From the Gallery: Southbound

From the May 2013 C&K photo gallery: Photo by Darin McQuoid. Rok Sribar exits the last of the Rio Baker’s three canyons. This Class V classic is world-renowned for its huge rapids, waves and blue-green Andean meltwater. It has also been a coveted target of dam builders and the center of an international debate in […]

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Canoe & Kayak Readers Choice Awards


Who do you think makes the best canoe? Sea kayak? Whitewater kayak? What’s your favorite paddling town? We want to know! It’s time for you, the paddling public, to make your voice heard on a variety of topics. To vote, fill out the form below and click “Submit.” Results will be posted online and in […]

Paddling Club Threatened


The Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club, a direct descendant of the Yonkers Canoe Club, founded in 1886, is being threatened with eviction from its home on the Hudson River by its landlord, Westchester County. Here’s a letter by the club’s commodore, Bob Morrow, about the issue. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t […]



Break out the formal wear and sandals. On June 5, American Whitewater (AW) celebrates 50 years of fighting for river access and conservation with a fund-raising dinner gala at The Lodge At Vail in Vail, Colorado. The event will be an opportunity for anyone involved in whitewater canoeing or kayaking over the last 50 years […]

Low-Brace Lowdown


One of the most valuable strokes for any boater is the low brace. Here are two ways to use it: to maintain stability in a rapid, and to move around in a hole. Because the low brace is seldom practiced, it may not feel “normal” or reliable. All it takes is repetition to build your […]

Folding Kayak Phenomenon


While people tend to think of folding kayaks in monolithic terms, they are now coming in all shapes and sizes. The batch of eight folding kayaks in this review underscores this phenomenon. The kayaks were picked for review because they are all relatively new models that have come out in the last few years. They […]

Clean Water


Paddlers have to be mighty concerned about the quality of the water they paddle through these days. After improving from the 1970s to the late 1990s, America’s water quality peaked in 1998 and is on a steep decline. According to the environmental Protection Agency’s national inventory, rivers and streams with “good” water quality fell from […]

Kayaks for Kids


From the perspective of a specialty paddlesports retailer in the Mid-Atlantic region, I would like to comment on one aspect of our business. We, as an industry, have come to the consensus that in order to survive, much less thrive, in the face of competition, not only from other outdoor sports, but from the ever-increasing […]



At began at Canoecopia while I was chatting with Larry Laba, CEO of SOAR Inflatables. He had a bone to pick with my book, Expedition Canoeing, which included practically every type of canoe except his inflatable canoe. I listened quietly and promised to try one. Someday. That day came sooner than expected when Laba received […]

Tune-Up Your Kayaking Duds


When the paddling season gets under way, take part of a sunny morning and do a quick maintenance check of your paddling clothes. At least for those of us in the cooler climates, the paddling clothing we wear to protect us from the sun, wind, and water is probably a larger investment over time than […]

The Belt and Suspenders Approach


Earlier this year, I was privileged to join a canoe trip that was sponsored by Bell Canoe Works. Notable personalities included world-class photographer Bob Firth, celebrity canoe designer David Yost, and our own C&K editor Robin Stanton. High-tech gear–abundantly supplied by Marmot and PUR–ensured that everyone would be warm, dry, and in command. The conversation […]

Kayak Workshop: PFD Outfitting


We all want to fine-tune our gear to meet our needs, but is tinkering with a PFD a good idea?

Paddlers Prepare for Olympics


American paddlers hoping to compete in the 2004 Olympics this August in Athens, Greece, face a grueling preparation period with lots of uncertainty over the next few months. It’s compounded by financial difficulties that have left the supporting organization, USA Canoe/Kayak, working overtime to raise much-needed cash coming into an expensive competition season. Despite the […]

Whitewater Kayak Basics: How to Buy A Whitewater Kayak


New school, old school, creek boat, play boat – how on earth can you sort them all out? We’ll help, with this introduction to whitewater kayaks from the 2004 Canoe & Kayak Buyer’s Guide.

What to Wear Kayaking and Canoeing


What you wear paddling is important. What you should wear depends on the paddling environment and the likelihood of taking an unexpected swim.

Review – Personal Locator Beacons


There are moments in the lives of many paddlers when things come perilously close to going wrong. It might be a sudden offshore wind that threatens to send you to another country, a set of rapids whose difficulty you somehow misjudged, or a capsize into freezing water that leaves you unable to function. Proper training, […]

2004 Buyer’s Guide


The Canoe & Kayak Magazine 2004 Buyer’s Guide is on sale now, with prices and specs on more than 3,000 boats, paddles, and PFDs. You’ll also find information on how to choose the right canoe or kayak for you, the latest whitewater designs, picking a paddle, fitting a PFD, and what’s new in inflatables. Elsewhere […]

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide