Goods for the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

A look at C&K Editor-at-Large Alan Kesselheim’s packing list for his summer sojourn on the portage-studded 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail route from New York to Maine.

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How to Land Marlin from a Fishing Kayak


Jim Sammons demonstrates how to safely land—and release—marlin from a kayak in this latest webisode from Kayak Fishing Tales.

Worlds Watch


Stage set for finals at ICF Freestyle Kayak World Championships Dane Jackson advances to finals in four classes, Europeans make inroads on North America’s grip on podium Plattling, Germany – European paddlers made inroads on the whitewater powerhouse that has been North America for the past few years during semifinal rounds were held here today […]

In the Same Boat


It had been decades since the coastal waters of British Columbia saw canoes like the ones that plied the Inside Passage in the summer of 1997. Aboriginal artist Roy Henry Vickers and Royal Canadian Mounted Police staff sergeant Ed Hill brought native people and corrections officers together for the 31-day VisionQuest journey from the interior town of Hazelton, B.C. south to Victoria.

Haley Mills: worlds and weinerschnitzels


As competition begins today in Plattling, Germany, at the International Canoe Federation Freestyle Kayak World Championships, 225 athletes from 30 nations will be vying for world titles. The competition, which has been held every two years since 1991, has grown as three new countries – Slovenia, India and Argentina –will be represented at this year’s […]

Smoke on the Water: FIBArk in Photos


The 63rd annual edition of the FIBArk Whitewater Festival went down over the weekend in Salida, Colo., with a multitude of events on and off the water. By Sunday afternoon, we learned from the New Belgium beer vendors that festival goers had ghosted some 100 kegs of beer and another vendor nearby at the downtown park, the festival’s HQ, had sold some 700 to 800 roasted turkey legs.

Expedition East


Cody Howard and company recently returned from their tour of Japan, knocking off a few firsts in north-central Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture, located on the main island of Honshu, an area hit hardest by the devastating March earthquake and Tsunami. This C&K exclusive preview takes you to the stunning drops tucked deep in the heart of […]

Virtual Coach: How to Pack a Fishing Kayak


Outfitting for overnighting on a fishing rig – a video primer

FIBArk: America’s Oldest and Boldest Whitewater Festival


The 63rd annual FIBArk Whitewater Festival—billed as America’s oldest and boldest whitewater festival—is underway along the Arkansas River in Salida, Colo. With events on tap including a hooligan race, freestyle kayak competition, slalom, wildwater series, Pine Creek boatercross, raft rodeo and sprint, a SUP triple crown, five running races, a mountain biking race, hill climb, parade, chain drain,



This review is featured in the June 2011 issue of Canoe & Kayak magazine, now on newsstands. Look at seals. They know how to enjoy themselves. Swimming in the northern Baja surf, they could have cared less about tracking, hull speed or covering miles. They were perfectly content to play in the rocks and eat […]

Dagger Alchemy 14.0L – Rock-Hoppers


Capable sea kayak bred from the river DAGGER ALCHEMY 14.0L ($1,299 in roto-molded polyethylene, dagger.com) L: 14′; W: 24″; 54 lbs., also in a smaller 14.0S model Dagger started out as just a couple of guys in 1988, building whitewater kayaks in a small shop with a dirt floor. Now, they have new floors, a […]

Delsyk Nifty 430 – Rock-Hoppers


Family friendly fun kayak DELSYK NIFTY 430 ($1,249 w/skeg, $1,299 w/rudder, in roto-molded polyethylene, delsyk.com) L: 14″; W: 24″; 58 lbs., also in a smaller 385 model The Nifty’s ultra-stable double-chine hull and extra-large cockpit are perfect for beginners, and an absolute blast for advanced paddlers. That doesn’t mean it can’t perform in the rough […]

P&H Delphin 155 RM – Rock-Hoppers


Ocean playboat P&H DELPHIN 155 RM ($1,799 in roto-molded polyethylene, phseakayaks.com) L: 15.5′; W: 22.5″; 58 lbs. The British design philosophy: You need speed to play. This tenet rings true for the Brit-made Delphin, the popular new plastic cousin to P&H’s composite Aires. “We wanted this boat to handle like a traditional sea kayak on […]

Delta 15.5 Expedition – Rock-Hoppers


Rocking touring boat DELTA 15.5 Expedition ($2,300 in thermoformed plastic, deltakayaks.com) L: 15’6″; W: 24.5″; 54 lbs., also in a smaller Sport model Delta is known for producing user-friendly sea kayaks. So, we took one of their 15.5s, what Delta calls the “mini-van” of its fleet, into the meat of the surf break. The tested […]

Prijon Motion – Rock-Hoppers


Maneuverable touring kayak PRIJON MOTION ($1,650 in blow-molded HTP, wildnet.com) L: 14’11″; W: 23″; 57 lbs. Prijon’s low-profile Motion, which is formed from the same blow-molded plastic the German company uses in its famously durable whitewater boats, comes out of the wrapping ready to hit the rock gardens. Literally. “It’s got everything,” one tester said, […]

BorealDesign P2 Baffin – Rock-Hoppers


Classic Greenland ride BOREALDESIGN P2 BAFFIN ($1,839 in roto-molded polyethylene, borealdesign.com) L: 17′; W: 22.25″; 59 lbs., also in smaller P1 and larger P3 models Canada’s Baffin Island is one of the most inhospitable places to paddle on the planet. Any boat bearing its name should be ready to get beat up. So that’s exactly […]

North Shore Aspect RM – Rock-Hoppers


All-around Greenland-style rock-hopper NORTH SHORE ASPECT RM ($1,299 in roto-molded polyethylene, northshoreseakayaks.com) L: 14’9″; W: 23.5″; 50 lbs. Since the early ‘80s North Shore has been making British-style sea kayaks known for being practical, affordable, and able to take abuse. The Aspect is all of these things, but in a wonderfully condensed package. Picture the […]

On the phone from Ellesmere Island


Ellesmere Island is the most northerly of the Canadian Arctic islands and on Monday afternoon, June 13, the odd-couple Ellesmere adventurers—Jon Turk, 65, and Erik Boomer, 26, who are attempting to circumnavigate Ellesmere’s 1,500 mile perimeter—were on its rugged north coast when they called in via satellite phone.

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