Destination: The Green River’s Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons

Most of the Southwest’s canyon floats involve serious whitewater. What makes this section of the Green River perfect for sinking into “River Time” is that it dives deep into that rock-wall dimension, but the current stays benign the entire route, a no-brainer for open canoes or touring kayaks. The other draw is that the potential […]

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Brooks Range Tension 30: Lightweight Protection


I admit I was dubious at first. The fabric is so lightweight, and the single-pole design seemed sketchy. Yes, it is seductively light (less than 2.5 lbs.) and very compact for a tent with 30 sq. ft. of floor space, but I worried how it would stand up to rough ground, wind, weather. Then I […]

Big Agnes Scout Plus: A Minimalist Treasure


Looking for feather-weight, tiny stuff sack shelter? This might be it. At a trail weight under 2 lbs., this single-wall pup tent design is compelling for trips where compact, lightweight gear is a premium – think packraft expeditions or small-hatch kayak journeys.

Wilderness Readings for the Drybag


I had never been able to find a wilderness compilation of this sort, so I was motivated by the fact that what I was creating would be unique and, hopefully, of real interest to folks in the outdoors community.

Wallace Stegner’s Wilderness Letter and the Geography of Hope


BY PAGE STEGNER In 1960, David Pesonen was helping prepare a report to Congress on the crisis of overuse in the nation’s parks and recreation areas. Fearing that the idea of wilderness would be sapped of its power by a report bogged down in bureaucratic details, Pesonen solicited the help of my father, novelist and […]

Good Times at Lumpy Waters 2014


C&K’s online editor gets schooled at the Lumpy Waters Sea Kayak Symposium in Oregon.

Paddle to D.C. Dispatches III: Upstream Travel advice


Dave and Amy Freeman, in the midst of Paddle to D.C., a 100-day, 2,000-mile journey by water from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., in order to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide ore mining, share tips on upstream travel.

Wave Sport Mobius Review


Designed by math, made for excellence the Wave Sport Mobius a kayak in which both experts and novices could excel.

Ultimate senior project: the custom kayak


“Having put in the work to make it a reality and having felt the effort that went into every fiber makes the boat that much more special for me.” — Quinn Connell, who recently paddled his way to an engineering degree at Dartmouth, using an independent study to learn the pitfalls and rewards of crafting a custom composite freestyle kayak.

Destination: Florida’s Suwannee River


Forget the frenzy of Miami, the spring break throngs, the crowded beaches and glitz. On the Suwannee, settle into a week or more of original Florida.

Behind the Lens: Aerial Photography by Chris Schmid


I like to shoot from this bird eye perspective; it gives some aspects and angles that people aren’t used to seeing, and allows me to play with the shadows and shapes of the environment.

Rides: A. Roy Curtis’ Current Designs Gulfstream


I’m a passionate paddler, but I’m not a professional, expert paddler. The Gulfstream fits my life perfectly. It manages to be both fluid and solid. The designer said it dances, and it does.

Paddle to D.C. Dispatches II: Superior Paddling Destinations


Dave and Amy Freeman, are in the midst of Paddle to D.C., a 100-day, 2,000-mile journey by water from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., in order to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide ore mining.

Sickline Photos: Two Champions Repeat at the 2014 Extreme Race


Both defending champions held onto their titles at this year’s Sickline extreme kayak race in Austria. Joe Morley from Leeds, Great Britain, put down the fastest line for the men and Nouria Newman of France once again dominated on the female side. Last year, Morley exploded onto the scene when he upset three-time Sickline champion, […]

Digital Feature: FUEL’S GOLD


Paddling through American’s hydro-fracking boom at the high-plains confluence of Big Oil and Big Muddy.

Unbroken: Daniel Fox’s Close Call at Sea


A couple of times, I had the visual of being behind glass. You’re screaming, but nobody can see you or hear you. You’re in a different dimension.

The Art of Skook


Marty Perry from The Hurricane Riders, a Vancouver, B.C.-based crew of sea kayak instructors and longboat limit-pushing paddlers at large, checks in with C&K on the team’s latest film project to share with the ocean kayaking world brought back from the storied tidal narrows at Skookumchuck.

Destination: The Quetico Canoe Country


When Americans think of prime canoe country, they think Boundary Waters. And they’re right. But why stop at the border? Crossing into Ontario, starting with Quetico, opens an unlimited wealth of canoe country. This is what the Boundary Waters are justly famous for, only less crowded, less regulated, and with more options. This is not […]

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