Eagle Creek: The Long Way

Inside Jacob Cruser and Matt King’s vertical (re-)exploration of Oregon’s Eagle Creek, becoming the first paddlers to link every previously run waterfall in a single trip.

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2007 Vacation To Hell Contest Winner Announced


Penstock Productions announced the location and winner for the 2nd annual IR Vacation to Hell on September 15th, 2007 at the West Coast Sea Kayaking Symposium. The winning team of the 2007 IR Vacation to Hell is Sweetwater, which consists of Mark Prator, Tim Keen, Russell Farrow, and Alain Cormier. The winning team was selected […]

Paddling the Flathead River A 158 mile father-daughter canoe trip.


Kelly swiveled in the bow, looking through the widening gap to the other half of the family, waving goodbye from the bank of the Flathead River. “Dad, let’s go back,” she pleaded. “Please.” I heard her homesickness, and felt my own tinge of panic. How many times had I been warned about the fierce winds […]

2007 Canoe Review


Canoeists generally tend toward the traditional. We enjoy constants like the simple beauty of the cedar strip, the delicate functionality of ash brightwork, the reliability of a Royalex hull. But this year has brought change to the canoe business. Old Town offers its first composite canoe in a decade, Wenonah enters the polyethylene field, and […]

Adventures in Tasmania


We are an international team of five, including myself, British whitewater kayaker and videographer Alex Nicks, American photographer Keith Fialcowitz, and a pair of NOLS instructors, Canadian Travis Holmes and French/Tasmanian Lelia Meffre. Together we made our way north by kayak, small plane, lobster boat, rusty VW van, and Zodiac. RECHERCHE BAY TO SOUTH BRUNY […]

Inflatable Kayak Gear Review 2007


Inflatable kayak design has come a long way since the first generation of blunt-nosed, one-man raft style designs hit the market more than a decade ago. Sporting sleeker, pared-down shapes, today’s IKs come loaded with features serious kayakers can appreciate—like comfortable, adjustable seat systems and ample storage capacity. But the undisputable advantage to these blow-up […]

Port Townsend Sea Kayaking symposium 2007


Billed as the largest and oldest kayak symposium in North America, the 24th Annual West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium gets under way Thursday, Sept. 14 at 8 a.m. and runs through the weekend. This years theme is ‘Women and Families’ but there are plenty of classes, demos and lectures to appeal to every paddler in […]

Atlantic to Pacific Journey by Boat and Bike


I looked off to my right and I saw this seagull land about ten yards away. I was in a little slack water in Astoria’s bay and the seagull was out in the strong tide water just floating very fast by me. It seemed as though the seagull was looking right at me and saying, […]

Calusa Blueway Paddling Festival 2007


The Calusa Blueway Paddling Festival will be held Oct. 27-Nov. 4 on the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail in many of Lee County Florida’s waterfront communities. The county has been recognized as one of the best U.S. kayaking destinations by both Canoe & Kayak magazines. Paddlers, families and outdoors types from around the county and […]

Kayaking Cuba


According to the CIA World Factbook, Cuba has more coastline and rivers than every other Caribbean island combined. The factbook also notes that it is illegal for me, or any other U.S. citizen, to visit this untapped paddling motherlode. If my government really wanted to keep me away, it should not have posted that information […]

Kayaking Shark Bay Australia


Dawn spread across Shark Bay, Australia’s most westerly point, and with the tide lapping at our feet we set off across the mirrored lagoon. It was a rare pleasure watching our boats’ shadows glide silently over the seabed because out in the open the northwesterly was waiting for us. We’d left Denham, Shark Bay’s only […]

Red Canoe – Twin Bridges


We could be in Kenya. White pelicans with black wing accents ride thermal vents upward, floating above us in cyclone formation. Killdeers chirp, eagles stare, and herons wade. Sucker fish glance the surface, their ridged backs tunneling in front of Red canoe. I expect to see a crocodile slithering into the shallow, tepid water. In […]

How to Portage with a Canoe


C&K contributing editor Cliff Jacobson weighs about a Duluth pack below the national average, but there’s nothing small about his opinions. Especially when it comes to portaging. “It’s not my system,” he says. “It goes back to the early fur traders, and the Native Americans before that. Everyone did this the same way, because it […]

Kayak Fishing on the Gulf Coast


The first fin appeared about 20 minutes after we launched, a rust-colored tail weaving and wagging its way along a grassy bank about 40 feet off my bow. Straddling the stern of my kayak and kicking along the oozy bayou bottom with my boots—“Flintstoning” in local parlance after the cartoon character’s foot-powered car—I eased the […]

Summer Kayak Gear Review


Sunny days and soaring temps call for the right gear. Here’s a look at what’s out there now to complete your paddling season tool kit.

August 2007 Table of Contents


The August 2007 issue of Canoe & Kayak magazine is on sale now. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or paddling shop, or subscribe today! On the Cover:Joanie McGuffin greets an Ontario morning. Photo by Gary McGuffin. DESTINATIONSPortland, Maine – A paddler’s guide to Vacationland. By Sam Bass Flathead River, Montana- A 158- […]

Sea Kayaking Victoria, Canada


The capital city of British Columbia,

Potomac Whitewater Festival – Great Falls Race 2007


For 364 days a year, boaters who want to run Great Falls on Maryland’s Potomac River wait for the tourists to go home, tiptoe down the access path, and quietly snap their sprayskirts in the pool above one of the East Coast’s premier Class V drops. For one day each summer, however, local paddlers organize […]

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