Hyperlite 2-Person Ultamid: Fast Shelter

My experience . . . I don’t always have much time to get shelter over my head. No time to unpack and pitch a tent. No time to find trees and string a tarp. Or no trees. Most of those moments are driven by the undercurrent of desperation as violent squall or windstorm is approaching. […]

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Judge Declares Rec Boating Illegal


In the case of Normal Parm v. Sheriff Mark Shumate, James ruled that federal law grants exclusive and private control over the waters of the river, outside the main shipping channel, to riparian landowners. The shallows of the navigable waters are no longer open to the public. That, in effect, makes boating illegal across most […]

Kayakers Circumnavigate Lake Superior


Two team members from the Wilderness Classroom Organization, Dave Freeman and Amy Voytilla will launch their Solstice GT kayaks in Grand Marais, Minnesota and begin a clockwise circumnavigation of Lake Superior.

Verlen Kruger Biography Review


You don’t have to be a marathon canoeist to relish this fascinating tribute to the late, great Verlen Kruger, one of the most extraordinary paddlers who ever lived. Phil Peterson Sr.’s All Things Are Possible: The Verlen Kruger Story presents a sweeping, finely detailed treatise on the life and loves of this sharecropper’s son turned […]

Insurance for Paddlesports Companies


Tough Insurance Market The paddlesport industry is a very small insurance pool compared to larger industries. In this case, a pool is the number of policies or the amount of premiums paid by an industry. The statistical chance of losing 100 percent of the water in a large pool is much less than with a […]

Kayak Fishing at Night


by Jeff Hermanfirst appeared in Canoe and Kayak, July 2006 There is silence on the water. A silence void of all things man-made. Yet listen closely and you’ll detect a subtle richness of sound: the whisper of a southwest wind rippling the bay’s surface, the gentle rustle of salt grass, the soft lap of waves […]

Paddle A Canoe Fully Loaded


by Steve Salinsfirst appeared in July 2006 Canoe and Kayak For a fully loaded open canoe, 45 miles of Class II+ water on a river like the North Fork of the John Day in Oregon presents some challenges to staying dry and safe. Although river characteristics vary somewhat depending on where you are paddling, these […]

Today, Sept. 12, Is River Lobby Day


Today, Sept. 12, is River Lobby Day in Washington, DC! As you read this, more than 130 river activists from across the country are walking the halls of Congress, meeting face-to-face with their elected officials, and delivering a message about the need to protect and restore rivers in our communities. Join them in your very […]

Win a Pelican Case


Pelican is interested in your game habits, and they’re giving away a brand new 1510 airline carryon case for your help. Just fill out this short survey and you’ll be entered in a drawing for the case. One entry per person please, and we’ll draw on or about Oct. 16. Your answers will be aggregated […]

Whitewater World Cup Rocks On


With the Whitewater Kayaking Freestyle World Cup well underway, 120 international competitors are headed from the first World Cup site on the Ottawa River to Watertown, NY to compete in the Blackwater Challenge, World Cup #2, September 8-10. “A half-hour show is being produced here on the Black River, to be aired in December on […]

Idiot’s Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking


If you’re just getting started in paddlesports and don’t really know where to begin, this is the book for you! Written by former Canoe & Kayak magazine editor Dennis Stuhaug, the book offers easy-to-understand, detailed iinstructions for everything from choosing your first boat, to outfitting it just right for your intended purposes, to tackling the […]

Day on the Bay


The way that Day on the Bay Services owner Captain James Arnold throws himself into his outfitting business, you’d never guess the man is, by his own telling, “semi-retired.”

Selling Fishing Kayaks


Fishing for Paddlers Over the last 5 years numerous fishing-oriented kayak designs have come to market. By Mike Kogan first appedared in Paddle Sports Business Kayak fishing is striking a nerve deep in the paddlesports industry-it is the largest growth sector of the fishing and paddlesports markets and its impact is like two huge waves […]

Kayak Shed


The Kayak Shed – Hood River’s Resource By Mike Kord Two adventure-seekers are driving into town on a perfect summer day. The temperature posted on a digital thermometer reads 88 degrees. In many western towns east of the Cascade Mountain Range, it would figure to see a couple of mountain bikes on top of the […]

Profile of Jackson Kayaks


Jackson Kayaks – It’s All About Family By Adem Tepedelen Eric “EJ” Jackson approaches the family-owned whitewater kayak company that bears his name with the same intensity and commitment that made him a world freestyle champion. Listening to him describe the way Jackson Kayak, based in Rock Island, Tennessee, has grown-spouting facts and figures to […]

EJ Posts from World Cup


August 31, 2006 – The Inaugural World Cup for Freestyle Kayaking is only 1 day from being officially open. While most competitors are here training already, it seems that people are pulling in every day. Last night at 2am there were about 5 cars parked at the Garberator and people training like it was noon. […]

Jack Osbourne’s Back As a Kayaker


Jack Osbourne, the son of Ozzie, shed pounds and his rocker lifestyle and tackled climbing El Capitan in 2005, an effort documented in the television show Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie. Now, he’s taking on a kayaking challenge: paddling the Kaituna River’s Class 5 waterfall – the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world. His adventure […]

Profile: Tao Berman


By Mike Kord first appeared in August 2006 Canoe and Kayak For someone who doesn’t care what people say about him—and Tao Berman insists he does not—he spends plenty of time talking about it. “It doesn’t bother me when people criticize me,” Berman says. “I just understand that that is part of what I do. […]

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