Return to the Rio Roosevelt

Catching up with Dave Freeman and fellow Minnesota adventurer Paul Schurke, who earlier this month completed a 400-mile canoe descent of the Brazilian Amazon’s storied Rio Roosevelt.

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Flood of the Century: Colorado River


As the greatest flood in nearly a century neared its apex in the second week of May, it brought a change of weather to my hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi. The typical spring southerlies gave way to an unlikely cool breeze, which blew steady from the north for five straight days.

C&K’s Green Race Mixtape


Watch somebody else spank the monkey for once

Flood of the Century: Potomac River


A lot of the time when we’re out on a day like that one, we’re discussing how in awe we are to still be exploring the river. I probably paddle the Potomac 150 days a year, and even after two decades, there are new things to find every time.

Flood of the Century: Mississippi II


Ordinarily, St. Catherine’s Creek is a dry wash that circumscribes the limits of Natchez, the oldest city on the Mississippi. The spring of 2011, however, was no ordinary time on the river.

Flood of the Century: Mississippi III


We’re right on the bank of the Mississippi River in northeast Louisiana. There’s about 10,000 acres here that are surrounded by a levee that was built in 1912. We call it the Old Levee, and it held in ’27, which was the highest water on record.

In The Middle


With the Idaho drainage’s 2011 snowpack at 261 percent of average this past June, driving the only access road to the Boundary Creek put-in of the classic, 100-mile Class IV Middle Fork of the Salmon was simply out of the question.

Paddling Clubs Directory


Find canoe clubs to paddle with where you live! Paddling’s more fun with friends – here’s a list of canoe and kayak clubs around the country.

Rivers Win Big in Banff


The prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival wrapped Sunday Nov. 6, with movies by and about paddlers taking three of the highest honors. C&K is proud to say that our contributors had a hand in all three winning films.

Slow Train


Our managing editor packs a season’s worth of Alpine whitewater into one frenzied week, and learns that paddling Switzerland via rail and bus isn’t about time

Gatherings: Paddle Oregon gallery


Canoe & Kayak had the outstanding opportunity this August to join Willamette Riverkeeper and 130 new friends at the Chatoe Rogue Farmstead Brewery in Independence, Oregon. We only had 24 hours to experience Paddle Oregon, the multi-day river trip that captures the spirit of the state through a tour of its largest waterway.

En Route: Deep in the Black Forest


The rain turns to sleet as we gain elevation; ahead and across the valley, clear accumulation shows the depravity of an early October snowstorm in Germany’s Black Forest. Sweat still rising from furrowed brows, we cross the snow line, coughing into stiff hands and stretching sore muscles. We get back into our positions, the canoe between us, and continue our portage.

Lunging Humpback Whale Nearly Swallows Tandem Kayakers


By: Pete Thomas, GrindTV.com A woman on a surfboard and two people aboard a kayak were nearly engulfed by a humpback whale that charged out of the water, its mouth agape, just a few feet away. Barb Roettger’s video of the amazing encounter, which occurred near Santa Cruz, Calif., was posted Wednesday. The incident is […]

Green Race: World’s Greatest Whitewater Race


This Saturday Nov. 5, at high noon, the first of more than 150 racers will charge down the steepest half-mile of the Green River Narrows in Henderson County, N.C. Locals call it the greatest race in the world. We think they’re right. Here’s why.

En Route:


Just over a year ago, the 25-year-old from Connecticut completed the first, modern-day canoe expedition across America—a 4,300-mile solo journey from Portland to Portland, Oregon to Maine, that is. 2011 presents a new year for “Zand” and with it, a new continent to paddle across. Martin will be recounting the epic, 4,000-km journey across Europe from Nantes, France to Istanbul in a series of exclusive En Route posts.



A dauntingly close encounter this week involving a kayaker and two humpback whales in California’s Monterey Bay is sure to fall under a believe-it-or-not type of scrutiny.

Across Canada by Water


It was snowing, the temperature well below freezing and the Arctic waterways turning to ice when six friends finished a cross-Canada canoe journey on October 14 in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, on the Mackenzie River.

Paddling for a Cause


Tampa Bay area paddlers Sean Fitzgibbon and Jeff Fabiszewski, a.k.a. “Team Sweetwater,” departed on Oct. 19 for a 12-day, 190-mile paddle along the southwest coast of Florida, following the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail.

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