplessly wrapped around his kayak as the shark swam in circles, gnashing at the boat. Coca’s feet apparently came perilously close to the shark’s toothy maw. Razor sharp gashes cut cleanly through his sandals and wetsuit booties, leaving fine scratches on Coca’s leg but no other injuries.

In video shot from the beach that emerged in the aftermath, Coca is heard saying, “I didn’t see him coming. He hit that shit just like you see on Shark Week.”

A footnote: Coca is back at home, fishing the ocean.