Canada’s Peel Watershed One Step Closer to Recieving Protection

“It’s a pristine alpine region with stunning scenery, exceptional wildlife, great hiking and whitewater,” says Neil Hartling, the owner of Whitehorse, Yukon-based Nahanni River Adventures and long-time local guide. “The plexus of rivers that form the watershed provide years of expedition options that could fill a career of northern adventures.”

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Kayaking Ukraine: Take-Out


Episode 10 of Jeffrey and Giulio’s Ukrainian Odyssey.

Kayaking Ukraine: The Dam


Episode Nine of Jeffrey and Giulio’s Ukrainian Odyssey.

SCENE: Waiting for Gales


This October, the Illinois- and Michigan-based organizers of the Gales Storm Gathering hope the mighty Michipicoten is at its gnarliest best for their second-annual rough-water sea kayaking festival, which debuted last year on Lake Superior’s south shore in Marquette, Mich.

Kayaking Ukraine: Snakes And A Storm


Episode Eight of Jeffrey and Giulio’s Ukrainian Odyssey.

En Route: The Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition (Stage IV)


Dispatch No. 4 from a 2,600 mile canoe journey across Canada’s Territories.

Gauley Folly


It may well be the largest whitewater gathering in the world. Filled with powerful rapids, late-night parties and more than a few walks of shame on Sunday morning, Gauley Fest is all it’s cracked up to be. While the rapids on West Virginia’s Gauley River are nothing short of classic, the real show is the festival: part county fair, part bacchanalia.

The Hidden Coast, Revealed


The Hidden Coast Paddling Festival celebrates the other side of Florida.

En Route: The Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition (Stage III)


Dispatch No. 3 from a 2,600 mile canoe journey across Canada’s Territories.

Voices: World Series Stage 4


The top finishers at the Hiko Devils Extreme Race, Sept. 1 in the Czech Republic, weigh in on the AWP Whitewater World Series as it heads to Austria for the fifth of six stages.

Back to School


As Dave and Amy Freeman’s three-year, 11,700-mile North American Odyssey enters the homestretch, the Illinois-based outdoor educators have issued themselves a challenge that could amount to the expedition’s crux: To visit 50 schools as they sea kayak the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Key West.

The Home Stretch


Catching up with Ohio’s Josh Tart, who set off on his fishing kayak 15 months ago to complete the 6,000-mile Great Loop around the eastern United States, nearing the end of journey.

90-Mile Monster


Coverage from this weekend’s 30th annual Adirondack Canoe Classic, a grueling three-day, 90-mile race from Old Forge to Saranac Lake, N.Y., which includes over five miles of carries, following the first leg of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

Message from the Coast Guard: Put a sticker on it


All of us have one thing in common with screen legend Russell Crowe: If we get lost at sea, the men and women of the United States Coast Guard will come looking for us. Here the USCG provides timely information on Operation Paddle Smart with advice for small craft enthusiasts on how to stay safe, be responsible, and help SAR responders during an actual emergency by obtaining an “If Found” sticker.

Kayaking Ukraine: The Shortcut


Entering a small inlet at the southern tip of Hortitsa we find peaceful and clear water. This place seems to be made for baidarkas, and we soon meet three families paddling Neris 3 baidarkas in the calm canals and flowery marshes.

Beaver Fever


Chris Gragtmans reports from the festive upstate New York weekend of races for the King of New York series, which included two events taking advantage of releases on the Taylorville, Mosier, and Eagle sections of the Beaver River, as well as the Black and the Raquette.

Kayaking Ukraine: The Yacht Club


Alexander was a trainer of champion triathletes during the Soviet era but is now retired and sticks to sailing and regattas. He is very humorous and manages to fit swear words into sentences in ways that Pushkin or Ukraine’s revered national poet Taras Shevchenko would be jealous of. His cursing is an art form; poetry in emotion. Alexander tells us to set up our tent in the club’s yard and come join everyone for dinner posthaste. In the meantime another club member pulls up in his giant Landcruiser and invites us on a light-speed tour of the city, using the curbs as a mere navigational suggestions.

AWP World Series: Stage 4


Coverage from the Czech Republic’s Hiko Devils Extreme Race, Stage 4 of the AWP Whitewater World Series, where Kiwi Mike Dawson walked away from the talented international field with a big win.

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