Eagle Creek: The Long Way

Inside Jacob Cruser and Matt King’s vertical (re-)exploration of Oregon’s Eagle Creek, becoming the first paddlers to link every previously run waterfall in a single trip.

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Day on the Bay


The way that Day on the Bay Services owner Captain James Arnold throws himself into his outfitting business, you’d never guess the man is, by his own telling, “semi-retired.”

Selling Fishing Kayaks


Fishing for Paddlers Over the last 5 years numerous fishing-oriented kayak designs have come to market. By Mike Kogan first appedared in Paddle Sports Business Kayak fishing is striking a nerve deep in the paddlesports industry-it is the largest growth sector of the fishing and paddlesports markets and its impact is like two huge waves […]

Kayak Shed


The Kayak Shed – Hood River’s Resource By Mike Kord Two adventure-seekers are driving into town on a perfect summer day. The temperature posted on a digital thermometer reads 88 degrees. In many western towns east of the Cascade Mountain Range, it would figure to see a couple of mountain bikes on top of the […]

Profile of Jackson Kayaks


Jackson Kayaks – It’s All About Family By Adem Tepedelen Eric “EJ” Jackson approaches the family-owned whitewater kayak company that bears his name with the same intensity and commitment that made him a world freestyle champion. Listening to him describe the way Jackson Kayak, based in Rock Island, Tennessee, has grown-spouting facts and figures to […]

EJ Posts from World Cup


August 31, 2006 – The Inaugural World Cup for Freestyle Kayaking is only 1 day from being officially open. While most competitors are here training already, it seems that people are pulling in every day. Last night at 2am there were about 5 cars parked at the Garberator and people training like it was noon. […]

Jack Osbourne’s Back As a Kayaker


Jack Osbourne, the son of Ozzie, shed pounds and his rocker lifestyle and tackled climbing El Capitan in 2005, an effort documented in the television show Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie. Now, he’s taking on a kayaking challenge: paddling the Kaituna River’s Class 5 waterfall – the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world. His adventure […]

Profile: Tao Berman


By Mike Kord first appeared in August 2006 Canoe and Kayak For someone who doesn’t care what people say about him—and Tao Berman insists he does not—he spends plenty of time talking about it. “It doesn’t bother me when people criticize me,” Berman says. “I just understand that that is part of what I do. […]

Kayaking Toronto


By Stephen Lew first appeared in May 2006 Canoe and Kayak Like many who live in Toronto but play outdoors, I’ve learned to brave the commute on crowded, polluted highways with the hope that my secret oasis hasn’t been developed into a Cottage Country suburb. And now, I’m floating in the middle of a lush […]

Recycle Kayaks at Gauley Fest


If you are looking for a way to dial into the sustainable living lifestyle, now’s your chance to climb aboard and donate your old kayak, with proceeds benefiting American Whitewater. Here’s how it works: Bring your beat-up old kayak, or those buried in a pile in your backyard, to the Liquidlogic Kayaks booth. Grab an […]

Artists and Scientists Explore by Canoe


Launching from the north end of Indian House Lake on Friday, September 1, 2006, the 12-member international crew includes world-renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman; Smithsonian Institution anthropologist Dr. Stephen Loring; expedition paddlers, conservationists and photojournalists Gary and Joanie McGuffin; and internationally respected wildlife painters from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. The crew will paddle […]

Expedition Sea Kayak Review


By Libby Bliss from August 2006 Canoe and Kayak My first time in a sea kayak, I embarked on a guided 17-day excursion down the coastline from Loreto to La Paz in Baja. As much as I remember the colorful cliff bands and catching and filleting a yellowfin, I also recall how important it was […]

Sea Kayak Paddle Shaft Diameter


Although the differences in shaft diameters are small, they can affect your blade control.

Kayakers Chosen as Outdoor Idols


Kayakers Emily Jackson and Rush Sturges are charter members of the Outdoor Idols, new heroes for the next generation with the aim of getting kids outside and active. The Outdoor Industry Foundation (OIF) announced the charter roster of Outdoor Idols at the annual Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, the world’s largest trade show for human-powered outdoor […]

Seattle Rowers Win Atlantic Race


Four Seattle rowers won the Shepherd Ocean Fours Rowing Race this morning, pulling themselves across the Atlantic from New York to the coast of the United Kingdom, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Friday, Aug. 18, 2006. At around 7:45 a.m. Pacific time, Jordan Hanssen, Dylan LeValley, Greg Spooner and Brad Vickers crossed the finish line in […]

Paddlesports Industry Awards 2006


Liquidlogic Kayaks, Astral Buoyancy, and

On the other side of the table


Kord spent three days at Tao Berman’s home in White Salmon, Washington, mountain biking, trail running and, much to Kord’s unease, cliff jumping. Kord returned with a new perspective on the Michael Jordan of extreme kayaking and a profile that digs deep into the controversy, success and most importantly, mind of Tao Berman. Take a […]

2006 Canoe & Kayak Reader Photo Contest Submissions


Tranquility, Excitement, Humor, and Hope: Our 2006 Reader Photo Contest demonstrates that a lot of different emotions can be experienced while paddling.

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