Week in Review: December 19, 2014

Bear Grylls on surfing the Ottawa River: “If he capsizes…he might not survive.” A little over-the-top? Maybe, but Devyn Scott sure is good at what he does Kayak launch fail. This shouldn’t be so difficult Sometimes the third time isn’t the charm La Garganta del Diablo, The Throat of the Devil Aptly named and over […]

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PADDLING CLUBS – We need your help


Paddling Club members, We are updating our website at Canoe and Kayak (www.canoekayak.com). We are improving our site and making it more timely and interesting. We are also trying to make it more useful to our readers and we have many newbie paddlers that check out our site looking on information on how to get […]

July 2005 Table of Contents


This latest issue of Canoe & Kayak is on sale now. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or paddling shop, or subscribe today! ON THE COVER Ken Whiting explores the west coast of Vancouver Island during the making of his latest video The Ultimate Sea Kayaking Guide Cover Photo by Jock Bradley FEATURES […]

Drilling in National Seashore?


The amendment codifies Mississippi’s claim to mineral rights under federal lands and allows drilling for natural gas under the Gulf Islands National Seashore — a thin necklace of barrier islands that drapes the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. As a preliminary step to drilling, the rider permits seismic testing, which involves detonating sound-wave explosions […]

Teva Mountain Games


The country’s largest adventure sports, art and music festival, the fourth annual Teva Mountain Games is now history. The festival featured over 1,000 of the world’s best outdoor athletes competing for over $60,000 in prize money in 7 adventure sports. The big news in the kayaking events was the victory of Eric Jackson in the […]



by Dennis Stuhaug The hardest distance you’ll travel on any canoe or kayak trip is that few hundred meters between your car and the water’s edge. Sure, you’ll experience some white-knuckle time on the water, and on more than a few trips you’ll ache from the pull of the paddle and the glare of the […]

Pat Keller runs Toxaway Falls


Ever approached 50 MPH in a whitewater kayak? As Pat Keller can attest, it’s not easy to do without some help from that worst enemy of rock climbers known as gravity. Keller last March set out to run Toxaway Falls, an 85-foot sliding descent located in the southwest corner of North Carolina. He’d been eyeing […]

Reno River Festival 2005 – Final Report


VIEW MORE RENO RIVER FESTIVAL PHOTOS The Second Annual Reno River Festival solidified its reputation as a premier boating event, bringing some of the world’s top boaters together for some intense paddling on the Truckee River’s multimillion dollar whitewater playpark. Over 20,000 people watched from the shore and millions more tuned in to the Fox […]

Fastest Kayak Crossing of English Channel


Tordoff, a resident of Huntingdon in Chester, managed to shave an incredible 11 minutes from the old record of 3 hours and 33 minutes for crossing from Fokestone Beach to Wisant Beach in France, which had stood since 1976. A delighted Tordoff was thrilled with his marathon feat. “To beat the old record has been […]

DAY 3: Jacksons Still Celebrating


We woke up this morning and saw gray skies covering the city. After two nights of partying and gambling, some of the boaters weren’t exactly feeling sunny, either. One exception, however, was the Jackson family. EJ outduled local hero “All Day” Jay Kincaid in the final round of last night’s professional rodeo competition. The defending […]

Day Two Rocks Reno


DAY 2 EVENTS After another night paying ‘the Man’ for the bright lights and lethal fluids of Reno another gorgeous sunny day dawns here in whitewater utopia. The Reno Fiver Festival is not just fun on the river…there is much more to see on do on the shore. There are the hourly clinics (all day […]

Confluence Buys WaterMark


Two of the paddlesports industry’s largest companies are coming together, as Confluence Holdings announced today (May 12, 2005) that it has signed an agreement to acquire the water sports division assets of WaterMark. The agreement does not include WaterMark’s land sports division, which includes Yakima roof racks and accessories. Industry veteran Richard Feehan has been […]

Reno Whitewater Festival 2005


DAY ONE: I’m impressed. That’s easy to do–after all, I think it’s special when you get a napkin at dinner. But Reno’s Truckee River Whitewater Park is truly remarkable. Forget the fact that I staggereed down to see the park for the first time at about 6:30 this morning–after wandering past all the casinos, of […]

International Whitewater Hall of Fame


Canoe & Kayak Magazine is one of several organizations who have been asked to make nominations to the International Whitewater Hall of Fame, and we’d like your help! Who do you think deserves recognition for their contributions to the sport of whitewater paddling? Why? Here are the categories for which we can make nominations: Pioneer […]

Wilderness-Tripping Canoes


When choosing a tripping canoe, it’s easy to get so caught up in the design of the boats that consideration of the best construction material for the intended use can be somewhat shortchanged. Canoes can be built from a surprisingly wide variety of materials, including some you may not even be aware of without doing […]

Canoeing the Soper River Valley


“Any landing is a good landing!” our bush pilot hollers above the clamor as his heavily loaded twin-engine Otter hits the 150-yard scrap of tundra runway hard, bouncing repeatedly before screeching to a halt. Just moments ago, the rest of us-five tense, hushed passengers-snugged up our seatbelts and braced for one of those moments that […]

Molokai Surf Ski Race


Heading into the final leg of a 34-mile relay race in the waters of Kauai, Australian Rod Taylor overtook the third-place boat and handed me a lead. “Bring it home, mate!” he shouted as I raced off. The wind was howling; the swell, frighteningly big-at least for a flatwater paddler just off the plane from […]

River Cleanup Project


Photos from the River Cleanup Project

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