Moose on the Loose

With rainfall doubling the flow of New York’s Moose River, the MooseFest race finale to the Whitewater King of New York point series lived up to its wild reputation as the last big paddling event the year for Northeast paddlers.

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Right Tackle


Marty Grabijas (Marty G. to his friends) was introduced to the outdoors at an early age through fishing. Living in Buffalo, New York, a simple line cast from some of the best canoe water in the world, Grabijas soon turned his sights toward Ontario as his base of adventure. “There were summers when I was […]

Lake Powell’s Disappearing Act


Lake Powell in Bullfrog, Utah is barely half-full and taking in less run-off than expected this year. The lake, used as a reservoir for keeping water for dry years in the Colorado River basin, is sparking debate over whether the shrinking water level is a positive. Some prefer the new beaches for camping revealed by […]



A strong current zips us past a lush British Columbian forest and the chalky walls of a low canyon. Our Canadian Rockies Whitewater guidebook says that easy paddling will be interrupted by rapids up to Class III.

Luring Locales


Everglades National Park, Florida Chokoloskee Island is smack-dab in the middle of a kayak fisherman’s nirvana-the western edge of Everglades National Park. Look on a map and you will see literally 10,000 islands surrounded by mangroves, mudflats, oyster bars, sandy beaches, and a rich marine nursery that is home to an amazingly diverse fishery-trout, redfish, […]

Three Spring-Fed Texas Hill Country Rivers


The Central Texas Hills and Rivers region lies in the dead center of the Lone Star state, abounding with quaint small towns, friendly people, and spring-fed rivers that flow through a semi-arid desert land of mesquite, prickly pear cactus, live oaks, limestone bluffs and wide open blue skies.

Mildwater PFD Recalled


VENTURA, Calif. (July 19, 2006) – Lotus Designs, Inc., the paddling apparel manufacturer and an affiliate of Patagonia, Inc., announced today that it is voluntarily recalling its Mildwater PFD. This style is also sold as the Fishing PFD and Patagonia Fishing Vest. Although there have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to the […]

Craft that Catch


I blame it on my parents. They took me fishing at an early age and I was hooked. Nothing fascinated me more than peering into the depths that my bait had descended into and wondering what creatures lurked down there. I soon discovered that as I retreated farther into the backcountry, the fish became bigger […]

Lord of the Loop


If you knew who freestyle kayaker Stephen Wright was before 2005, you were either a friend or family member. But after entering the Reno River Festival that year as an amateur– and taking third place among the pros – Wright has become on of the best-known athletes on the freestyle scene. Since then, Wright, 28, […]

Canoe Records Smashed in Yukon Quest


Course records were crushed at the 2006 Yukon River Quest canoe and kayak race from Whitehorse to Dawson City, held June 28-July 2. The overall winners, Brandon Nelson and David Kelly, smoked the 460-mile course in 40 hours, 37 minutes, and 5 seconds in a tandem kayak, lopping two and a half hours off the […]

Pumped Up: Cataraft Fishing Craft


Catarafts may be the SUVs of human-powered fishing boats. They give you access to a huge variety of water from protected bays to whitewater rivers. They are among the few paddlecraft that allow the caster to stand and truly cast, using pressure off one’s foot and hip rotation to launch a lure or fly line. […]

Sit-and-Switch Canoe Paddling


If you’re planning a long flatwater trip, it’s time to consider the most efficient way to move a canoe-using bent-shaft (elbow) paddles. I hear arguments for not using bent-shaft paddles, but once you’ve used them a time or two, you’ll fall in line. Some time ago, a friend asked how to train his new partner […]

Kayak Fishing Tips


This is probably the first rule in all of paddle sports, but especially important in fishing since you carry so much additional gear from your rods/reels to tackle bags, gps, anchor, livewell, boga grip, etc. – make sure everything is tied to the yak if possible or has a float attached. Rule number two for […]

Northern Forest Canoe Trail


Imagine packing your supplies, stepping into your boat and pushing off. You paddle on scenic rivers, historic lakes and shimmering streams, winding your way through the New York’s Adirondacks. You’re surrounded by billowing hills, with quaint cabins plopped into the deep emerald fields that seem to roll straight to the clouds. Paddling on, you venture […]

Wave of Honor


With several courses under construction nationwide, 2006 will be a landmark year for whitewater-park development. None, however, is as inspirational as Brennan’s Wave, a $300,000 park being built on the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana. The park is a tribute to Brennan Guth, a local boater and founder of Tarkio Kayak Adventures, who died […]

Stoke for the Armchair Paddler


Most armchair thrill-ride videos make me glad I’m still in the armchair and not getting my sinuses flushed with seawater or my skull ground into a beach like a cigarette butt. As I get older, and increasingly injured, I find myself less interested in the wild moves of kayaks getting thrashed on tape than I […]

Gimme Shelter


The desire for adequate shelter is damned near primordial, a holdover from the cave days, when warm, dry, and secure lodging was up there with food and fire on the priority list. On a paddling trip, a dependable, functional, and even luxurious tent ranks alongside a sweet boat and good company. When a tent-door zipper […]

Reverse Sweeping in Whitewater Kayaking


There are times on the river when you want to stop traveling in one direction and head toward a new destination. Sometimes this happens because your boat has gotten knocked off line. Other times it is part of your plan. For example, if there are two obstacles that you need to go between, a solid […]

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