Paddle Georgia Appreciates and Protects

By Katie McKy Imagine paddling with 400 of your nearest and dearest friends in a Skittles-colored fleet. This is the tenth year of Paddle Georgia, a 7-day, 115-mile journey on Georgia’s longest river, the Chattahoochee. It’s a river that’s as fun to paddle as it to pronounce, with waterfalls, 100-foot granite cliffs, caves that once […]

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Boating in Costa Rica


Last February, Canoe & Kayak online editor Charli Kerns traveled down to Costa Rica where she joined Jim Coffey from Esprit and canoed some of the country’s most pristine and endangered rivers.

“I got way more out of the trip than I ever thought possible,” Kerns said. “I thought I was just going down to paddle and report, but Coffey shed light on so much regarding the culture, environment and conflicts that make Costa Rica such a dynamic and fascinating country.”

Testing Boundaries


Rivers carve deep canyons and divide hostile neighbors. They cut pathways through lawless country, and beckon us to follow. It’s no wonder that river-runners have their own canon of unspoken boundaries that, from time to time, they feel compelled to cross.

Surf’s Up, Kayakers!


The sun shone bright, the waves loomed large, and paddlers in bright colored fiberglass kayaks tumbled and cut across the big ocean surf in Santa Cruz, California. March 22-24 marked the 27th annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest, the most renowned paddle surfing event in the world. This year included two site locations so everyone from the […]

San Juan Islands Designated National Monument


On Monday, March 25 under the Antiquities Act, President Barack Obama recently designated five new national monuments encompassing more than 240,000 acres. Of particular interest to paddlers in the legislation is the creation of the new San Juan Islands National Monument in Washington.



40 Years of Milestones


Looking back on the last 40 years, boating has come along way. Shorter boats, steeper first descents, warm gear and deaths of legends. Canoe & Kayak logged a number of them through the decades.

Timeless Paddling Destinations


Paddling on the rivers of fur traders and explorers.

40 Years of Shooting Whitewater


Over the last 40 years, filming kayak and canoe adventures has been on a roller coaster ride. Cameras have shrunk and become waterproof, while the rivers have gotten only harder and more harrowing. This gallery showcases where filmers shot and with what.

From the Vault: After the Storm


Boating takes on a new meaning when it’s what saves you’re life. That’s what these victims of Hurricane Katrina learned. They shared their story with Canoe & Kayak’s managing editor Dave Shively. Read their stories here.

Timeless: Ammo Can


Originally designed for the military, the ammo can has been the perfect boating gear, keeping paddlers’ essentials dry as they cruise down the rivers. Canoe & Kayak covered the ammo can in their 40th anniversary issue, and here’s what we had to say about it.

Women of Ain’t Louie Fest


In early March, canoeists from all over the U.S., Canada and even Europe gathered in tiny Lenoir City, Tenn., to paddle some of the Southeast’s finest rivers and creeks. The Tellico Race kicked off the nine-day Ain’t Louie Fest gathering, and among the 100 or so canoeists who participated were a dozen female paddlers, marking […]

Rivers Be Dammed: Somos del Rio Baker Update


The Somos del Rio Team has paddled miles of some of the world’s biggest whitewater down in Patagonia. Their journey was to paddle the country’s endangered rivers and immerse themselves in the life they support before the proposed damming project erases them from the earth. They have offered a report of their travels so far.

Fillo Camping Pillow


Nemoequipment.com Fillo (camping pillow) MSRP: 49.95 nemoequipment.com Honestly, I took my five pound Tempur-Pedic pillow on my last kayak expedition; a good night’s sleep is that important to me. But I won’t have to do that again; next trip I’ll haul the Fillo (rthyms with pillow). Because it’s inflatable, it smooshes down to the size […]

Jetboil Sol Ti System


JetBoil Sol Ti System: $149.95 Jetboil.com Jetboil Sol Titanium Premium Cooking System. If my buddy doesn’t bring me a cup, I brew my own cup of coffee while still in my bag, leaning out the front door and firing up the JetBoil. Some of us like to pre-empt (or obviate) the wait for camp coffee […]

UltraLite Cot


I first tuned into this cot in its original iteration before CD bought it up. I was sold on the original but CD has improved it. Wizard light at 2lbs 12oz. Throw a pad on this thing and you might never sleep in your bed again. Even backpackers will carry it. Granted, not essential sea kayak equipment, but it goes on our rafts and IKs in a heartbeat. Caveat is fussiness. Set up can be daunting, improves with experience.

Boat Camping Essentials


By: Rob Lyon The two extreme styles of kayak camping are, of course: light and, not so much, and they both have their upsides. The corollary of light is easy traveling, while the corollary of heavy is comfort ashore. With that as a yardstick, the following are some gear items that can turn a camp […]

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