Grand Canyon Alone

‘Why Rush Through Paradise’ explores the longest continuous wilderness river in the Lower 48 through the solo experience of paddler-filmmaker John Nestler, while weaving in the perspective of prominent Grand Canyon boaters.

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Tune-Up Your Kayaking Duds


When the paddling season gets under way, take part of a sunny morning and do a quick maintenance check of your paddling clothes. At least for those of us in the cooler climates, the paddling clothing we wear to protect us from the sun, wind, and water is probably a larger investment over time than […]

The Belt and Suspenders Approach


Earlier this year, I was privileged to join a canoe trip that was sponsored by Bell Canoe Works. Notable personalities included world-class photographer Bob Firth, celebrity canoe designer David Yost, and our own C&K editor Robin Stanton. High-tech gear–abundantly supplied by Marmot and PUR–ensured that everyone would be warm, dry, and in command. The conversation […]

Kayak Workshop: PFD Outfitting


We all want to fine-tune our gear to meet our needs, but is tinkering with a PFD a good idea?

Paddlers Prepare for Olympics


American paddlers hoping to compete in the 2004 Olympics this August in Athens, Greece, face a grueling preparation period with lots of uncertainty over the next few months. It’s compounded by financial difficulties that have left the supporting organization, USA Canoe/Kayak, working overtime to raise much-needed cash coming into an expensive competition season. Despite the […]

Whitewater Kayak Basics: How to Buy A Whitewater Kayak


New school, old school, creek boat, play boat – how on earth can you sort them all out? We’ll help, with this introduction to whitewater kayaks from the 2004 Canoe & Kayak Buyer’s Guide.

What to Wear Kayaking and Canoeing


What you wear paddling is important. What you should wear depends on the paddling environment and the likelihood of taking an unexpected swim.

Review – Personal Locator Beacons


There are moments in the lives of many paddlers when things come perilously close to going wrong. It might be a sudden offshore wind that threatens to send you to another country, a set of rapids whose difficulty you somehow misjudged, or a capsize into freezing water that leaves you unable to function. Proper training, […]

2004 Buyer’s Guide


The Canoe & Kayak Magazine 2004 Buyer’s Guide is on sale now, with prices and specs on more than 3,000 boats, paddles, and PFDs. You’ll also find information on how to choose the right canoe or kayak for you, the latest whitewater designs, picking a paddle, fitting a PFD, and what’s new in inflatables. Elsewhere […]

Rumble in the Jungle


All night long, a light rain taps on my tent, the damp, cooler-than-usual Honduran evening prompting me to pull my fleece blanket up around my chin. I wake intermittently as the hours roll on, listening to strange nocturnal sounds: the buzz and drone of insects, the metallic clicking of frogs, the mysterious bell-like whistles and […]

Tundra and Taiga


Bob Schaefer lowered his field glasses and announced, “I don’t see any shore lead. “We trudged off a hill overlooking ice-choked Kamilukuak Lake and back to our canoes at the edge of Nowleye. Being stopped “cold” had not been in the trip planning. Time to talk. Three of us, with collective Canadian wilderness paddling experience […]

Walden Kayaks


Ayer, Massachusetts – Jeffrey DeSantis and Bill Hearn have bought Walden Kayaks from Hardigg Industries. DeSantis and Hearn are devoted to the mission of Walden Kayaks: helping people discover the pleasures of kayaking while preserving the outdoors for future generations. Production is continuing at the Walden Kayak manufacturing facility in Ayer, Massachusetts. Jeffrey DeSantis, new […]

Canoe Camping with Kids


Canoe camping is a great way to introduce your kids to the great outdoors, and to the sport you love, but things change when you add little ones to the equation. – Know first aid and how to prevent accidents. – Make sure everyone is well fed, rested, and warm at all times. – Cook […]

Debunking the Tippy Canoe Myth


If you worry that a canoe is too unstable, applying these pointers will replace your anxiety with confidence.

Start with Number One


Knowing and practicing your rescues is an integral part of safe and enjoyable sea kayaking. When you are confident in your (and your companions’) rescue ability, you can relax and have fun. When conditions deteriorate, you will appreciate the fact that the people you are with have the ability to rescue themselves and others. There […]

Taking the Kids Canoeing


Life on the water changes when children are added to the equation. Once we accept that hard truth, we can move into the practical phase of figuring out exactly how to meet the outfitting challenges posed by taking children canoeing.

Cartopping Your Kayak


While it’s nice to have a friend to help carry boats as well as to paddle with, you can solo lift your boat and carry it on your shoulder. When you lift your boat to your shoulder, be careful to protect yourself from a back injury. Start by bending your knees slightly and sliding the […]

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide