Goods for the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

A look at C&K Editor-at-Large Alan Kesselheim’s packing list for his summer sojourn on the portage-studded 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail route from New York to Maine.

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2004 Buyer’s Guide


The Canoe & Kayak Magazine 2004 Buyer’s Guide is on sale now, with prices and specs on more than 3,000 boats, paddles, and PFDs. You’ll also find information on how to choose the right canoe or kayak for you, the latest whitewater designs, picking a paddle, fitting a PFD, and what’s new in inflatables. Elsewhere […]

Rumble in the Jungle


All night long, a light rain taps on my tent, the damp, cooler-than-usual Honduran evening prompting me to pull my fleece blanket up around my chin. I wake intermittently as the hours roll on, listening to strange nocturnal sounds: the buzz and drone of insects, the metallic clicking of frogs, the mysterious bell-like whistles and […]

Tundra and Taiga


Bob Schaefer lowered his field glasses and announced, “I don’t see any shore lead. “We trudged off a hill overlooking ice-choked Kamilukuak Lake and back to our canoes at the edge of Nowleye. Being stopped “cold” had not been in the trip planning. Time to talk. Three of us, with collective Canadian wilderness paddling experience […]

Walden Kayaks


Ayer, Massachusetts – Jeffrey DeSantis and Bill Hearn have bought Walden Kayaks from Hardigg Industries. DeSantis and Hearn are devoted to the mission of Walden Kayaks: helping people discover the pleasures of kayaking while preserving the outdoors for future generations. Production is continuing at the Walden Kayak manufacturing facility in Ayer, Massachusetts. Jeffrey DeSantis, new […]

Canoe Camping with Kids


Canoe camping is a great way to introduce your kids to the great outdoors, and to the sport you love, but things change when you add little ones to the equation. – Know first aid and how to prevent accidents. – Make sure everyone is well fed, rested, and warm at all times. – Cook […]

Debunking the Tippy Canoe Myth


If you worry that a canoe is too unstable, applying these pointers will replace your anxiety with confidence.

Start with Number One


Knowing and practicing your rescues is an integral part of safe and enjoyable sea kayaking. When you are confident in your (and your companions’) rescue ability, you can relax and have fun. When conditions deteriorate, you will appreciate the fact that the people you are with have the ability to rescue themselves and others. There […]

Taking the Kids Canoeing


Life on the water changes when children are added to the equation. Once we accept that hard truth, we can move into the practical phase of figuring out exactly how to meet the outfitting challenges posed by taking children canoeing.

Cartopping Your Kayak


While it’s nice to have a friend to help carry boats as well as to paddle with, you can solo lift your boat and carry it on your shoulder. When you lift your boat to your shoulder, be careful to protect yourself from a back injury. Start by bending your knees slightly and sliding the […]

What to Wear Paddling: Dress for Your Sport


What you wear paddling is important. What you should wear depends on the paddling environment and the likelihood of taking an unexpected swim.

How to Choose the Right Paddling School For You


The best advice any beginning paddler should take is to learn the skills before going for the thrills. This applies to all branches of the paddlesports tree. The best way to learn the basics is to attend a paddling school, but choosing the best school for you can seem like a daunting task. The first […]

Picking a Kayak Paddle


These days, the kayak world is broadly divided into whitewater and touring boats, outfitted with the appropriate paddles. Whitewater Paddles Most whitewater paddles have the blades offset, or feathered, between 30 and 90 degrees, and will have right-hand control, which means that when you rotate the shaft between dips of the offset blades, your right […]

Paddling PerfectionBritish Columbia’s Barkley Sound


What makes the perfect destination for the perfect sport ? Paddling, meaning sea kayaking and canoeing, is the perfect sport: a rare combination of exploration, local knowledge, intuition, skill, and muscle combined with the love of beautiful boats, good friends, elegant camping, and wilderness on water. And the perfect destination? Tops on everyone’s list is […]

No Place Better


It’s another perfect day in paradise: 73 degrees, a light onshore breeze, and mostly sunny–a terrific day for a paddle! I contemplate my options from buff-colored cliffs overlooking the deep-blue Pacific that stretches infinitely westward. Shall I join the surfers riding smooth-faced waves that sparkle in the sunshine, explore the rock gardens and kelp beds […]

Moisie River


The Moisie was my coming-of-age trip, some 25 years ago. It was my first major canoe expedition. It came early in my paddling learning curve, before I was aware of such things as spray decks. And in the first days, it included a near-death capsize of our companion boat during an open-water crossing. To say […]



One of the best things about canoeing is the opportunity it provides to explore a wide variety of waterways and wild landscapes. This notion was reinforced last October when I went on two separate canoe trips within a two-week period. The first outing was on the Hanford Reach section of the Columbia River in central […]



The lake was glass-calm, the fog impenetrably thick. Just a minute earlier, my four companions-Cliff Jacobson, Tryon Lindabury, Jim Mandle, and Don Morris-were all paddling ahead of me in their sleek solo canoes, but when I stopped to take their photo, poof! they were gone, swallowed by the pearly mist swirling over the water. I […]

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide