Why Rush Through Paradise?

Teaser for “Why Rush Through Paradise?” a film debuting next week on CanoeKayak.com, as contributor John Nestler spends 27 days alone exploring the Grand Canyon: the longest continuous wilderness river in the Lower 48.

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Indoor River


The Outside World has moved to a new location, and has built its own simulated river for paddlers to test boats and take classes. Check it out at the Spring Paddle Expo March 12 through 14. The new store, almost twice the size of the original store, is on Quill Drive in Dawsonville, Georgia, just […]

Reversing Falls


Ken Whiting’s got a busy life. Before spending a month in Chile–and after spending days in the water while filming his latest instructional video, Playboating with Ken Whiting (www.playboat.com)–he and a group of friends drove to New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy to paddle Reversing Falls, a natural phenomenon caused by the interaction of the bay’s […]

Kayak Workshop–Camping Gear


It’s that time of year when warmer days invite us to take longer and more adventurous paddling trips. For many of us, overnight camping is part of the journey. Camping out of a kayak, like other lightweight forms of camping, can be made easier by choosing gear and techniques that make chores quick and easy. […]

Awe, Canada


The Slave River ambles slowly northward from Alberta’s Lake Athabasca, milk-chocolate brown with silt picked up as it crosses the Peace-Athabasca Delta. The river proceeds at a leisurely pace toward Great Slave Lake until reaching Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta, where the waters accelerate as they spill off the Canadian Shield. River-running legend has immortalized the stretch […]

Albuquerque Boating


Historic Route 66 runs through Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the Central Avenue Bridge, Route 66 crosses the Rio Grande, where local boaters get their kicks plying the muddy waters and bird-watching just west of Old Town. In Albuquerque, the Rio Grande is ideal for a canoe trip beneath the old cottonwoods, and to the northeast […]

Georgian Bay


It was 7 a.m. and the morning light cast a golden glow. Tall grass was covered in glistening dew, and the calm water was blanketed in fog. There was a peaceful silence as my partner and I ferried loads of supplies from the car to the shoreline. We packed with relative ease, then slipped into […]

Access Is Limited


If you think access to your favorite put-in or take-out is guaranteed forever, you had better reconsider. Private and public access areas across the United States that paddlers assumed would always be available are in danger of being shut down or restricted. Visit www.americanwhitewater.org to find out more. Jason Robertson, access director for American Whitewater, […]

Canadian Canoe Museum


How would you like to see the planet’s biggest birchbark canoe, a buckskin jacket owned by Pierre Trudeau, or thousands of other heritage canoe artifacts? The place to be is the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario. It’s the home of the world’s largest collection of historic canoes, kayaks, and related artifacts. But before you […]

Photo Contest


Send in your winning canoe or kayak photograph to the Canoe & Kayak magazine Reader Photo Contest! Deadline is April 1. The top three prize winners will receive merchandise worth $500, $250, and $100 from Pelican Products, the manufacturer of bomb-proof dry cases for cameras and other important gear. Winning entries will be published in […]

New Gear from Kayak Touring 04


The Amigo from Seda can be paddled solo, or open the big front hatch and find room for a second paddler. It’s 18 feet long and 25 inches wide, and weighs 50 pounds in Kevlar. $2,100; $2,650. (619) 336-2444; www.sedakayak.com. Bending Branches has introduced a new 12-laminate ergonomic bent-shaft wooden kayak paddle, and a new […]

Southern Streams


Head south for some terrific paddling opportunities this time of year. In Louisiana and in South Carolina, separate groups are helping paddlers explore their native water routes in February, March, and April. In Lousiana, Atchafalaya Paddle Trails, a trail-building nonprofit, is leading many trips in the Atchafalaya Basin in February, March, and April to survey […]

Malaysia Meltdown


Just three hours into a four-day adventure race in Malaysian Borneo called the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest, I emerged from the suffocating jungle after a long run, trudged to the transition zone on the beach, and collapsed like a fat man who’d just sprinted up 15 flights of stairs. Dazed and nauseated, I sponged ice […]

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Northwest Territories


SLAVE KAYAK LODGE “A wild, scary, beautiful place with more world class waves than you’ve ever dreamed of.” Come and explore the Slave River in Canada’s Northwest Territories with the Slave Kayak Lodge. Guided whitewater kayaking. Airfare. Accommodation. All your meals. Even the hot tub. We’re worth the trip. Call toll-free 866-588-3278 or visit our […]

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