Expert Advice: Going Big on Lake Superior

Reader Kirk Sloan seeks and finds some expert feedback on his five-day kayaking trip itinerary from his first open-water overnight sea kayak expedition this summer to Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

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You can speak paddlesports like a pro with this glossary of common terms. Amidships – The area roughly in the center of the canoe lengthwise. Beam – The width of a canoe or kayak measured at the widest point. Bent-Shaft Paddle – A canoe paddle with a bend in the shaft, usually at its throat. […]

Baja Mexico Sea Kayaking Photos


If Disney designed a Kayaking World it would look an awful lot like Baja. Sparkling warm ocean waters, amazing wildlife and a myriad of islands to explore, spiced up with a little danger from ferocious wind storms.

Read an article about kayaking Baja

What Rafters Do in the Winter


What Rafters Do in the Winter – dream & plan.

Paddle Destination – Madison City, Wisconsin


By Matthew Magolan first appeared in October 2005 Canoe & Kayak The University of Wisconsin-Madison has been firmly ensconced in the upper echelon of Playboy’s Top 25 Party Schools for as long as the infamous magazine has been ranking institutions of higher learning. What more can be said about Madison after an endorsement like that? […]

Sea Kayaking Tangaroa


Additional Photos from the Polynesian island of Tangaroa – a Sea Kayaking article.

Sea Kayaking Tangaroa


Additional Photos from the Polynesian island of Tangaroa – a Sea Kayaking article.

Circumnavigation by Sea Kayak of Tangaroa


Story & Photographs by Michael Powers first appeared in Kayak Touring 2005 “Wasa Nui. WASA NUI,” Michael Venziano recited, smiling broadly at the cryptic words beneath a big breaking wave on a sign hanging from a small shop. “How’s that for a tribal name for our expedition?” We were wandering along the waterfront of Uturoa, […]

Advanced Paddling Technique


by Marty Grabijas first appeared in Kayak Touring 2005 A forward stroke is one of paddling’s “gifts.” Your first lesson in how to execute a forward stroke probably sounded something like, “Plant at your feet and pull on the paddle.” While that explanation got you moving forward, it would do little to help you make […]

High End Kayak Paddle Reviews


Here are the best of the best paddles that made it to our rigorous kayak paddle reviews list. They all offer something for everyone wanting to hit the water

Costa Rica World Kayak Surf Championships 2005


Photographs from this years World Kayak Surf Championships held in Costa Rica in November.

Photos by Vince Shay

Green Narrows Race


Tommy Hilleke won his fifth Green Narrows Race with a time of 4 minutes and 34 seconds, a new record for the race through Class IV and V whitewater.

December Issue Table of Contents


This latest issue of Canoe & Kayak is on sale now. It’s our 2006 Buyers Guide full of listings of all the gear in the paddling world. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or paddling shop, or subscribe today! ON THE COVER Any body of water is a great place to go paddle…especially […]

How to Pack Your Canoe


Coming Soon!

ACA Celebrates 125 Years


What’s happened in those 125 years? Here are 12.5 highlights: 1. First Call—The National Canoe Congress: A general convention of canoeists will be held at Caldwell, Warren County, NY – head of Lake George – August 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th, 1880, at which it is proposed to perfect the organization of a National Canoe […]

Have Canoe, Will Travel


by Rolf Kraiker Story first appeared in December 2005 issue Read more about Rolf’s Adventures at his websitewww.blazingpaddles.ca The old man on his way to the trash bin was obviously employed by the fast-food joint where we’d stopped for a coffee break. As he passed the space where my wife and I had parked our […]

Devon Barker – Top Woman Surfer at the Costa Rica World Championships


Devon Barker from McCall, Idaho, won the Women’s International Class Surf Championship at the Pura Vida World Surf Kayak Championships in Jaco, Costa Rica, in October. Barker shared her experience via e-mail, which covers several days of the competition: Dear Friends,I had a great comp in finals with two rides with steep green wave take […]

Lobster Fishing by Kayak


A ghostly apparition slowly emerged from the wisps of fog shrouding the darkness. As it approached, the indistinct figure gradually assumed the shape of a spectral kayaker. The night’s silence was pierced by the roar of storm surf crashing somewhere in the unseen distance. Was this some malevolent spirit? No, the hearty laugh and friendly […]

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