Inside the Green Race Pre-Party: All the Smack-Talking Highlights

The second installment in our 2014 “Voices of the Green” series. C&K correspondent Scott McCleskey did some on-the-ground reporting at the halloween pre-race party last night. Here’s what he found: Mario Levinson and Mary Jackson: The couple favored to win this year’s longboat event Benn Fraker: “You run that Gorilla enough times in one of […]

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Most paddlers don’t have much patience because they are behind schedule, are too macho, or have a false sense of security. But here are some examples of how patience pays: BEHIND SCHEDULE: The wind was blowing bloody murder when we arrived at Otter Lake (Fond du Lac River, Saskatchewan), so we put ashore to wait […]

Old Man River


Paddling down a river in the very early hours of daylight can be a sacred experience. It’s a time when fog clings loosely to the water’s surface, reducing the far bank to a gray form silhouetted beyond the vapors. It’s a time when the humblest of streams or the mightiest of rivers seems to reveal […]

C&K Honored


Canoe & Kayak Magazine won two prestigious Maggie Awards at the 53rd annual awards ceremony, held April 23 in Los Angeles. Presented by the Western Publications Association, Maggie Awards recognize excellence in magazine publishing west of the Mississippi River. Among 1,700 entrants, five Canoe & Kayak titles were selected as finalists in four different categories. […]

Fiji Adventure Cruise


The Tui Tai is stocked with kayaks, and we spent one afternoon kayaking up the Nasekawa, a tropical river studded with birds and lush vegetation. We encountered two women fishing from a bilibili, the traditional Fijian bamboo raft. One woman was poling the raft up the river, while the other snorkeled alongside with a fishing […]

Late-Bloomer Boomer


If you’ve ever driven roads where rivers come down from the mountains, you’ve probably seen them, in those little plastic boats that look like jelly beans and move like jitterbuggers–whitewater kayakers. If, like me, you couldn’t resist pulling over at a bridge and watching, you may have asked yourself, “Could I learn to do that?” […]

Learn to Drive a Truck


It’s your first trip down a wild Canadian river. You expect big rapids, large lakes, and long portages. You judge yourself capable in intermediate-level (Class II-III) rapids. Beyond that, things get scary fast. Question: Which of these methods would better improve your skills? A. Enroll in a whitewater canoe class. You’ll learn to run big […]

We’re Talkin’ Texas


As a northerner intent on seeing central Texas’s famed Hill Country from the cockpit of a kayak, I felt like I had to relearn the English language before I reached my destination. It’s not that Texans speak especially poorly or have accents too thick to understand, it’s just that this particular area is notable for […]

I Dream of Fiji


When you paddle with Warren in Fiji, it’s always downwind! That’s how I had planned to start this story about a multisport trip to Fiji, but that was before I met the children of Malake Village, who touched my heart with their warmth and playfulness. That was before I met mountain guides Kali and Poli, […]

Get Your Feet Wet


Paddlers are always dipping their toes into the sometimes cold, sometimes murky, sometimes clear and turquoise waters where they set float for adventure, exploration, and relaxation. That’s what paddlers do-they get their feet wet. In any sport, having the right gear is an essential component of a good experience. This includes paddling. Canoeists and kayakers […]

Jay Kincaid


Jay Kincaid, 26, is the 2003 World Freestyle Kayak Champion and the 2001 U.S. National Freestyle Kayak Champion. He now lives in Reno, NV, where he is a consultant and athletic representative for the new Truckee River Whitewater Park at Wingfield. He’s on the road right now, and has just won the rodeo at the […]

Destination Guide 04 Editor’s Note


A few years ago, the Billy Graham Crusade wanted the evangelist’s followers to give more thought to the great hereafter and used an advertising campaign that asked, “Where do you want to go tomorrow?” Clearly this was a tongue-in-cheek parody of the well-known Microsoft slogan “Where do you want to go today?” The software giant, […]

Destination Guide 04


This new annual publication from Canoe & Kayak Magazine features classic paddling destinations from all across North America. Destination Guide ON THE COVER With the rising sun, Mt. Baker, the San Juan Islands, and the U.S. border behind them, two kayakers greet the day in the Canadian Gulf Islands. By Joel Rogers Editor’s Note ORDER […]

The New Destination Guide is Here!


Not since Navin R. Johnson’s phone book arrived the 1979 movie The Jerk has there been such anticipation for a publication’s arrival. The premier issue of Canoe & Kayak‘s Destination Guide recently hit newsstands around the country. C&K Editor Ross Prather talks about putting the whole thing together. C&K: So this is the first time […]

Bowron Lake Provincial Park, BC


As darkness invaded the forest, the haunting cry of a loon shot across Indianpoint Lake and then ricocheted off the mountains. Hairs prickled on the back of my neck. It was my first night in British Columbia’s Bowron Lake Provincial Park. Over the next week, I’d hear the call of the loon frequently. Each time, […]

Milk River, AB


As if battling a stiff prairie wind and pushy current weren’t difficult enough, we had to outmaneuver a territorial cow smack-dab in the middle of Alberta’s Milk River. “We’re going left … no, right … no, left!” I yelled at my friend Anette. If she hadn’t already focused on the large bovine we were about […]

Teslin River, YT


The summer-no sweeter was ever; The sunshiny woods all athrill; The grayling aleap in the river, The bighorn asleep on the hill. The strong life that never knows harness; The wilds where the caribou call; The freshness, the freedom, the farness- O God! how I’m stuck on it all. Robert Service “The Spell of the […]

Queen Charlotte Islands, BC


We had entered a different world, one of mystery and richness, as we paddled eastward toward the Cumshewa Inlet, off the coast of Moresby Island. En route, we passed a small rocky island with a tuft of wind-scoured trees that was home to numerous bald eagles. They watched us slowly paddle beneath them, and we […]

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