Lefevre Gold at 2014 Slalom Worlds

Joe Potoczak Fabien Lefevre, the young French superstar turned American veteran, today won the 2014 C-1 world championship at home in his adopted country. It’s Lefevre’s seventh ICF world championship gold, but his first in C-1, and first as an American. “I had the crowd on my side, pushing me downstream,” Lefevre says. The roar […]

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Barton Wins Surfski Comp


Sept. 19 Greg Barton successfully defended his title of US Surfski champion at this year’s Ocean Paddlesports US Surfski Championship, held in San Francisco on September 18th. Over 100 of the United States’ best paddlers came together to vie for top honors. The field of athletes was very strong. In addition to Barton, a two-time […]

Cedar-Strip Canoe


As a paddler living in Red Wing, Minnesota, I have spent many enjoyable hours cruising the beautiful rivers and lakes located just a few miles from my home. Last winter, while the ice thickened and the snowflakes flew, I found myself once again dreaming of summer. Nothing unusual about that, but I wasn’t just thinking […]

Digital Cameras for Paddlers


Seated in my kayak, I peer into the shallows of a saltwater lagoon. The tide is out. Eelgrass drifts like smoke on the surface. On the bottom, a bulbous white moon snail plows through the sand. Digital camera in hand, I plunge my arm deep over the side until the snail looms large in the […]

Paddling Lapland


The last time I had traveled by helicopter, the pilot squeezed between Boston skyscrapers as we flew toward the barren islands in the city’s outer harbor. I was 13 years old, thrilled to be riding in a Plexiglas bubble where I could see the rippled water beneath my feet. Now, nearly 40 years later, I […]

Vote the Environment


Care about clean water, clean air, free-flowing rivers? Patagonia says vote for what you care about. Learn more at www.patagonia.com/vote. While politicos and public interest organizations court undecided voters and NASCAR Dads this election season, Patagonia, Inc., the outdoor gear and apparel company, has launched a national and regional voter registration and education campaign focused […]

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U.S. Out in Sprint Paddling


Aug. 26, ATHENS – Two fourth-place finishes on Thursday prevented any U.S. boat from advancing to the finals of the flatwater sprint canoe/kayak competition at the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre in Schinias. Only the top three in each semifinal race advance to Saturday’s finals. None of the four boats that competed in Wednesday’s semifinals […]

Some U.S. Boats Eliminated


Aug. 25, ATHENS – The pleasant weather and good wind conditions in Schinias Wednesday were not enough to help the U.S. flatwater sprint canoe/kayak boats move on to Friday’s finals. None of the four boats in the first day of semifinals advanced. The women’s K-4 500m team of Carrie Johnson (San Diego, Calif.), Kathy Colin […]

More U.S. Boats Advance


Aug. 24, ATHENS – The wind was again a factor in Tuesday’s flatwater sprint canoe/kayak races in Schinias. The second day of qualifying heats saw the wind whip across the lake causing delays in start times due to problems getting boats into the starting block. The choppy water also resulted in a boat tipping over […]

Kayaking With Whales


“Just a little bit closer,” I whisper to myself. A puffin nearly fills the entire viewfinder of my camera. Finally, after spending all morning drifting closer to the shy seabirds, I’m about to get a good photo. Just as I press the shutter-release button, I feel the back of my kayak being lifted out of […]

Sprint Boats Advance


Aug. 23, ATHENS – On a windy day in Schinias, all four American boats advanced to the semifinals on the first day of flatwater sprint canoe/kayak qualifying heats at the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre. In a tough field of competition, Benjie Lewis (Aventura, Fla.) moves on to Wednesday’s semifinals in the men’s K-1 1,000m […]

Parsons Finishes Sixth


Aug. 20, ATHENS, – Scott Parsons (Sylvania, Ohio) just sneaked into the finals of the whitewater slalom men’s K-1 (one-person kayak) final on Friday but moved his way up to a sixth place finish at the 2004 Olympic Games. For athlete bios and more on the Olympics, check the official team page, www.usacanoekayak.org, or Davey […]

Slalom Men Advance to Semis


Aug. 19, ATHENS, Greece – All four U.S. men who competed in Thursday’s qualifying runs in whitewater slalom canoe/kayak made it through to the semifinals on Friday. The C-2 (two-person canoe) duo of Matt Taylor (Atlanta, Ga.) and Joe Jacobi (Ducktown, Tenn.) finished sixth after two runs on the artificial whitewater course at the Helliniko […]

Men’s Turn Now


Aug. 18, ATHENS, Greece – Competition in the men’s C-2 and K-1 whitewater slalom canoe/kayak competition kicks off Thursday at the Helliniko Sports Complex. The duo of Joe Jacobi (Ducktown, Tenn.) and Matt Taylor (Atlanta, Ga.) start the C-2 race at 10:20 a.m. Athens time, or 12:20 a.m. Pacific time, 3:20 a.m. Eastern time. Jacobi […]

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