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  • http://Boatertalk Bob Luckadoo

    Love reading my magazine but, like a good paddling trip, it’s over too soon!

  • http://KayakandCanoeing William Luepnitz

    I need something for my back for my kayak. I’ve tried different seats . I have a sit on top and a sit in. One keeps my legs straight and hurts my back the other (sit on top) I’m never satisfied with the stress on my back. I would like to make long trips. Also the weather gets over 90 to 110 degrees and I get exhausted too fast ( take a chance of heat stroke)/. I carry water. Splash water on myself, and wear a hat. Also I take off my lifejacket. I know the new lifejackets that air up automatically and the coolest and lightest. Of course If I switch boots to shoes it would be cooler also. The water packs that you carry on your back would work well if frozen before the trip. Frozen bottles of water that thaw as you drink them.

  • Charlie Mcilroy

    New to kayaking. My wife and I love it, enjoy reading this magazine

  • debbie parrorr

    I need one for my son:-)

  • Paulina

    I have been wanting a kayak for a very long time. I am getting out of debt, and therefore I have been broke and can not afford one. Winning one would be amazing. :-)
    I have been needing something to look forward to, and going kayaking on some of oregons beautiful lakes would be a spectacular way to get away from the craziness of life.

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