Canada’s Peel Watershed One Step Closer to Recieving Protection

“It’s a pristine alpine region with stunning scenery, exceptional wildlife, great hiking and whitewater,” says Neil Hartling, the owner of Whitehorse, Yukon-based Nahanni River Adventures and long-time local guide. “The plexus of rivers that form the watershed provide years of expedition options that could fill a career of northern adventures.”

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Redfishing with Dean Thomas


Dean “Slowride” Thomas toiled for years in the Texas oil fields before he ever sat in a kayak. He’d always dreamed of working as a fishing guide, but didn’t have the guts to make the risky jump until he hit 35 and realized time was running short. “I looked at the older dudes around me,” […]

Brazil Whitewater


LVM heads way south of the border. Brazilian whitewater adventures.

Be A Movie Star


On top of the Casting Call below, they are also looking for production crew. DP position filled. Need PA’s, Script Supervisor, make-up, and field audio tech. casting@filmmakersinc.com. Filmmakers, Inc. is casting for an upcoming action/drama project shooting this November in the Asheville Area. This is a casting call for the following rolls. Please send any […]

Capistrano Flip


The most effective means of self-rescuing a canoe originated far from traditional canoe country. In the early 1960s, Ron Drummond was surfing waves in the Pacific Ocean near San Juan Capistrano, California, when he hit on a quick way to empty and right a swamped canoe—a regular occurrence for a Grumman in the surf zone. […]

Toxaway River Video


LVM does the Toxaway River in North Carolina. Pungy Stick, south sliver, random rapid 1 and 2, enrgizer bunny and more…..lots of fun helmet cam shots….

Rupert River Canoe Trip


As my campers gather poplar and spruce to fuel our blackened stewpot, I watch a chaotic tango of furious water rushing through canyon walls. I have to shout to be heard over The Fours, a 15-kilometer-long Class VI set of rapids on the Rupert River, in northern Quebec. So I lean in toward Eric Cheezo, […]

Paddling Drytops 2007


Waterproof Your Wardrobe in time for the wet season.

LVM States Series


Take a look at LVM’s ambitous project for 2008. All the states all the time.

Native American Tomol


The tomol(wood planked canoe) is considered one of the oldest existing examples of ocean-faring watercraft in North America. For the fifth time since 2001 Elye’wun paddled under the cover of darkness, its redwood hull slicing through an ink-black Pacific Ocean. It was the start of an open water crossing from Ventura, California to the Channel […]

Operation Comfort


On September 24 injured veterans crowded around the south side of Pismo Beach Pier anxiously waiting to feel the ‘stoke’ of surfing their first wave with Amputee Surfing Champion and Founder of Amputee Surfers Alliance, Rodney Roller. The surf was ideal for beginners. Wave sets came in around 3-5 foot and clean. It was some […]

Prince William Sound


Penstock Productions and alaskaschools.com present Kayak Journal 5. Alaska’s Prince William Sound is a paddlers paradise full of million year old glaciers and incredible Alaskan scenery. Look for the complete segment in Kayak Journal 5 – October 2007. Scan the details at www.kayakjournal.com.

LVM – Cali


The LVM crew goes to California – Bill Murphy never did arrive at camp – find out where the hell he went. then watch the boys run Dead Bear and Cherry Bomb Falls and a bunch of other Cali classics.

Eco-friendly Paddling Gear


Patagonia Rio Frio and Rio Serrano PFDs $125, Many manufacturers design PFDs to pass Coast Guard standards the day they’re sold with only a pound or so of surplus flotation, but that flotation begins to degrade almost immediately. Patagonia’s new Rio Frio and Rio Serrano vests are beefy and a bit heavy. The added […]

Washington, D.C. – Trips to beat the beltway blues


INTRO Boaters in the nation’s capital know that the best action in D.C. will never play out on an episode of “The West Wing.” Whether you’re a tourist snapping cherry blossom photos or regularly nine-to-five it on Capitol Hill, here’s how to ditch the power suits and discover some monumental paddling. KAYAK TOURING: Strolling the […]

Rupert River Dam Opposition


Hydro-Qubec’s primary purpose for damming and diverting the Rupert River – the last undammed major river in Northern Quebec – and creating a massive reservoir equivalent in size to flooding two-thirds of Montreal, or half of New York or New Orleans, is to generate new power capacity to sell to the northeastern United States. U.S. […]

2007 ICF Slalom World Championships


United States slalom paddler Scott Parsons (Sylvania, Ohio) was errorless in his first two qualifying runs of the men’s single kayak to lead a field 91 on Wednesday and advance to the semifinals of the 2007 ICF Slalom World Championships in Foz do Iguau, Brazil. Parsons joined Brett Heyl (Charlotte, N.C.) also in the men’s […]

50 Year Old Canoe Mystery


Ever been traveling and hear a story? Maybe it was true, or maybe not. This travel mystery involves a stretch of rapids in the Maligne River, a Hollywood film, and a canoe hanging from the rafters of the Maligne Lake Lodge in Canada. It took 50 years to solve – at least part of the […]

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