Return to the Rio Roosevelt

Catching up with Dave Freeman and fellow Minnesota adventurer Paul Schurke, who earlier this month completed a 400-mile canoe descent of the Brazilian Amazon’s storied Rio Roosevelt.

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Trade Talks: Delta 12S


In this installment of Trade Talks, C&K recently caught up with Ted Keyes at the 2013 Summer Outdoor Retailer to talk about the new Delta kayak, the 12S.

Look Good to Feel Good


Knowing how to paddle is always good, but knowing what to wear for the water can mean the difference between an uncomfortable experience and a great time.

Clutch Kayak Rescue


During their quest for the summer of stouts in Washington State, the Demshitz crew faced some epic moments in and out of their boats on the whitewater. Here’s a video of one of the more intense swims, right above Hamma Hamma.

The Summer of Stouts


We caught up with team member David Fusilli after their latest video “Demshitz tours Washington’s Stouts” released last Friday. The team found themselves in Washington running—and sometimes swimming—the best whitewater the state had to offer.

Return of the Duct Tape Kayak


The same three friends are back, this time with a better duct tape kayak design and a fundraising effort for another cause.

Draw the Line


On July 27, river enthusiasts from across the Northwest gathered on the Columbia River to transform their tiny paddle-powered crafts into powerful tools for protest. The Portland chapter of Rising Tide organized over 800 people for a non-violent direct action on the Columbia River called Summer Heat. The figurative line along the Interstate 5 bridge stated a simple message: end fossil fuel exports from the Columbia River Gorge.

Trade Talks: Cobra Lightweight Series


In this installment of Trade Talks, OR, C&K recently caught up with Wayne Jackson at the 2013 Smmer Outdoor Retailer to talk about their new Cobra kayaks, the Super Light Series.

Trade Talks: Pack Element Canoe


In this installment of Trade Talks, OR, C&K caught up with Mark Hall of Kayak Distribution at the 2013 Smmer Outdoor Retailer to talk about Old Town’s new canoe the Pack Element.

Hasta Luego, Royalex Canoe


In early August, Avon Lake, announced that it is closing its plants and ceasing production of Royalex, ending the era of Royalex canoes.

Fuel Right to Paddle Hard


Canadian Olympian Thomas Hall offers tips on how to eat for peak paddling performance. Experimenting on what and when to eat during the safe training times can make the difference on a long trip or competition.

Community Canoe


What better way to use old canoes than by recycling them into gardens in the heart of downtown Toronto?

Rules of the Road for Paddlers


The US Coast Guard has teamed up with Canoe & Kayak to offer tips for staying safe on the water. This month’s installment explores how to paddle around ships in main rivers and harbors.

Growing the Lozer Community


Entering its third race of the season, the Lozer Cup season grows New England’s whitewater culture.

Boating Basics 101


This tutorial is for those interested in paddling, but have never Here are some of the very basic things to know in order to put on the water safely and know a little about what to do for your very first day in the boat.



C&K correspondent Chris Gragtmans takes us inside his recent multi-day run of California’s Upper Cherry Creek, offering nuggets of packing advice to intrepid multi-day expedition paddlers.

Many Miles to Go


A look at the 2013 running of the cross-Missouri MR 340, where a new division record went down as 526 racers ventured out in the Midwest’s massive 340-mile, multi-craft, multi-day endurance event.

The Hendri Coetzee Memoir


African river explorer Hendri Coetzee ’s posthumous memoir is now available for pre-order. “Living the Best Day Ever” is compiled from Coetzee’s extensive journals and blogs, written in the explorer’s distinctive, no-holds-barred style.

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