Week in Review: December 19, 2014

Bear Grylls on surfing the Ottawa River: “If he capsizes…he might not survive.” A little over-the-top? Maybe, but Devyn Scott sure is good at what he does Kayak launch fail. This shouldn’t be so difficult Sometimes the third time isn’t the charm La Garganta del Diablo, The Throat of the Devil Aptly named Kev Brady […]

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Surf A Sea Kayak with Ruth Gordon


FRESTYLE KAYAK WORLD CHAMPION Ruth Gordon certainly knows her way around a standing wave in her whitewater boat, and recently applied her skills to a few ocean swells while working with Alex Matthews and the folks at Heliconia Press for the book Sea Kayaking Rough Waters. Though she probably won’t be throwing any airscrews in […]

Kayaking the Length of the Florida Keys


At the top of his “to-do”wish list was a kayak trip the length of the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are an archipelago of about 1,700 islands in the southeast United States. They begin at the southeastern tip of the Florida peninsula, about 15 miles south of Miami, and extend in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Key West.

Tao Berman’s Pulse Teaser Video


See Tao Berman’s Pulse Video Clip. The world premiere of the feature length video is in Germany in February. The Western US Premiere Tour starts March 21, in Index, WA at the River House. March 22 it previews in Hood River, WA at the River City Saloon. www.taoberman.com/videos

Freya Hoffmeister Completes 2300 km Paddling Journey-The 43 year old becomes the first woman to cirmcumnavigate the South Island


TRIP DETAILS Trip started October 24, 2007 Trip finished January 2, 2008 2386 kilometers total 70 overall days, 47 paddling days (or 48, if that 32-hour day counts as two paddling days) 50km per paddling day average First woman to circumnavigate the South Island About 30 years after Paul Caffyn’s “first” solo trip(76 days) Third […]

Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival Slated for March, 2008


The 22nd Annual Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival (SCKSF) will take to the waves March 14-16, 2008 in Santa Cruz, California. The event attracts some of the the best kayak wave magicians on the planet to Santa Cruz’s famous surf break, Steamer Lane. Adding to this years synergy is the competitive fires stoked at the […]

Greg Barton Inducted Into Michigan Sports Hall of Fame


Former Kayaking World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Barton will be inducted into theMichigan Sports Hall of Fame (MSHOF) The MSHOF Class of 2007 will be formally enshrined during an event at the Detroit Athletic Club on February 11, 2008. The inductees were selected by statewide sporting media, MSHOF members, and selected sports administrators […]

2008 Larsen Ice Shelf Expedition to Explore Antarctica


Scientists prophesied that one of the first signs of human-caused climate change would be the collapse of the Antarctic Peninsula’s ice sheets. This is exactly what is happening. IF THE SURFACE of the Earth is a single, complex system, then Antarctica is its heart, the slowly beating pump that drives the whole world. Read the […]

Paddling DiplomancyIranian teenagers forge axis of friendship


Dangerous is the wrong word. But it did seem like the paddlers from Iran should have a bit more–I don’t know–edge. After all, U.S.-Iranian relations are at a low ebb, which is really saying something. Recall that when Iran went to war with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the 1980s, the United States backed Saddam. Now […]

New Kayaks for 2008


From open ocean crossings to a day on the lake with the kids, kayak manufacturers have come up with a boat for every waterway, making it easier than ever to paddle for a weekend or weeks-on-end. Chances are someone has built the model you need, in a range of sizes, complete with a variety of […]

Paddler Profile Kay Henry – Canoe Entrepreneur


Kay Henry, 60, launched a boating revolution in 1971 when she founded Mad River Canoe Company with then-husband Jim. Known for their innovative design, pioneering use of plastics, and trippy rabbit logo, the Vermont-based company ruled the whitewater canoe landscape for decades. Mad River was first in the industry to use Kevlar, and with their […]

Oil and Water Video Trailer


Join Seth and Tyler on their excellent petrol free adventure. This trailer follows them and Baby, their veggie oil burnin’ ride, from Alaska to Argentina. The full length version of a movie from their trip is almost finished and the film festival version has won multiple awards. Read about it here.

Vintage Canoe & Kayak – 1975 Buyers Guide


I was searching in the C & K vaults the other day and came across a vintage issue of the magazine that I thought you might find as interesting as I did. The year was 1975. Space Mountain opened at Disneyland, Barney Miller premiered on TV, Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” went gold and the first televised […]

Canoe & Kayak’s 2008 Paddling Resolutions


Most new year’s resolutions have a penitent tone: drink less, lose weight, work harder. At C&K, we’re interested in the positive: go paddling more, and have a better time doing it. You’ll find our list to be both inspirational and useful (see number 10, How to Start a One-match Fire in the Rain.) We had […]

Oil and Water Film Wins Best Picture Award


As the exclusive distributor of the documentary film, Oil + Water, The Heliconia Press announced that the film has won Best Picture and the Youth Jury Award at this year’s Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival. The win was announced in front of a star-studded audience of thousands at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles […]

U.S. Olympic Team Trials April 25-27 at the U. S. National Whitewater Center


Tthe 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Slalom Canoe/Kayak will take place April 25 – 27, 2008 at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, N.C. A three-day competition for the Americas Olympic Continental Qualifier will also be held. The U.S. Olympic Team Trials are among five international paddling events that are expected to bring […]

Kayak Surfing – Spain 2007


More footage from the 2007 Kayak Surfing World Championships in Spain taken by Buck Johnson.

2008 Canoe Review


New Canoe Designs help push the envelope using new materials and modifying traditional design parameters.

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide