Goods for the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

A look at C&K Editor-at-Large Alan Kesselheim’s packing list for his summer sojourn on the portage-studded 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail route from New York to Maine.

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Northern Forest Explorers


This summer, more than 200 children ages 10 to 14 will get the chance to paddle for a week on the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail with the help of the Northern Forest Explorer’s Program.



A book review of ‘Fearless,’ C&K contributing editor Joe Glickman’s new adventure travel tale on Freya Hoffmeister, which dissects the life and times of the German expedition sea kayaker who circumnavigated Australia in late 2009 and is in the midst of an attempt to paddle around South America.

C&K Makes iTunes Debut!


Now you can get all the stories, photographs, and captions you’ll find in our print magazine, plus related videos, photo galleries and behind-the-scenes articles in the new C&K Digital Edition.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff


Can I sweat out toxins with exercise? What’s the best wood for making a paddle? And what’s on Eddy’s bucket list.

Mississippi Lessons (Completed)


Field notes and photos from an epic adventure learning project: A complete circumnavigation of the St. Louis region by canoe. Here the team completes the final eight-mile portage from the banks of the Missouri to the Bourbeuse River and paddles the final 16 miles downstream to where they began their journey two weeks before.

High Water Heroics


“It was epic, the water was huge,” said one of the race organizers, Bill Fordyce. “Half of the safety boaters didn’t want to go out.”

Video: Wicked Waveski Surfing


Ever see a waveski throw a back flip? Aussie Ben John can do it.

Paddling for Peace


Three ultramarathon paddlers are planning to compete in the world’s longest paddlesports races to raise money and awareness of Middle East peace initiatives.

‘Making Progress’ Extra


Last summer, C&K Managing Editor Dave Shively and Staff Photographer Robert Zaleski headed up to Baffin Island to paddle the famed Soper River south to the Hudson Strait. Or so they thought.Read the full story in our May “North Issue” available on newsstands now, and see the photo essay flipbook video extra here

Birchbark Revival


New York City natives Adam Wicks-Arshack and John Zinser were boatbuilding neophytes before September 2008, when they paddled into the wilderness of northern Ontario in one canoe and came out a month later with two. Now, they’re looking to bring traditional canoe building back to native Canadian youth.

Virtual Coach: Busting the MITH


The eddy turn is a gateway maneuver for aspiring river paddlers. It’s the move that allows you to quickly exit the current when you don’t like what you see downstream and re-enter the flow after taking a breather. The trouble is, for years it was one of the hardest skills for novice paddlers to grasp.

Mississippi Lessons (Continued)


Field notes and photos from an epic adventure learning project: A complete circumnavigation of the St. Louis region by canoe. Here the team battles against the current of the mighty Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

A Ride to Remember


A paddle-out at Mavericks with the Tsunami Rangers in remembrance of the late sea kayaking pioneer Eric Soares.

Giants of the Northland


I’ve been paddling in British Columbia for two months and the walled-in, log-choked, continuous and deceivingly powerful rivers here have humbled me every day. On the Ashlu a few weeks back, my friends and I spent a harrowing day racing the runoff from a storm much like this one. The river was running a pushy 700 cfs when we reached the takeout. Hours later, it spiked to 7,000.

Kayak Shelters


Regardless of whether you’ve packed along a portable manse or a nylon tarp, when the rains hit the fan you’ll crawl inside or under whatever you’ve brought along and pray your long anticipated kayak trip doesn’t go from ecstasy to misery in short order.



Dan McCain knew he was in for a gentle landing off Oregon’s 70-plus-foot Mosier Falls on Saturday because two years earlier, during the last week of March, McCain paddled a raft over the same waterfall for the first time. He remembers the day clearly; it was the same one that he solo-rafted over the 125-foot spillway of the Condit Dam on the White Salmon River—and claimed what many paddlers are calling a waterfall world-record raft descent.

World Water Day


Thursday, March 22, is World Water Day. And to celebrate it, Teva is asking people to give up the substance they’re supposed to be celebrating—water—in one aspect of their life, for one day. Check out Rush Sturges’ reasons why you should too.

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