On Saturday afternoon, April 19, Polish adventurer Aleksander “Olek” Doba officially completed his second successful trans-Atlantic crossing by sea kayak. We go behind the scenes of the 67-year-old’s eventful waterfront landfall in New Smyrna Beach Fla., to hear from Doba and his closest team of closest supporters to get some questions answered about the 167-day, 6,000-plus-mile crossing.

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Reno Whitewater Festival 2005


DAY ONE: I’m impressed. That’s easy to do–after all, I think it’s special when you get a napkin at dinner. But Reno’s Truckee River Whitewater Park is truly remarkable. Forget the fact that I staggereed down to see the park for the first time at about 6:30 this morning–after wandering past all the casinos, of […]

International Whitewater Hall of Fame


Canoe & Kayak Magazine is one of several organizations who have been asked to make nominations to the International Whitewater Hall of Fame, and we’d like your help! Who do you think deserves recognition for their contributions to the sport of whitewater paddling? Why? Here are the categories for which we can make nominations: Pioneer […]

Wilderness-Tripping Canoes


When choosing a tripping canoe, it’s easy to get so caught up in the design of the boats that consideration of the best construction material for the intended use can be somewhat shortchanged. Canoes can be built from a surprisingly wide variety of materials, including some you may not even be aware of without doing […]

Canoeing the Soper River Valley


“Any landing is a good landing!” our bush pilot hollers above the clamor as his heavily loaded twin-engine Otter hits the 150-yard scrap of tundra runway hard, bouncing repeatedly before screeching to a halt. Just moments ago, the rest of us-five tense, hushed passengers-snugged up our seatbelts and braced for one of those moments that […]

Molokai Surf Ski Race


Heading into the final leg of a 34-mile relay race in the waters of Kauai, Australian Rod Taylor overtook the third-place boat and handed me a lead. “Bring it home, mate!” he shouted as I raced off. The wind was howling; the swell, frighteningly big-at least for a flatwater paddler just off the plane from […]

River Cleanup Project


Photos from the River Cleanup Project

Kayaking Death Valley’s Badwater


For the first time in perhaps 10,000 years, there was a lake in Death Valley, and I had to go paddle it. Death Valley once had a wetter past. For hundreds of thousands of years it contained large lakes fed by abundant rainfall and meltwater from receding ice age glaciers in the Sierra Nevada. Ten […]

Pueblo Whitewater Park Opens


After eight years of planning, prodding and praying, on May 7, paddlers in Pueblo, Colorado, will formally open their new downtown kayak park. The Pueblo whitewater park, which has not yet been formally named, is part of a larger renovation along the city’s riverfront. It consists of eight drops separated by large pools over hafl […]

10 Best Adventure Paddling Books


What paddler doesn’t enjoy a well-told tale of high adventure – of raging rapids conquered, of seas crossed, of storms endured? Good writers have met a rigorous standard: Adventure occurs when you – and no one else – are forced to solve a problem for which the wrong move can have disastrous consequences. Determining the […]

Pro Kayakers Face Off In Reno


The world’s top kayak competitors, including 2005 world freestyle champion Eric Jackson and 2004 world freestyle champion Jay Kincaid, will hit the water in downtown Reno May 12 – 15 for the second annual Reno River Festival. The three-day festival, celebrated at Reno’s new $1.5 million Truckee River Whitewater Park, will feature a series of […]

“I zigged when I should have zagged.”


The cool thing about Patrick Forster is that even though it was early season, despite having to adjust to the load of gear making his kayak feel lop-sided, and although it was his first time on this particular Class V+ river run, the cool thing is that Forster went for it. “Probably showed a little […]

Whitewater Kayak Review


If a creekboat is like your spouse—loyal, bulbous, and willing to take the hits with you—then a playboat is your mistress. So curvy and fun, but interchangeable when something better comes along. And something usually comes along every year. Christian Knight Level: Fading expert Age: 28 Weight: 178 Days Playboating/Yr: 30 to 150 Favorite Freestyle […]

Whitewater Helmet Review


Up until that day, my top priorities for a helmet were that it look fly and be so comfortable that I didn’t even know it was there. After all, the rivers I paddled were all deep and high volume. I thought the chances of hitting my head were about as likely as monkeys flying out […]

Booby-Trapped Rivers


Nails or spikes several inches long have been drilled or pounded into rocks in Oregon’s Sandy River. In recent weeks, the nails have ripped open two rafts, including Josh Linn’s 16-foot pontoon raft. Linn was floating through a dangerous rapid near popular Dodge Park when the nail tore up his boat. But he was lucky […]

Courts Give Kayakers More Water


The Colorado Supreme Court ruled today that state officials exceeded their authority when they recommended less water for a kayak course than the backers requested, marking a victory for the surging water recreation industry. The ruling said the Colorado Water Conservation Board ignored state law and its own rules in its recommendation for a whitewater […]

Vietnam – Bay of Dragons


Additional Photos from the March 2005 Article on Vietnams’ Bay of Dragons, Canoe & Kayak Magazine. Photos by Paul Bride

600 Miles solo Paddle


Innova Kayak is pleased to announce a major honor for Kira Salak from the National Geographic Society. Ms. Salak is the first documented person to kayak solo 600 miles to Timbuktu down Mali’s Niger River. She chose to make the journey in an Innova Safari. Each year the National Geographic Society selects a new class […]

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