Week in Review: December 19, 2014

Bear Grylls on surfing the Ottawa River: “If he capsizes…he might not survive.” A little over-the-top? Maybe, but Devyn Scott sure is good at what he does Kayak launch fail. This shouldn’t be so difficult Sometimes the third time isn’t the charm La Garganta del Diablo, The Throat of the Devil Aptly named Kev Brady […]

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C&K Visits the Eddyline Factory


By Jeff Moag About a decade ago thermoformed kayaks turned the paddling industry on its ear. These kayaks fill the middle ground between rotomolded plastic kayaks, and lighter, more expensive composite boats. They’re the Mama Bear of sea kayaks—not too heavy, not too expensive. For most everyday paddlers, they’re just right. I’ve paddled thermoformed boats […]

Wenonah Canoe Designer Mike Cichanowski


  What was the first boat you built? It was a 17-foot Cedar-strip tripping canoe. I built it in my dad’s garage in high school. My friends and I mapped out a trip on some old Indian trade routes. We bought an old car, put two boats on the roof and drove up there. We […]

TRAK Kayaks Designer Nolin Veillard


When did you start paddling? I grew up in Saskatchewan so I did some canoeing as a kid, but I really got the bug when I lived in San Francisco. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and the rest of the city from the water was such a unique vantage point. Now I paddle […]

Pakboats Designer Alv Elvestad


How did you get started paddling? In 1977 a few friends and I bought canoes and went on a trip in the Lappland area of Norway and Finland. None of us had been on a canoe trip before, and we didn’t know anything about the route, except that there was a blue line on the […]

Pygmy Kayaks Designer John Lockwood


How did you get started paddling? I took up kayaking after I broke my hip in 1967 and was on crutches for eight years. I had been a wilderness freak, and to get back in to the wild while on crutches, I decided to solo kayak 900 miles down the Yukon River. In 1972 I spent 13 months […]

Oru Kayaks Designer Anton Willis


How did you get into paddling? I grew up canoeing coastal rivers in northern California with my parents. Ironically I got into paddling more when I moved to San Francisco. I was curious about the ocean and started sea kayaking, in the bay mostly. How did you end up designing boats? I’d never designed a […]

Old Town Designer Bob McDonough


  Describe your design philosophy. I like building user-friendly yet still high-performance hulls that are dialed-in to the specific category. I’m driven to understand and achieve the best possible comfort and ergonomics in a kayak or canoe. What’s your favorite place to paddle? The Grand Canyon Do you have a favorite boat that you’ve designed? […]

Eddyline Kayaks Designer Tom Derrer


How did you get into the kayak business? I fell in love with kayaking in the mid-60s. In those days, if you wanted a kayak you had to build your own, or beg someone to build one for you. I happened to like building them, and pretty soon people were begging me to build boats […]

Ian Crerar of ClearWater Design


How did you start paddling? I’ve been on the water my whole life. My father and I built a canoe in our basement when I was a kid, and we took it on canoe-camping trips all over Ontario. I’m entirely self-taught in paddling, design and business. Everything I’ve learned comes from hands-on experience. Describe your […]

Guillemot Kayaks and Chesapeake Light Craft Designer Nick Schade


How did you start paddling? In the early days I paddled mostly in canoes, with trips on the lakes of New England, the Adirondacks and Canada. I dabbled briefly in whitewater but found myself drawn to saltwater. I used an old whitewater kayak on the ocean, then designed and built my first sea kayak in […]

Epic Kayaks Designer Greg Barton


How did you start paddling? My parents were marathon canoe racers, and my brother, sister and I all started at a young age. Very quickly we met Marcia Jones Smoke, who had won a Bronze medal in Olympic kayaking, and began flatwater sprint racing. I became an Olympian as well, winning four medals, including two […]

2014 Green Race Almost too Close to Call


The nineteenth installment of the annual extreme creek event once again delivered on its promise of unrivaled excitement. It began Saturday morning when racers awoke to several inches of snow in the surrounding region, delaying the race one hour from its heralded “high noon” start time, and lasted through the final ceremonies where organizers struggled to name a single winner.

Doug Green


The most inspiring among us don’t seek accolades or recognition; they simply follow their passion for paddling. STORY BY LARRY RICE Upon first meeting Douglas Green, and beholding his middling skills when running Class III rapids near his home in Boulder, Colorado, you might be forgiven for wondering why this stout 58-year-old fine woodworker with […]

Inside the Green Race Pre-Party: All the Smack-Talking Highlights


The second installment in our 2014 “Voices of the Green” series. C&K correspondent Scott McCleskey did some on-the-ground reporting at the halloween pre-race party last night. Here’s what he found: Mario Levinson and Mary Jackson: The couple favored to win this year’s longboat event Benn Fraker: “You run that Gorilla enough times in one of […]

Hanging Spear: Headwaters of the Hudson, ACT III


Steve Fisher and Pat Keller find exactly what they’re looking for in the un-run heart of New York’s 950-foot-per-mile lower gorge of the Opalescent in this ACT III flipbook finale to our three-part story of the duo’s 2014 descent of Hanging Spear Falls.

Proposed Zambezi River Dam Puts Prime Stretch of Whitewater at Risk


But if the governments of Zimbabwe and Zambia succeed in building the proposed Batoka Gorge Dam, much of the section will be drowned, severely harming the area’s river-based tourism, partly flooding the Victoria Falls UNESCO World Heritage Site, and burying crucial habitat for endangered bird species in the process.

Green Race Raw: Pre-Event Size Up


Scott McCleskey, a C-2 slalom paddler for Team USA and a Green Race veteran, has been making the rounds with his camera, interviewing athletes who’ve started to gather for the 19th annual Class V throwdown in North Carolina. Here are some of the highlights: Pat Keller, three-time champion of the Green Race, is shooting for […]

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