Return to the Rio Roosevelt

Catching up with Dave Freeman and fellow Minnesota adventurer Paul Schurke, who earlier this month completed a 400-mile canoe descent of the Brazilian Amazon’s storied Rio Roosevelt.

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Five2Nine Productions’ Mike McKay, creator of the Currents online video series, has just unleashed his newest film project; an 18-minute whitewater roller coaster that infuses the best of this year’s Current’s TV along with some new, never before seen white-knuckle content.

Biggest Wave Ever Surfed in a Sea Kayak?


Is this the biggest wave successfully surfed in a sea kayak? Well, not quite, says San Francisco-based sea kayak instructor Sean Morley, who caught this 12- to 15-foot giant at Three Arches Rock near Pacific City, Ore., in late October. Morley says he’s ridden bigger waves but it’s rare to find them so “clean and nicely formed with a long period,” and rarer still to experience the size, power and speed of the experience through water-level photographs from fellow paddlers Bryant Burkhardt and Jeff Laxier.

Escape Destinations From Your Escape


Need to Escape From Your Escape? Here are 7 places to get away from your getaway including locations in Belize, Oahu, Florida, Louisiana, and Mexico.

Solo Traditions


A passion for the art of solo canoeing is only one of the ways Becky Mason was influenced by her father, the late Canadian canoeing icon Bill Mason. Alone and deftly handling a cedar-ribbed, red canvas-covered canoe on a wilderness lake, Becky is a mirror image of her father. Like her dad, she’s also a gifted painter and visual artist, and a staunch environmentalist who carries on the family tradition of defending imperiled wild rivers. Her most recent creative effort shows that she’s also a skilled filmmaker, following in the footsteps of her Academy Award-nominated father.

Gatherings: Gales of November


Long before the Lumpy Waters, Golden Gate and Rough Waters symposiums, sea kayakers gathered on Lake Superior’s Canadian shore for the Gales of November Rendezvous. The event was the brainchild of Detroit-based paddler Stan Chladek, which he named after Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot’s famous ballad of the Edmund Fitzgerald, the 729-foot ore-carrier that sunk on Lake Superior in a 1975 storm.

Channel Islands web extra


Kayak guide Chuck Graham looks back on two decades spent exploring the rugged and surprisingly remote Channel Islands wilderness, just off the crowded Southern California coast in ‘Home Waters,’ featured in the new, December issue of Canoe & Kayak, available on newsstands now. Here the author outlines the challenges and rewards of exploring the island chain by kayak, talking from Scorpion Ranch on Santa Cruz Island, and then taking the C&K crew on a tour of his favorite sea caves nearby.

Home Waters


We hunkered in the lee of an eroding bluff, our faces covered in kelp flies and raw from the stinging blast of wind-driven sand.

Cast your vote


National Geographic just released its annual Adventurer of the Year nominees. It was no surprise that two of paddling’s hardest, and most ambitious expeditions from the last year accounted for two of the 10 nominated adventures. Cast your vote for Jon Turk and Erik Boomer’s bold, 104-day, 1,495-statute-mile circumnavigation of Ellesmere Island, or Sanu Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa’s tandem paragliding flight off Mount Everest and ensuing paddle down the Ganges River to the Indian Ocean.

Canoe Movie 2


A little Kodak courage provided Tennessee open boaters Dooley Tombras and Matt DeVoe the extra little nudge to fire up some of the Colorado high country’s creekboating proving grounds during the recent filming of ‘Canoe Movie 2: Uncharted Waters.’ The film, premiering at Canoecopia March 9-11, also includes the pair’s first canoe descent of Lower Thompson River near Asheville, N.C.

“one of nature’s greatest and most fleeting phenomena”


Do you know what a murmuration is, and have you ever witnessed such a dazzling display of avian behavior? The accompanying video shows an enormous flock of European starlings — a murmuration — swirling through the sky in a magnificent ballet that almost seems choreographed.

The Ultimate Source to Sea


It’s not easy to set a record on the roof of the world—especially one that involves paddling. Everest has been climbed more than 3,000 times since the first ascent 58 years ago, so you’re going to have to do something very, very different if you want a record on the world’s tallest peak. It’s been skied down, climbed by a blind man, an amputee, a 13-year-old and a 76-year-old.

Children of Nature


The Freemans roam the Canadian arctic, the Amazon and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area by canoe, foot and dogsled to inspire students to get outside.

Scene: Paddle Oregon


Arriving to a sunset feast amidst riverside hop fields, I feel right at home. Some 130 paddlers are celebrating at the Chatoe Rogue Micro Hopyard, this night’s camp for Paddle Oregon, a five-day, 100-mile floating festival on the Willamette River.

Flood of the Century


2011 was an extraordinary year for North American rivers. La Niña loaded western snowfields to record levels, and when the melt came, rivers from Idaho to the Delta ran outside their banks for weeks on end. In mid-May, the Mississippi River registered the highest flow volume ever recorded.

Flood of the Century: Mississippi I


As the greatest flood in nearly a century neared its apex in the second week of May, it brought a change of weather to my hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi. The typical spring southerlies gave way to an unlikely cool breeze, which blew steady from the north for five straight days.

Flood of the Century: Clark Fork River


On August 28, as Tropical Storm Irene pummeled Vermont with 8 inches of rain in six hours. Ryan Mooney and I paddled Mill Brook, a Class V tributary of the Mad River that pours straight down the local ski mountain.

Flood of the Century: Mad and Winooski Rivers


On August 28, as Tropical Storm Irene pummeled Vermont with 8 inches of rain in six hours. Ryan Mooney and I paddled Mill Brook, a Class V tributary of the Mad River that pours straight down the local ski mountain.

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