Week in Review: October 17, 2014

How not to launch your boat, blind kayakers finish Grand Canyon, scary kayak spelunking and more

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More U.S. Boats Advance


Aug. 24, ATHENS – The wind was again a factor in Tuesday’s flatwater sprint canoe/kayak races in Schinias. The second day of qualifying heats saw the wind whip across the lake causing delays in start times due to problems getting boats into the starting block. The choppy water also resulted in a boat tipping over […]

Kayaking With Whales


“Just a little bit closer,” I whisper to myself. A puffin nearly fills the entire viewfinder of my camera. Finally, after spending all morning drifting closer to the shy seabirds, I’m about to get a good photo. Just as I press the shutter-release button, I feel the back of my kayak being lifted out of […]

Sprint Boats Advance


Aug. 23, ATHENS – On a windy day in Schinias, all four American boats advanced to the semifinals on the first day of flatwater sprint canoe/kayak qualifying heats at the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre. In a tough field of competition, Benjie Lewis (Aventura, Fla.) moves on to Wednesday’s semifinals in the men’s K-1 1,000m […]

Parsons Finishes Sixth


Aug. 20, ATHENS, – Scott Parsons (Sylvania, Ohio) just sneaked into the finals of the whitewater slalom men’s K-1 (one-person kayak) final on Friday but moved his way up to a sixth place finish at the 2004 Olympic Games. For athlete bios and more on the Olympics, check the official team page, www.usacanoekayak.org, or Davey […]

Slalom Men Advance to Semis


Aug. 19, ATHENS, Greece – All four U.S. men who competed in Thursday’s qualifying runs in whitewater slalom canoe/kayak made it through to the semifinals on Friday. The C-2 (two-person canoe) duo of Matt Taylor (Atlanta, Ga.) and Joe Jacobi (Ducktown, Tenn.) finished sixth after two runs on the artificial whitewater course at the Helliniko […]

Men’s Turn Now


Aug. 18, ATHENS, Greece – Competition in the men’s C-2 and K-1 whitewater slalom canoe/kayak competition kicks off Thursday at the Helliniko Sports Complex. The duo of Joe Jacobi (Ducktown, Tenn.) and Matt Taylor (Atlanta, Ga.) start the C-2 race at 10:20 a.m. Athens time, or 12:20 a.m. Pacific time, 3:20 a.m. Eastern time. Jacobi […]

Giddens Wins Silver


Aug. 18 , ATHENS, Greece – Rebecca Giddens won a silver medal in whitewater slalom Wednesday, the first U.S. medal in Olympic canoe/kayak events since 1996. She’s sharing her joy with those who’ve supported her along the way. “I feel like I should break it up into a ton of pieces and give it to […]

It’s the MIstakes that Make the Difference


Aug 17, ATHENS – There are many sports in which victory is determined by who makes the fewest mistakes. Rebecca Giddens and Chris Ennis know that whitewater slalom is one of them. In preliminary rounds, the main objective to to avoid big mistakes and paddle good enough to move on. Our two American competitors in […]

Living on Spongecake


Aug. 17 – Part of the traditional color of whitewater racing venues around the world is the collection of names paddlers give to various drops, holes, and other features that have a distinct character. The brand new Olympic course in Athens, as a just finished artificial course lacks this colorful descriptive vernacular. Well leave it […]

Giddens in Fifth Today


Aug. 17, ATHENS, Greece – Rebecca Giddens (Green Bay, Wis.) placed fifth in the women’s K-1 slalom canoe/kayak qualifying race Tuesday and will advance to the semifinals Wednesday. Semifinals may be broadcast live on NBC starting around 12:35 a.m. Eastern time, or 9:35 p.m. Tuesday Pacific time. With a clean penalty-free first run, Giddens completed […]

Olympic Links


Canoe/Kayak TV Schedule: TV Schedule NBC’s Canoe/Kayak site: www.nbcolympics.com/canoekayak/index Davey Hearn’s Web Site: www.daveyhearn.com Chris Ennis Racing: www.chrisennisracing.com Joe Jacobi and Matt Taylor: www.canoeracer.com.

Watch the Olympics on TV


The first canoe/kayak events to be broadcast are the men’s and women’s single whitewater slalom competitions, between 12:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. E.T. Tuesday, Aug. 17, on NBC. The women’s K-1 gold medal finals will be broadcast live, at 12:35 a.m. Wednesday E.T. For more TV times, check NBC, www.nbcolympics.com, or the USA Canoe/Kayak Web […]

Kerry Calls


Aug. 15, ATHENS, Greece – Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for president of the United States, ( www.johnkerry.com) took time out from campaigning last weekend to wish the US whitewater slalom team success. Bill Endicott, team leader for the USA Canoe/Kayak whitewater slalom team, received the call Saturday night. Endicott, a former member of […]

Matt Taylor Could Be New Dad


Aug. 16, ATHENS, Greece – Matt Taylor, a member of the USA canoe/kayak team, has more to look forward to this summer than just his chance at a medal. He and his wife Kieran Cannistra are expecting a baby. She’s eight months pregnant and will arrive in Athens Tuesday afternoon. So what happens if Kieran […]

Slalom Competition


ATHENS, Greece – Olympic Canoe and Kayak events are getting started! Slalom paddler Chris Ennis will leave the start gate for his first event at 3:07am ET, Aug. 17. Rebecca Giddens paddles shortly thereafter at 4:00am ET. Check www.usacanoekayak.org for updates and results as soon as they are available. We’ll update this Web site as […]

August 2004 Issue Contents


This latest issue of Canoe & Kayak is on sale now. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or paddling shop, or subscribe today! FEATURES Reader Photos 2004 – It wasn’t easy, but we picked the winners for our annual reader photo contest, and they appear inside. Snake Bit – Summer turns to winter […]

Verlen Kruger Remembered


On August 2, 2004, the paddling world lost a legend. Verlen Kruger, arguably the greatest canoeist who ever lived, passed away after a long fight with prostate cancer. He was 82. Verlen’s canoeing accomplishments are widely known in the paddling community, but bear repeating since they are so remarkable. Over his 41-year canoeing career, this […]

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