One Square Mile of Hope Event Sets New World Record

Above: World record by Hashtag. Check out the event’s Instagram photos tagged to #OneSquareMileofHope By Mike Lynch The One Square Mile of Hope breast cancer fundraiser looks like it has regained the Guinness World Record for the largest raft of canoes, kayaks and guide boats. Despite rain and 50-degree temperatures, more than 2,700 boats came […]

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Lobster Fishing by Kayak


A ghostly apparition slowly emerged from the wisps of fog shrouding the darkness. As it approached, the indistinct figure gradually assumed the shape of a spectral kayaker. The night’s silence was pierced by the roar of storm surf crashing somewhere in the unseen distance. Was this some malevolent spirit? No, the hearty laugh and friendly […]

Auction Supports Northern Forest Canoe Trail


To raise critical funds and promote their organizational mission, the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) is hosting a first-of-a-kind online auction from Nov. 1 – Dec. 9. Ideal for holiday shopping or picking up gear for next summer’s vacation, the NFCT auction will feature a unique collection of items including canoes, paddles, paddling accessories, lodging […]

Kayaking for Veterans Day


The BST&T Biathlon, which will consist of a four-mile run on the Capital Crescent Trail and a 1-mile paddle on the Potomac River, is being organized by Team River Runner, and Disabled Sports USA, two non-profit organizations that promote health and healing for wounded American service members through recreation programs. “We view this event as […]

Greatness Restored – New Hampshire’s Great Bay


by Craig Romano A Canoe & Kayak Web Exclusive New Hampshire’s seacoast is only 18 miles long, the smallest in the nation. However, Great Bay, the Granite State’s “inland sea,” is one of the largest estuaries in New England. Fed by seven rivers and containing almost 5,000 surface acres of water, Great Bay is rich […]

Dam Thoughtless


By Mara Kahn This article first appeared in Canoe & Kayak, December 2005. Ever paddled below a giant inflatable rubber dam? Neither have most of the citizens of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, but local officials are floating a proposal to build one across the Susquehanna River, creating a deep-water playground for powerboaters and other recreationists. Sounds like […]

Baja by Sea Kayak


by Tom Bol < first appeared in Canoe & Kayak Volume 31 “Seor, donde esta El Mar de Cortez?”Iaskthe stern-looking policia at the checkpoint. I see my pale reflection in his dark aviatorsunglasses as he leans against the side of my rusty old Toyota truck. The M16 slung over his shoulder is making me nervous; […]

Baja Seakayaking 101


By Ted Olingerfirst appeared in Issue 31 Baja (lower) California is a desert peninsula with nearly 2,000 miles of coastline and a jagged mountainous spine running most of its 800-mile length. The peninsula separated from the Mexican mainland along the San Andreas fault 12 million years ago, creating the Gulf of California, also called the […]

Kayak Fishing Forum Added


Talk about kayak fishing with your buddies here: Kayak Fishing Forum.

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Mitchell Paddles Stays In Family


Peter Mitchell, 26, has been involved with the company for most of his life and has worked there steadily since he graduated from college five years ago. “I’m really excited,” Peggy Mitchell said. “I know Peter has the production skills. I know he knows the product as well as we do-well, I don’t know if […]

Mosley Megadose


By Mike Kord first appeared in Canoe & Kayak August 2005 The boys from LVMVideo took some cameras down Mosley with them..check out the Mosley Creek video clip …“Combat Paddling at its finest!” We’ve all experienced it in one form or another, the unmistakable hole-in-the-gut feeling after you’ve made a horrible mistake—showing up for class […]

Profile – Rebecca Giddens


By Mike Kord How about a never-too-late shout-out to NBC for broadcasting the women’s K-1 event at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Viewers nationwide saw American Rebecca Giddens take home the silver medal, and her sheer joy and beaming smile made the moment all the more memorable. But for Giddens, there was more to it than […]

Paddle Swill- Leinenkugel’s Red


by Mike Kord first appeared in the May 2005 issue I once knew a guy who stayed at the same dead-end job because there was a great teriyaki place down the street from his office. The point is, sometimes you just have to unearth a positive to endure an unfortunate circumstance. I was inspired by […]

Pushing the Envelope


By Cliff Jacobsen A Canoe & Kayak web-exclusive North Knife River, Manitoba (July, 2005): The water is very high and shore-line eddies are washed out. It is 45 degrees and raining. A rocky island hides two killer falls that lie below. The right falls can be lined; the left must be portaged. The river runs […]

Paddle Swill- Maudite Ale


The Web site for Quebec brewer Unibroue suggests serving its Maudite Ale with pasta, red meat, stews, and spicy dishes. Which made me wonder, Is the maker of Prilosec their Web master? Indeed, I first tried this red ale after a day of chopping firewood, and Maudite – which contains 8 percent alcohol – went […]

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