Goods for the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

A look at C&K Editor-at-Large Alan Kesselheim’s packing list for his summer sojourn on the portage-studded 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail route from New York to Maine.

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Pushing Past the Plateau


By: Thomas Hall I thought I would begin this series of tips by sharing my secrets for dealing with one of the fundamental, and insanely frustrating, features of skill development: the plateau. The plateau is something I wrestled with throughout my athletic career. In trying to master the vagaries of the sprint canoe stroke, I […]

Tips with Tom


Though I’ll be using paddling specific examples, which shouldn’t be a problem for readers of Canoekayak.com, the tips and tricks discussed will be applicable to almost any activity. For example, the first in this series is the concept of rest. Rest is often seen as just a reward for a hard days work, when in reality, it’s an essential part of skill acquisition.

Canoecopia 2013 Trade Talk Series


C&K staff also made their way to Canoecopia and filmed the products they thought were especially quirky, new or innovative. Check out the products they viewed in the series, Trade Talks.

Kayak Angler Feeds a Flying Shark


A toothy galapagos shark came thrashing violently out of the water a few feet
from Oahu-based kayak angler Isaac Brumaghim on Sunday.

Top 10 Pieces of Gear for a Wilderness Trip


When I first started going on these trips, it was a matter of what gear I could make, scrounge, borrow, substitute or do without. Now my dilemma is more often picking from several different models of pot sets or sleeping mats that are in my basement. I thought that I’d share my top 10 pieces of gear (in no particular order) that I would take on a whitewater canoe trip to say the Hood, Nahanni or Bonnet Plume Rivers in the Canadian Arctic.

Let’s Boof


After rolling, boofing may be the most sought-after skill for whitewater paddlers. Nailing the boof means getting some air, clearing the hole at the bottom and hitting that perfect landing without compromising the spine.

There are a lot of pieces to the boof and many nuances to keep in mind. We have compiled all the tips and tricks we know on how, when and where to the boof.

End at Alseseca


For the last decade, the Alseseca has been garnering attention from big-name kayakers around the world. Its seemingly endless miles of classic rapids, famous drops such as Silencia and the Tomatas and numerous sections make the Alseseca the river paddlers love to run and filmmakers love to shoot. This Monday, April 8, Five2Nine released its final episode of Currents, offering a different angle to Mexico’s jewel river.

Slippery When Wet, No. 7: The Knight Bros.


This is the seventh (and final) trailer from Shasta Boyz Productions’ new film, Slippery When Wet. Each trailer features an athlete from the film and provides a little insight into each character’s lifestyle. The sequel to Wet Dreams, this film from Shon Bollock features segments from the United States, Mexico, Hawaii, and Japan, and offers […]

The Prodigal Company


In February 2013, Liquidlogic and Native Watercraft celebrated the opening of their new factory in Fletcher, N.C. For Liquidlogic founders Woody Callaway, Shane Benedict and Bryon Phillips the move was the culmination of a 12-year-old dream. The company that started small and worked to keep its family-style work structure finally came home.

Bugging out? Eddy’s Got Answers


Eddy’s got answers regarding eating leather boots and bug repellants.

2013 Santa Cruz Paddlefest


Last month, some of the world’s best kayak surfers competed in the 27th annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest. Their stunts and tricks on the legendary break awed spectators and made for some awesome photography. The C&K staff picked their favorite photos to showcase in a flipbook.



We recently caught up with Marty Perry of the Vancouver-based Hurricane Riders crew to find out more about its new four-part series titled, The push. Our questions for Marty: What was the impetus for the series, where did you shoot it, and what exactly is involved in a new ‘recruit’ earning their THR stripes? Multiple wave beatdown? Also, after seeing the first two installments below, when will there be more?

An Aquaphile Story


For the last decade, the smoky joint Under-the-Hill Saloon has also served as the headquarters for the Phatwater Challenge, a 42-mile race that finishes at the boat ramp below this bar in Natchez, Mississippi.

Plateau Creek Race Series—Big South Fork


Last Saturday, a dozen local Tennessee paddlers gathered under blue skies and warm weather to compete in one of the Cumberland Plateau’s jewel rivers, the Big South Fork. The race concluded the Plateau Creek Race Series, which was started to introduce new paddlers to the sport of creek racing in the Southeast.

The Gem of the Maine Island Trail


Following 325 miles of pristine Maine coast, the Maine Island Trail, created in 1993 and passing directly through Acadia National Park near Penobscot, was the first water trail created in the U.S. For good reason. It offers paddlers a chance to explore portions of the state’s 3,478 miles of coastline and islands, with pre-established launch points and campsites in protected bays. And the crowning feature of the trail, or lobster claw, if you will, is Acadia near the sea kayak Mecca of Bar Harbor.

Ultimate Canoe and Kayak Adventures


Detailing 100 of the best places to paddle in the world, Ultimate Canoe and Kayak Adventures is a stunningly illustrated compilation of canoeing and kayaking hot spots around the globe that offers something for everyone from the whitewater adrenaline junkie to the extreme sea kayaker.

Richter Remembered


There are a few people in the paddling industry so dedicated to their products that it dictates their life. Workplace and home become one, business partners become friends, and personal and paddling lives blend like two rivers converging into one.

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide