Moose on the Loose

With rainfall doubling the flow of New York’s Moose River, the MooseFest race finale to the Whitewater King of New York point series lived up to its wild reputation as the last big paddling event the year for Northeast paddlers.

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Rivers of Drought


“We’re in a drought that is drying wells, fueling fires, and depleting reservoirs,” says Meredith Blount Miller, Senior Program Coordinator at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, a leading water conservation organization. “If trends continue, we could see conditions rivaling those of the 1950s ‘drought of record.’”

Freya Hoffmeister Escapes from the Cape


No stretch of water on the planet is as feared as the legendary passage around Cape Horn, where gale-force winds, rogue waves, icebergs and summertime blizzards have sunk more than 800 ships. Freya Hoffmeister intended to paddle around it.

From the Vault: New Wave Paddling


In light of the recent Santa Cruz Paddlefest, the Pacific Paddling Surf Series and the upcoming World Championships in July, C&K staff wanted to bring back a story from the March 1987 issue.

Rescue for River Runners


In Episode Eleven of the R3: Rescue for River Runners video lesson series debuting on CanoeKayak.com, Jim Coffey explores risk assessment further in order to create more efficient and timely rescues, highlighting a few specific techniques to create efficiencies in time-sensitive foot-entrapment scenarios.



Autumn is a wonderful time to be up north in Minnesota: The air is crisp and the people and bugs have long since gone.

Dirtbag Diaries: Superior Dream


What does traveling 1,300 Miles Around the World’s Biggest Lake feel like.

Behind the Lens: Aaron Peterson


Michigan photographer nails storm kayaking image for the May 2013 cover.

New Surf Spot in Southeast


Georgia and Alabama’s Chattahoochee River is now on the must-visit paddling list alongside such other Southeast boating hotbeds as the Ocoee, Nantahala and Chattooga rivers.

Sea of Cortez


Erik Boomer made this photograph of expedition partner Sarah McNair Landry during a rainsquall in the middle of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.



This fourth episode in the five-part Powell to Powell series explores the vast wilderness stretches of the Colorado River above Lake Powell and the small steps that users can take to demand protection for such a high-value resource.

11 Urban Waterways Get a Second Chance


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that the Urban Waters Federal Partnership is adding 11 new locations. In addition, two more federal partner agencies will join the partnership in its collaborative efforts to restore waterways and their environments.

Nutcase Helmets


Being a long-time surfer and ocean sports enthusiast I’ve never been a big fan of wearing helmets. When one is needed, I’ll find an old skateboard or bike helmet to do the job and be glad when it’s over.

How to Set Some Goals


Goal setting is relevant in everything from personal finance to lifestyle changes. The concept is relatively simple: make a goal and plan how you’re going to get there. Sometimes, though putting into practice isn’t so simple. What follows is my story about goal setting and my take on how to make it work for you.

The Inga Rapids


Tyler Bradt with Steve Fisher, Ben Marr and Rush Sturges in a relative calm moment during the first descent of the Congo River’s Inga Rapids, Oct. 26, 2011.

A Kayak Surfer’s Angst


This story featured in the 2012 June issue. By Sean Morley I don’t need an alarm to wake before first light. I’ve checked my watch three times in the last hour. I slide out of bed and creep downstairs, avoiding the squeaky steps, dreading the normally wonderful, “Daddy, is it time to get up?” Grabbing […]

Sharing Whitewater with My Mother


When I tell people I go kayaking with my mom, they never picture us practicing our boof strokes at “Bayless’ Boof” on the Upper Green River or crashing through holes on the Rio Pacuare in Costa Rica. Yes, my mom and I paddle whitewater together.

Boating with a Baby Bump


I began whitewater kayaking in 2006, and it quickly paddling became a passion. I spent every chance I could out on the river, learning, practicing and getting better. I progressed in the sport, enjoying long days on the river in the company of my paddling friends and adding personal first descents to my growing list of rivers. I took a swiftwater rescue course and completed my ACA Level 4 Instructor certification. Then last year, I learned that I was pregnant, and through the following months, I learned the limits and surprises that came with being pregnant during the winter boating season.

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