Week in Review: December 19, 2014

Bear Grylls on surfing the Ottawa River: “If he capsizes…he might not survive.” A little over-the-top? Maybe, but Devyn Scott sure is good at what he does Kayak launch fail. This shouldn’t be so difficult Sometimes the third time isn’t the charm La Garganta del Diablo, The Throat of the Devil Aptly named Kev Brady […]

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Video: The 2012 Canoe & Kayak Awards


Watch the inaugural Canoe & Kayak Awards Presented by Zeal Optics.

Kayaking Ukraine: A Day In Town


Dispatch No. 4 from Jeffery and Giulio as they paddle the length of Ukraine’s Dnieper River.

The Duct Tape Kayak


Three friends building a kayak out of duct tape to raise money for cancer research.

Best Tandem Kayaks of 2012


C&K took out six of the sweetest— and cost-effective—models we could find, and put ‘em to the test. Here are our picks for best tandem kayaks of 2012.

En Route: The Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition (Stage II)


Dispatch No. 2 from a 2,600 mile canoe journey across Canada’s Territories.

Jolly Green Giants


On May 27, Burton Greer and Nathan Zumwalt made a little open-boat history with the first complete OC-2 run down the Green River Narrows, including the notorious crux at Gorilla. See the video and read about the run in the paddlers’ words.

Finding Flow


Brett Dufur takes readers on his 80-hour journey down the Missouri: “On Tuesday morning, July 31, nearly 400 misfit paddlers, weekend warriors and river rats from 37 states looked fresh and eager to take on the MR340—the world’s longest, nonstop ultramarathon paddling event … “

Thames Pub Crawl: River Gypsies


Dispatch No. 5 from a 150-mile bar hopping paddle down The Thames River.

Best In Show: Outdoor Retailer 2012


C&K’s Top 7 picks for new, innovative pieces of paddling gear at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Trade Show

Thames Pub Crawl: A Proper Failure


Dispatch No. 4 from a 150-mile bar hopping paddle down The Thames River

Olympic Flatwater Sprint Preview


Tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 10, the 200-meter flatwater sprint is making its debut at the Olympic Games. It will also be the last chance for the U.S. Canoe/Kayak Team to take home a medal from the London 2012 Games.

10 years of PaddlePower


CanoeKayak.com recently asked PaddlePower organizer Kristen Senz about the 10th annual, two-day event on Aug. 18-19, which raises funds for a crisis hotline that serves people with depression, including those close to committing suicide.

Club Mend: Build Your Own Kayak


Turning a box of wood into a kayak.

Thames Pub Crawl: High-Water Hangover


Dispatch No. 3 from a 150-mile bar hopping paddle down The Thames River

Kayaking Ukraine: Welcome to Ukrainka


Jeffrey and Giulio dock at Ukrainka on Ukraine’s Dnieper River and make some new friends.

Final Countdown: Amazon solo


Inside the final preparations for West Hansen’s bold 4,225-mile expedition to solo the entire length of the Amazon River.

Thames Pub Crawl: Lock and Dammed


Dispatch No. 2 from a 150-mile bar hopping paddle down The Thames River

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