The Olek Doba Kayak Mission Nears Completion

Under threatening twilight skies, sea kayaker Aleksander Doba arrived in Port Canaveral, Fla., yesterday at 7:20 p.m., after a 5,400-mile crossing of the Atlantic Ocean that began Oct. 5, 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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2011 Boat Book – Delta Kayaks


Delta Kayaks products featured in Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s 2011 Boat Book

2011 Boat Book – Diablo Kayaks


Diablo Kayaks products featured in Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s 2011 Boat Book

2011 Boat Book – Eddyline Kayaks


Eddyline Kayaks products featured in Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s 2011 Boat Book

2011 Boat Book – Elie Kayaks


Elie Kayaks products featured in Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s 2011 Boat Book

2011 Boat Book – Emotion Kayaks


Emotion Kayaks products featured in Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s 2011 Boat Book

2011 Boat Book – Epic Kayaks


Epic Kayaks products featured in Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s 2011 Boat Book

2011 Boat Book – Esquif Canoes


Frampton, Quebec, Canada www.esquif.com (418) 681-8437 L’EDGE $1,729 in polyethylene L: 9’2”; W: 29”; 46 lbs. The L’Edge whitewater canoe was collaboratively designed to bring a new level of excitement to the river. From surfing your favorite waves to absolutely styling your favorite steep creek the L’Edge has something special to offer everyone on every […]

2011 Boat Book – Feathercraft Folding Kayaks


Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C. www.feathercraft.com (888) 681-8437 WISPER XP S or L $4,750 skin on frame L: 15’7”; W: 23.5”; 40 lbs. The new Wisper XP is the evolution of the Wisper. Choice of a large or small cockpit sizes is available. Standard features include gear access hatches, rudder, new pivot braces, and deck reinforcement […]

2011 Boat Book – Feelfree Kayaks


Asheville, NC www.feelfreekayak.com (828)254-1101 Juntos $729 in rotomolded polyethylene L: 11’2”; W: 29.5”; TBA lbs. The new 2011 Feelfree Juntos is one of the most versatile sit-on-tops on the market. The Juntos’ innovative deck features a roomy adult seat for mom or dad plus two child seats so you can bring the family along. And […]

2011 Boat Book – Fluid Kayaks


Parys, South Africa www.fluidkayaks.com (205) 910-0407 Big Bang $1,199 in rotomolded polyethylene Expedition – L: 8’1”; W: 25.5”; 82 gals.; 49 lbs. The Big Bang is our evolutionary creekboat / expedition kayak capable of handling class 5 creeks yet at the same time having ample speed for long hauls and enough packing space for extended […]

2011 Boat Book – Hobie Kayaks


The following pages from Canoe and Kayak’s 2011 Boat Book highlight the best boats in paddlesports today from the best companies in the industry, such as these featured products from Hobie Kayaks. Enjoy.

2011 Boat Book – Hurricane Kayaks


Marietta, S.C. www.hurricaneaquasports.com 910-293-2941 Tampico 140S $ 1,399 in thermo-formed Trylon L: 14′; W: 23.5″; 44 lbs. You’ll ask yourself if you’re actually touching the water. Seriously, that’s how sweet the glide is on the 44-pound Tampico 140S. It’s big-time composite performance-at half the price. The subtle yet sheer line on this boat slices through […]

2011 Boat Book – Hyside Whitewater Inflatables


Kernville, CA www.hyside.com (800) 868-5987 Outfitter 10.5 (Mini-Max) $2,845 Hypalon, Urethane Coated Bottom, Commercial Duty Construction L: 10’6”; W 5’0”; 52 lbs. Designed as a slightly larger version of the ever-so-popular Mini-Me, the Outfitter 10.5 (Mini-Max) is one of the most versatile and fun whitewater rafts in the Hyside line. Slightly larger than the Mini-Me […]

2011 Boat Book – Innova Kayaks


Burlington WA www.innovakayak.com (360) 707-2855 Twist i/ii $499/$599 in LitePack single-coated rubber L: 8’6”/11’9”; W: 30”/36”; 16/23 lbs. In it’s bag, the Twist is about the size of a sleeping bag stuff sack. The Twist is the perfect pack-in kayak for fishing and hunting. The LitePack fabric is comfortable, surprisingly durable, and PVC-free. Twists are […]

2011 Boat Book – Jackson Kayak


Sparta, TN www.jacksonkayak.com (931) 738-2628 Rogue 9/10 $899 in superlinear rotomolded polyethylene L: 9’4”/10’; W: 27.75”/ 27.5”; 44/49 lbs The quiver of one for the paddler that wants to do it all – meandering rivers, light touring, Class II-III whitewater – this hybrid whitewater/touring design goes downriver with confidence and crosses lakes with precision glide. […]

Unsalted Surf


Ray Boucher’s idea of kayak surfing isn’t tinged with salty spray or flattened by high tide. The Wawa, Ontario-based sea kayak instructor is among a growing contingent of whitewater and sea kayakers surfing the freshwater waves of Lake Superior and the rest of the Great Lakes. And now, come autumn, after the relatively calm days […]

Unfiltered: Don Starkell, Expedition Paddler


Photograph by Ian McCausland In the spring of 1980, Don Starkell and sons Dana and Jeff portaged their 21-foot canoe down the street from their home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the banks of the Red River and set off for South America. They were arrested, shot at, kidnapped by pirates and nearly starved. But two […]

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