McKim shark1

Big salmon shark. Photo credit: Allen Sansano

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  • ray

    Pass the mustard please here is the bologna

    • Knee Dragon

      Ill take mine with beluga! ;-)

  • jojo6016

    why cant you cantch and release dont you want to leave your granbabys anything for them to enjoy, other then your big fat footbrint.

    • gunsablazing

      just another tree huger thats what we really need, a shark ! raelly , i wish he would have put it back so the next ime you went to the ocean to swim that shark could have munced on you granola eatin azz!!!!

      • Derek

        It’s regressive thinking like this that will keep us from making steps forward in keeping our Earth habitable. Makes me sad :(

        • Michael Lockhart

          You are partly right Derek..then again..I wouldn’t be here if my forebearers didn’t take the low fruit on the tree..i.e., an occasional grouse or other hunter gatherer skills.. Really..think about it..we are your game

        • Knee Dragon

          Derek as long as there is a safeway you will be fine but where the heck do you think the food in the sore comes from. if you were and animal would you prefer to be caged then slaughtered or live free breed then one day lights out. you know wild animals don’t die of old age they get ripped apart by another. Hunting is FAR MORE HUMANE then farming an animal or even allowing one to die in the wild. That being said hunting and fishing IS A VERY WELL REGULATED ***CONSERVATION***.

          environmentalist make me SICK! what happened to the Teddy Roosevelt manly Democrats of the world now they are a bunch of Nancy boys bossed around by their mothers.

      • Outdoors2121

        Both of you are not smart. The guns is slightly more stoopid (a joke on the band not a SP).

      • Tristan Tsutsumida

        you can’t spell.

    • Knee Dragon

      jojo go change your tampon

  • Bushy

    He did release this shark. And the other one that would live. But we ate mine. It was pretty good too. There were only like a 300 of them around that day. Chasing about 300,000 pink salmon.

    The world is a big place.

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