The Rio Grande’s Vanishing Water

No other major river in the United States is going to change more than the Rio Grande as weather patterns shift. The snowpack is going to be smaller and melt earlier, the droughts are going to be longer, the monsoon floods bigger. I wanted to follow the river to understand how these changes are already impacting the people and places that depend on the river.

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Sea Kayaking the Big Bend


Head to Florida, a state that pioneered the United States’ water trail concept, for an easy-to-follow, warm-water and -weather water trail.

A Lot of Shuttle Money


The Payette River Games, held June 21-23 in Cascade, Idaho, paid out a whopping $54,000 in cash prizes to top finishers in its paddling events, including freestyle kayaking, boatercross and a SUP sprint race, in one of the most cash-heavy whitewater events in history.



Voting ended at midnight (PST) Monday, July 8th for the 2013 Canoe & Kayak Awards presented by Verizon. At last week’s tally, many of this year’s nominees were still neck and neck, so we extended the voting to give you a final chance to make your voice heard. Please help us split hairs to make some of the tough choices outlined here.

Big River, Bigger Picture


During his venture down South America’s longest river as part of his 7 Continent project, Mark Kalch discovers that paddling the Amazon was more about the interactions he made with the people who live off the river than the run itself.

Reopening the Gateway to James Bay


Can you say, “Caring about Quetico’s quintessential Canadian canoe country,” five times fast? Not as hard as the challenges faced by wilderness advocacy groups in finding and rehabilitating the historic and underutilized canoe-trail portages between the Atlantic and Arctic watersheds of northern Ontario.

Independence Paddle


The how and why of paddling in New York City for Fourth of July

No ‘Training Wheels’ Needed


A look at the C-1er Jordan Poffenberger who is pushing past the limits in both racing and waterfall descents with half a paddle.

Love Your Big Muddy


Catching up with Janet Sullens Moreland, 848 miles into her 2600-mile bid to become the first woman to solo paddle the length of the Mighty Mo’ from its headwaters (in Brower’s Spring, Mont.) to its St. Louis confluence with the Mississippi.

Best Canoe and Kayak Fireworks Shows


C&K’s list of top cities to watch the Fourth of July fireworks display from canoe or kayak

Rio Marañon, the ‘Grand Canyon of the Amazon’


Last year, Rocky Contos discovered a new most-distant source of the Amazon River high in the Rio Mantaro basin. So why does he want to talk about the Rio Marañon instead? Here’s his answer.

Looking at the Lozer Year


The 2013 Lozer Cup series kicked off this Sunday with sunshine and great levels on the Deerfield River in Northwestern Massachusetts. The solid field of competition produced a number of surprises leaving everyone guessing about who is going to win the coveted Lozer Cup at the end of the season.

Week-Ender: June 28-30


Recapping some of the happenings during the last weekend of June.

Salmon River Canyon


Four paddlers tackle Oregon’s notorious Class V Salmon River Canyon in this photo report from the “Mount Everest of Oregon kayaking.” Between the committing rapids, epic shuttle and hike in, not to mention the rappel, “you’ve got one hell of an adventure.”



Voting extended through midnight (PST), Monday, July 8 for 2013 Canoe & Kayak Awards presented by Verizon. It’s your last chance to vote for this year’s stacked list of nominees across seven categories: Male and Female Paddler of the Year, Filmmaking Achievement, Paddle With Purpose, the Spirit of Adventure Award and Expedition of the Year, plus the Photo of the Year presented by Body Glove Footwear.

Crossing Baffin


This summer, American photographer and whitewater boater Erik Boomer will join Canadian brother and sister polar super-guides and Nunavut-based physician on a two-month, 600-mile expedition to try reintegrating the traditional skin-on-frame kayak into Canadian Arctic culture.

Who Wants to be a Lozer?


The annual Lozer Cup series in New England brings a new edge to wildwater racing.

Rio Nazas Roadtrip!


The 50th running of Mexico’s oldest canoe race, the Rio Nazas Regata, takes place this Friday through Sunday. This short film recounts an unlikely road trip to last year’s race, the first in living memory to include an American competitor.

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