Moose on the Loose

With rainfall doubling the flow of New York’s Moose River, the MooseFest race finale to the Whitewater King of New York point series lived up to its wild reputation as the last big paddling event the year for Northeast paddlers.

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2011 Outdoor Research Accessories


Outdoor Research Accessories featured in the 2011 Accessory Guide brought to you by Canoe & Kayak Magazine

2011 Seattle Sports Accessories


Seattle Sports Accessories featured in the 2011 Accessory Guide brought to you by Canoe & Kayak Magazine

2011 Sea to Summit Accessories


Sea to Summit Accessories featured in the 2011 Accessory Guide brought to you by Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Boomer, Turk Off to Ellesmere Island


Erik Boomer and Jon Turk officially departed for their 100-something day attempt to circumnavigate Ellesmere Island on May 2, from Ottawa, Canada. As Boomer describes it, they will be linking together various puddle-jumping flights, including a stop-over on Baffin Island, until they reach the real “put-in.”

2011 Seal Line Accessories


Seal Line Accessories featured in the 2011 Accessory Guide brought to you by Canoe & Kayak Magazine

True Hair Boaters


THERE’S A SELECT BREED OF PADDLER OUT THERE. The few, the very proud, who wear their helmets high for one simple reason: to protect their hair. Then there’s the rest, who eschew personal grooming on the water, letting their hair down (and out), and facial follicles slip well beyond five o’clock shadow, past 10:30 crustache and into the darkness of beard-dom. Fearing the razor ourselves, we salute those talented paddlers who red-line the shag-o-meter.

Brush Creek High Water Run


C&K Associate Editor, Dave Costello, drove to the Kern this past weekend with his creeking gear and the hope that he might find a shuttle. A recent transplant from Duluth, Minnesota, he’d never been to the valley before.

New Age Expeditions


TO THE CASUAL ONLINE OBSERVER, it would appear that expedition sea kayaking has entered a golden age. It’s been barely a year since Freya Hoffmeister set the bar with her brazen 9,400-mile Race Around Australia. Since then, New York City’s Marcus Demuth traced the perimeter of Great Britain in a record-fast 80 days, a Norwegian team notched the first unsupported circumnavigation of Antarctica’s South Georgia Island (pictured above), and Aleksander Doba made the first continent-to-continent crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a kayak.

Delta Dispatches


For the last 29 years, Joe Royer has spread his love of paddling the mighty Mississippi River each spring with the Outdoors Inc., Canoe & Kayak race. Royer founded Outdoors Inc., a Memphis-area outdoor equipment chain, in 1974 and watched his annual race swell last year to 500 entrants, including around 50 elite competitors. Unfortunately, […]

Whitewater Grand Prix: On a ‘Stakeout’


Patrick Camblin, event director of the Whitewater Grand Prix, was this morning scrambling down an embankment in order to access a nice-looking wave on the Saguenay River, in Quebec. “Two freestyle contests will be happening in the next few days, so we’re rallying all over and trying to find what our best bet is going to be for a spot,” he says. “We’re just arriving at a wave right now, actually…

VIRTUAL COACH: Blunt to McNasty


ERIC JACKSON CAN THROW DOWN. The Jackson Kayak founder claims four Freestyle World Championship titles, thanks in part to his ability to break complicated play moves into their constituent parts, and repeat them on demand. So if you want to learn an advanced playboating maneuver like the blunt to McNasty, you want to talk to E.J.

The Ultimate Canyon Kit


JESSE COOMBS IS TELLING ME WHAT HE DID LAST SUMMER. “Imagine a 14-hour jungle portage with 90 pounds of gear and multiple rappels over un-runable 100-foot, 300-foot and 600-foot falls,” the expedition paddler says, describing just one of the four days he spent last August in Mexico’s Barranca de Piaxtla, potentially the deepest river canyon in North America.

Young Gun, Uncertain Future


Whitewater slalom followers knew it was only a matter of time before Michal Smolen became the top K1 paddler in the United States. What came as a surprise to many, however, was how quickly the 17-year-old Smolen has made the ascent. At the U.S. National team trials in Charlotte, N.C. April 15-17, Smolen defeated past Olympians and World Cup medalists to take first place…

Early Returns: Whitewater Grand Prix


The first Whitewater Grand Prix, an invitational-only kayaking series with 20-something of the world’s best paddlers, is underway in up Canada with two stages—best trick on “Gladiator” of the Ottawa River, and big water boatercross on the Rouge River in Quebec—in the books. Some video and results from Stages 1 & 2:

Whitewater Needs More… Cheat Fest


Mud squishes between my toes as the Halftime String Band takes the stage. My buddy Bob Spangler plucks hollow notes on his upright bass. Yesterday he led me down the lower Big Sandy for the first time, and then it rained all night and the Cheat Canyon gauge shot up to 6 feet. God, I love Cheat Fest.

VIRTUAL COACH: The Bow Draw To Boof


RUSH STURGES LIKES TO GO BIG WITH STYLE. That’s why the producer and star of Dynasty, Dream Result and Frontier makes the bow draw to boof stroke his go-to creekboating move. This technique (displayed at right by Rafa Ortiz) makes it simple and efficient to line your boat up before taking that big, game-breaking forward stroke-whether you’re trying to clear a boat-eating hydraulic or land a waterfall with precision.

To the Bay


After graduation, two women will attempt to retrace a historic canoe route to Hudson Bay

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