Expert Advice: Going Big on Lake Superior

Reader Kirk Sloan seeks and finds some expert feedback on his five-day kayaking trip itinerary from his first open-water overnight sea kayak expedition this summer to Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

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Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s 2008 Kayak Touring Annual – Table of Contents


Canoe & Kayak’s 2008 Kayak Touring Annual is on sale now. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or paddling shop, or subscribe today! On the Cover: Sylvain Grossmann paddles under the midnight sun, Upernavik Fjord, Greenland. Photo by Jean-Luc Grossmann FEATURES PADDLING THE PARKS – Federally protected lands mean pristine waterways—dip your paddle […]

Steve’s article


This is my paragraph number 1. This is my paragraph number 1. This is my paragraph number 1. This is my paragraph number 1. This is my paragraph number 1. This is my paragraph number 1. This is my paragraph number 1. This is my paragraph number 1. This is my paragraph number 1. This […]

2007 World Surf Kayaking Championships


Anyone who competed at the 2007 World Surf Kayaking Championships, held in Basque Country Spain, should be commended. The level of competition among nations and paddlers was fierce, as were the waves. Dynamic ocean conditions brought on by autumn storms and strong tides kept both the paddlers – and contest organizers – guessing where to […]

California Kayak Fishing in the WinterThe off-season packs plenty of fishing action


Feel that chill in the evening air? Even here in the gorgeous Golden State fall is here and what passes for Old Man Winter is on the way. Rather than pine for the days of summer gone by, savvy paddle-powered fishers are anxiously awaiting a splendid time of year. “The winter months are some of […]

Canoe Totem honoring an old friend


I’m guessing that not too many folks have a full-size canoe totem in their yard. Ours came about by virtue of a bad moment last spring, when I was doing my annual assessment of canoe hulls at the end of winter. I always check for frost damage, spots that need touch-up work, the odds and […]

Float On We review four upwardly mobile PFDs


Four of the latest offerings to keep your favorite boater afloat. The MTI Adventurewear is designed for women while the NRS Chinook will make any kayak fisherfolk happy. For you whitewater rats check out the Kokatat and Extrasport offerings. Kokatat Ronin Pro ($199, kokatat.com) Kokatat stuffed all the features the river pro needs—like type V […]

Low-Brace Techniques for Kayaking


After the forward stroke, no kayak move is more frequently used than the low brace. Whatever your kayaking passion—sea paddling, whitewater, surf—you’ll call on your low brace at the first sign of instability. So you’d better get it right. That’s why we asked Jen Kleck to talk us through the finer points of this essential […]

Living Grand A guide’s eye view of the Grand Canyon


A guide’s eye view of the Grand Canyon Photos 1 : Photographer Kyle George has been guiding boats in the Grand Canyon since 1999, logging eight or nine months each year piloting motor rigs, oar rigs, and the occasional dory. The place has become as familiar to him as his own house. “A lot of […]

New York City Water Trail to Expand


The concept – paddling from park to park in New York City. Before planes, trains and automobiles, boats carried people from one place to another by way of rivers, lakes and oceans. New York City is surrounded by such bodies of water, yet its shoreline has been largely dominated by commerce and industry for centuries. […]

Solo Canoe Trip on the Tatsenshini River


I had already paddled the Nahanni river in a solo canoe and it was during this trip that the idea of paddling the Tatshenshini solo had germinated. The Tatshenshini is well known as a wilderness rafting river, but few people canoe the river, let alone solo it. The reasons were laid out for me by […]

Deception Pass Dash


The 2007 running of the Deception Pass Dash, an annual 5-mile kayak race through Deception Pass between Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands in Washington state has been announced. The race is sponsored by local paddlesports outfitter Seattle Raft and Kayak (“SRK”.) The race starts and finishes at Bowman Bay in Deception Pass State Park, 90 minutes […]

Bluewater Jon and the Giant Tuna


Watch a crazy kayak fisherman battle giant tuna and other huge fish in Hawaii.

Kayak Fishing on the Kona Coast


See Bluewater Jon’s video clip of his battle to catch a giant tuna! The Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii is known as the “Land of the Giants”, and with good reason: thousand pound monsters are caught within mile from shore. It’s a relatively new island in geological terms, and the ultra-steep drop-offs […]

Canoe/Kayak Athletes Evacuated from U.S. Training Center


Canoe and Kayak athletes were among the wildfire evacuees at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. Good news on October 25!U.S. Paddlers Back to Business as Olympic Training Center Re-opens in CaliforniaRead the story. CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Sixteen athletes and two coaches of the United States Sprint Canoe/Kayak Team joined a […]

Urban Boathouse Revival Brings Paddling to Cities


The sun has barely cleared the eastern horizon, but already the Portland Boathouse is bustling. A team of college rowers returns their eight-person shell to the boat racks after a pre-dawn practice, three paddlers stand nearby with coffees in hand, and an electrician wearing a hardhat and reflective orange vest helps a kayaker pass her […]

How to Tow a Sea Kayak


The winds and waves off Georgia’s Tybee Island can strike suddenly and with great power, which means that Ronnie Kemp and Marsha Henson do plenty of towing. The owners of Sea Kayak Georgia and The School of Coastal Kayaking, Kemp and Henson are on those turbulent waters almost every day, teaching beginners to BCU four-star […]

LVM Kayak Fishing


LVM goes kayak fishing with Ty and Brooke Howard on the latest Kayak Journal – 5. It shore is a big’un!

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