Destination: The Green River’s Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons

Most of the Southwest’s canyon floats involve serious whitewater. What makes this section of the Green River perfect for sinking into “River Time” is that it dives deep into that rock-wall dimension, but the current stays benign the entire route, a no-brainer for open canoes or touring kayaks. The other draw is that the potential […]

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Hendri’s Way by Gustav Nel


The river, according to the locals, was flooded. It was higher than it had ever been, and we reached the first rapids in about three hours. You could only scout from the top, so Hendri got on Joe Henry’s shoulders to try and pick a line.

Jackson clan claiming wins


From his unmistakeable RV on the banks of Utah’s Green River, getting ready for yet another freestyle competition, Eric Jackson just received word that his son Dane had just won the progressive six-stage Whitewater Grand Prix event in Quebec. “Pretty cool that in a competition that’s set up in a way to separate the men from the boys, that a 17-year-old won it,” E.J. said.

Alone Around Ireland


Just as Brit Jeff Allen and Irish paddler Harry Whelan were completing a rocket-fast 25-day circumnavigation of Ireland in early May, a solo sea kayaker from Northern Ireland was getting started on her own attempt to paddle around the Emerald Isle’s 1,000-mile perimeter. Elaine “Shooter” Alexander, a British Canoe Union instructor and former world-class surf kayaker…

Two-week triumph


As the inaugural Whitewater Grand Prix wrapped up in Quebec with 17-year-old U.S. paddler Dane Jackson and New Zealand’s Lou Urwin taking top honors from the select international field, we can only sit back with slacked jaws watching the performances of athletes breaking new ground and pushing new limits in this one-of-a-kind competition for the […]

Meeting Hendri by Joe Henry


I can’t even roll a kayak, but that’s how we met. In 2006, I was on a truck tour through Africa and Hendri was working as a raft guide on the Nile in Jinja. I signed up for a kayak tour.

Postcards, Part II


—A little context from C&K‘s 2011 issue of Whitewater, now available on newsstands: “Lowdown: Cody Howard and company return for unfinished business from 2009’s The Risen Sun, hoping to knock off some firsts near Minikami, north-central Japan’s creekboating hub, as well as help the local paddling community’s rebuilding efforts following the devastating March earthquake and […]

The Six-Mile Mire


— This story originally ran in the Summer 2010 edition of Paddlesports Business. Last week, the federal government issued new rules to protect endangered killer whales that went into effect May 16. One of the new rules requires that all recreational vessels, including kayaks, stay twice as far away as previously required: 200 yards instead […]

Gallery: Raft Nationals


Photos by Adam Elliott With the right to claim the “U.S. team” title up for grabs, both of the men’s and the women’s reigning national raft teams defended their long-standing positions as the country’s top R-6 race squads at this weekend’s Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival outside Portland, Oregon. The festival, celebrating its 28th year, had […]

A New Brand of Bass


Jackson Kayak pro Drew Gregory, uses big-box platform to develop paddle-powered river fishing. Watch him on Discovery Channel’s “When Animals Bite Back” program this Sunday (May 22) at 8 p.m. ET (re-airs at 11 p.m.).

The Best Day Ever by Seth Warren


The fall of 2004 at the Nile Rivers Explorers bar had a Never Never Land feel, and Hendri definitely had that Peter Pan demeanor. I don’t recall the moment we met, but I’ll never forget the first time we paddled together—straight off the ski jump from the bar, and through the center of the ‘Hump,’ a giant Class V rapid right in front of Speke Camp.

Virtual Coach: Hand of God Sea Kayak Rescue


Paul Kuthe is the Program Manager at Portland, Ore.’s Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe, and a new-school leader in sea and whitewater kayak instruction. In this episode of C&K’s Virtual Coach, Kuthe covers an important sea kayak rescue technique to add to your bag of tricks when paddling with a partner, or teaching one to roll.

Record Breaker: 25 Days ‘Round Ireland


Just when they thought they couldn’t push it any harder, Britain’s Jeff Allen and Irish paddler Harry Whelan dug deep, emptied the tanks and crushed the 20-year-old speed record for sea kayaking around Ireland. They completed the circumnavigation in 25 days; the previous record was 33 days.

Summer Grumman


Two summers ago when he was 15, Sam Levar and his older brother Caleb, then 21, grabbed their dad’s 1972 Grumman aluminum canoe to paddle the 270-mile La Verendrye fur-trading route. The brothers from Duluth, Minn., finished the historic trail along the Canadian border to Grand Portage, on Lake Superiror, in just nine days, paddling and portaging the 75-pound canoe through the heart of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness at a pace of nearly 35 miles a day.

He Didn’t Like Baggage by Pete Meredith


Hendri had never been rafting or kayaking before I hired him. The Zambezi is pretty full-on, especially in the beginning of the season when the water is high. We threw him right into the deep end. Within a month he was taking some poor unsuspecting customers down the river, and long before that he kept telling me, ‘I’m ready, I’m ready.’

Whitewater Grand Prix: Grand Finale


The first Whitewater Grand Prix wrapped up Saturday with a giant slalom race (see video, above) on a Class V section of gnarl on the Bras Louis River, in Quebec. As the sixth and final stage of the two-week long event, in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, the giant slalom also sorted out the final overall standings…

Remembering Hendri


In death, Hendri Coetzee reminded us how to live. You don’t judge a man like Hendri Coetzee, and you certainly don’t change him. You can only remember the good times you shared—as seven of his friends do in these pages—and carry on.

Postcards from the Edge


—A little context from “Anatomy of Money Shot,” running in C&K‘s 2011 issue of Whitewater, now available on newsstands: “Lowdown: Cody Howard and company return for unfinished business from 2009’s The Risen Sun, hoping to knock off some firsts near Minikami, north-central Japan’s creekboating hub, as well as help the local paddling community’s rebuilding efforts […]

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