Saving China’s Salween River, One Trip at a Time

This story first appeared in the August 2014 issue of Canoe & Kayak. Photos and Story by Will Stauffer-Norris This is the fourth pig carcass that has washed up in Dead Pig Eddy. The bloated creature rocks gently up and down against the beach about 10 feet away from our brewing morning coffee. The pig […]

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Teva Games Gets More Dam Water


For the past several years, the world’s best kayakers have raced down Homestake Creek, a steep, low-volume river outside of Redcliff, Colorado, as part of the annual Teva Mountain Games in Vail. The problem: someone on foot could easily beat them–there was too little water in the creek to make the race seem legit. This […]

Reno River Festival 2007


The Truckee River Whitewater Park in downtown Reno, Nevada was host to an estimated 30,000 spectators who jammed the riverbank to see some of the world’s top river boaters compete in the fourth annual Reno River Festival. The festival celebrations took place in Reno’s typically gorgeous sunny weather and included a kayak expo with dozens […]

Whitewater Kayak Review – 2007


THE FIELD CREW Brian Fields Occupation: Manager, Alder Creek Canoe and Kayak Hometown: Portland, Ore. Favorite Run: Washougal, Wash. Last swam on: Oregon Coast at 12ft. Ken Pitta Occupation: Electrician, owner/ operator playboatingnorthwest.com Hometown: Portland, Ore. Favorite Run: Wilson above seven ft. Last swam on: Molalla River, Ore. Chad Randol Occupation: Head of athletics, University […]

Canoe & Kayak, May 2007 – Table of Contents


This latest issue of Canoe & Kayak is on sale now. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or paddling shop, or subscribe today! FEATURES Brothers on the Bashkaus – Perestroika, pork fat and homemade rafts. By Eugene Buchanan Legends on the Steel – Step aside, Brangelina. Meet canoeing’s celebrities. By Larry Rice Peter […]

Miami2Maine Project


At a festive send-off event at the Ronald W. Shane Watersports Center in Miami Beach, Pellegrino launched her boat into the surf and officially began her Miami2Maine project. She will paddle almost 2,000 miles in 11 weeks (approximately 40 miles per day) and hopes to reach Camden, Maine in late July. She will make 74 […]

Permit Lottery for Colorado River


Grand Canyon National Park will accept lottery applications for calendar year 2008 self guided Colorado River permits, beginning May 1, 2007. The open period to join the lottery will close at 12:00 noon (Arizona time) on May 28, 2007. The lottery drawing will take place on May 31st. The lottery is a new permit distribution […]

Light in Liquid – Premiere


We may be a decade removed from the paddling film heyday of the late ’90s, but you wouldn’t have guessed it by the energy in Fort Collins, Colorado, on April 19, where Adrian Matthew Glasenapp’s long-anticipated Light in Liquid premiered to a packed house at the New Belgium brewery. The event served as a fundraiser […]

Peter Bray


As told to Jeff Moag Published: Canoe & Kayak Magazine, May 2007 He’s had two paddlecraft sink underneath him in the North Atlantic—three if you count his punctured life raft—and remains the only person ever to paddle a kayak from North America to Europe. His resume is one of the fattest in sea kayaking. It […]

Out of Luck


By Jeff Moag Published: Canoe & Kayak Magazine, May 2007 Soon after Andrew McAuley turned up missing in the Tasman Sea on Feb. 9, just 30 miles from finishing an unprecedented 1,000-mile crossing from Tasmania to New Zealand, pundits began second-guessing him. How could anything be worth such risk, they scolded, especially to a man […]

Dear Andrew


By Jeff Moag Published: Canoe & Kayak Magazine, May, 2007 I told my editors that no story this year is bigger than yours, always slipping in the caveat, “if he makes it.” And by that I meant, “if he doesn’t quit.” Yeah, you turned around once to better insulate your kayak against the cold of […]

Light in Liquid – Trailer


Check out the trailer for LIGHT IN LIQUID: A Kayak Collage of Movement and Sound.

Hotel Charley II Trailer


Hotel Charley Trailer: The River of Doubt. Ben Stookesberry and Jesse Coombs’ amazing new video.

10 Most Endangered Rivers


Rivers come in all shapes and sizes, and vary from pristine to heavily polluted, but it’s generally safe to assume that water is a common denominator among them. For the Santa Fe, 2007’s Most Endangered River, water is the missing ingredient, leaving this once-thriving river a dry, weed-choked ditch most of the year. The Santa […]

Sea Kayak Technique – Skeg Adjustment


first appeared in Canoe & Kayak, May 07 by Justine Curgenven In 2001 I embarked on my first big kayak adventure—the first sea kayak circumnavigation of Wales. I was determined to prove myself to my paddling mentor, Fiona Whitehead, who had invited me to join her. We started on the island of Anglesey at the […]

Whitewater ’07 Table of Contents


FEATURES HOT SHOTS – For your viewing pleasure – waterfalls, waves and boats from California to Canada. THE INSIDERS – a C & K exclusive report: Six local paddlers dish their secret stashes. GREASE GOSPEL -Hitchin’ a ride with the Oil and Water Project in Panama. By Joe Carberry PHOTO ESSAY: DOMINICA – Pirates in […]

Canoe & Kayak roof Top Racks


by Dexter MahaffeyCanoe & Kayak Web Exclusive4/9/07 I hate lugging my crap around. I’m a sea kayaker, so the boat’s as long as my house, full of disorganized gear that weighs more than my car, at a put-in that’s half a mile away through loose sand. When I’m on my own, I hate it even […]

Trans-Amazon Expedition


The Wilderness Classroom Organization launched its tenth online expedition, the Trans-Amazon Expedition, on April 2nd, 2007. Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Over the course of three school years, Dave Freeman and Eric Frost will lead the Wilderness Classroom’s expedition team across South America by bike and canoe. The expedition began April 2 […]

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