Paddling the Mississippi River Alone

Armed with little more than an aluminum canoe, plastic paddle and budget PFD, Kev Brady of Gloucester, England, traveled to the source of the Mississippi River last year to undertake the trip of a lifetime. The 30-year-old Brit launched with little river running experience, braving snow storms, dodging shipping barges and perfecting his J-stroke over […]

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Northern Forest Canoe Trail


Imagine packing your supplies, stepping into your boat and pushing off. You paddle on scenic rivers, historic lakes and shimmering streams, winding your way through the New York’s Adirondacks. You’re surrounded by billowing hills, with quaint cabins plopped into the deep emerald fields that seem to roll straight to the clouds. Paddling on, you venture […]

Wave of Honor


With several courses under construction nationwide, 2006 will be a landmark year for whitewater-park development. None, however, is as inspirational as Brennan’s Wave, a $300,000 park being built on the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana. The park is a tribute to Brennan Guth, a local boater and founder of Tarkio Kayak Adventures, who died […]

Stoke for the Armchair Paddler


Most armchair thrill-ride videos make me glad I’m still in the armchair and not getting my sinuses flushed with seawater or my skull ground into a beach like a cigarette butt. As I get older, and increasingly injured, I find myself less interested in the wild moves of kayaks getting thrashed on tape than I […]

Gimme Shelter


The desire for adequate shelter is damned near primordial, a holdover from the cave days, when warm, dry, and secure lodging was up there with food and fire on the priority list. On a paddling trip, a dependable, functional, and even luxurious tent ranks alongside a sweet boat and good company. When a tent-door zipper […]

Reverse Sweeping in Whitewater Kayaking


There are times on the river when you want to stop traveling in one direction and head toward a new destination. Sometimes this happens because your boat has gotten knocked off line. Other times it is part of your plan. For example, if there are two obstacles that you need to go between, a solid […]

Sea Kayak Launching and Landing


This article first appeared in Canoe & Kayak Magazine June 2006
It’s embarrassing, but I fall in the water more often launching or landing, with everyone watching, than when I’m farther from shore. You too? These tips may help minimize your shoreline antics.

Canoe a Gentle River


This time of year nearly 30 years ago, an excited novice canoe paddler discovered the pleasure of floating a river. I remember the river and the trip. A sunny, warm day enhanced the magnificent mountain and meadow scenery. Each river bend added ner-vous energy, and loud riffling noise generated by shallow water raised images of […]

Portraits of Kayakers


My Brother’s Keeper When Simon Osborne says he didn’t really know what he was getting into when he decided to circumnavigate the United Kingdom, he means it. That the 26-year-old had never actually sea kayaked before only accentuated the urgent need for instruction from renowned kayaker Nigel Dennis. “Fortunately, he didn’t tell me to just […]

Versatile Canoes Reviewed


The lure of moving water seems to have moved the major canoe makers in 2006. All the models in this review focus on versatility, with three of the four advertising at least moderate whitewater capability. When hybrid bicycles came out years ago, they were neither pure road nor mountain, and with these boats there is […]



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Kayaking the Yangtze River


Every journey starts at the end. Only then do memories gradually emerge, slowly unfolding like a lotus blossom. Such was the case after our first commercial kayak descent on the Great Bend of the Yangtze River, in China’s Yunnan Province. For those of us on the trip, there was also the bittersweet realization that the […]

Jacksons Unstoppable in Rodeo Finals


VAIL, Colorado—We’ve seen it before in other sports. Michael Jordan in the NBA finals. Reggie Jackson in the World Series. And in freestyle kayaking, there’s no bigger gamer than Eric Jackson, no relation to the baseball star, but every bit as dominant-and talented. EJ, the 42-year-old world champion, had to mount something of a comeback […]

Canoe & Kayak, June 2006


On the cover – Tao Berman relishes life and everything about it. photo by: Jock Bradley FEATURES READER EXPOSURE Winners of the 2006 Canoe & Kayak Reader Photo Contest represent just a few of the emotions experienced by paddlers. Northern Actuary A would-be accountant weighs the assets and liabilities of a monthlong canoe trip on […]

Guadeloupe Kayaking


The small islands of Les Saintes form an archipelago about an hour-long ferry ride from Pointe–Pitre to Terre-de-Haut, one of the most beautiful bays on the planet. While tourists were rushing to rent scooters in the village, I eventually found a small kayak shop and escaped on waters a shade of blue I had never […]

Keller, Faux victorious in extreme creek race


VAIL, Colorado, June 1—It was a nearly flawless day in this stunning portion of the Rocky Mountains, but the low flow of Homestake Creek—site of the Teva Mountain Games creek race—was anything but perfect. But whitewater kayakers, being the hardy bunch they are, still managed to paddle the creek with a combination of skill and […]

Kayak Chorus Combines Chanting, Paddling


One hour before high tide in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, on Sunday, 20 singing kayakers will be at the heart of the premiere of Sandy Moore’s Kayak Chorus. Moore is a Nova Scotia composer who has had a summer home in Kingsport for 20 years and he’s a man who dreams big. His ultimate plan is […]

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